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Originally Posted by Mahaloth View Post
However, they are pretty good fantasy books, with a very limited amount of fantasy. What I mean is that there is not a ton of magic and dragons and so forth, though things do exist like this.

What's cool is that it contains multiple story lines going on and each chapter follows a different characters, so you get to know a bunch of people. I found myself looking forward to various character chapters a lot and dreading others. Maybe not dreading, but certainly not getting excited.
The limited use of fantasy elements is one of my favorite aspects of this series.

On book three I skipped ahead to read all of Jaime and Brienne's chapters, and then went back and read the rest of the book. I sort of wish he wouldn't name the chapters after the characters and make it so easy for me to do this.

I guess I won't be too upset if he never finishes the series, because I have so enjoyed the storytelling. I hope he gives Dances a nice, firm ending without a lot of cliffhangers, even if it leaves the plot dangling.