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IIRC Martin planned to make the series a straight historical series without any fantasy elements and that might have made for a better series. Most of what I really like about the books: the political and military intrigue is historical. And a lot of the fantasy stuff hasn't worked so far. For example Mellisandre is a really thin character: straight out of sword-and-sorcery cliche. In addition she seems overpowered rendering a lot of the plot seemingly irrelevant. Just about the only fantasy element that I enjoy are the dragons; and that too mostly for their potential.

I tend to agree that the series is worth it even if it doesn't get completed especially if DOD brings some closure. I have a feeling that Martin knows he won't finish the series so he may push more of the plot into the book. And Martin's habit of killing off major characters means that major parts of the story like the Lannister-Stark struggle have already played out bringing a certain amount of closure.