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Originally Posted by galen ubal View Post
I was about to concede it looked genuine, and then I did a little more digging.
First off, the part you point to puts the misidentification right over what looks like his official title bit. Okay, maybe they do that, and mistakes happen.
Then, a bit further in at about second 51, the chyron correctly identifies him as (D) - Virginia.
I looked a bit down the page, where it says it's "CNN Politics Network", which sounded a little odd to me. Clicking on that will take you to this page, and then clicking the "About" button takes you here.

So, on balance, I'd say it's a fake.
*laughing at myself*

After all that work, I had the bright idea to go to CNN's actual YouTube site, and there it is, at about 40 seconds in.
Mea culpa, octopus, you were right.

Northam should still resign.