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Russia and the 2020 election

For the purposes of discussion, let's assume a few things:
  1. Donald Trump will be the Republican Presidential Candidate in the 2020 election,
  2. Russia continues to engage in activities intended to take advantage of various schisms in American society (Dem v. Rep, black v white, etc.). In addition, they continue efforts to hack voter registration databases, political campaign e-mail systems, and so on, and,
  3. The US is not able to/does not fully counter these measures.
What do you think Russia's play is in 2020? Do they continue to act in such a way as to attempt to tilt the scale in Trump's favor? Or, do they throw in on the Democratic side this time, knowing that a Dem win (especially if it's not overwhelming) will cause Trump and some others on the right to contest elections, scream about elections being rigged, and thereby worsen divisions in America and further "destabilize" the country?

I could honestly see a case for either scenario, or maybe even that they play both sides, simply to foment chaos.

Are there any indications which way they might go?