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My eyes are slightly out of alignment as well. I can't recall which eye is higher than the other, because in my case it's not enough to notice unless you really try hard, but it does have a minor impact. I cannot see those '3-D' pictures where you need to let your eyes cross, because mine don't cross 'evenly'.

I didn't discover the 'problem' until I was 40-something when I went to my eye doctor with eye strain; he gave me a prescription for glasses that have s prism in one lens to shift the image up (or possibly down, I don't recall) so that both eyes would see images on the same plane.

They didn't really help with the eye strain though. But I fixed that by taking more frequent breaks from starting at my computer screen at work. I stopped wearing the glasses after a while; i think my body had just gotten used to the way my eyes operated, and trying to change out after first years just want working.