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But Guin, not that I am an apologist for TCS or NCS, the thing is that the vast majority of those discussions are theoretical. The paedophile one comes up regularly as does the jumping off the roof one.

5 year olds in diapers doesn't worry me.

The lice one would be explained away as a failure to reach a CP. Which it certainly is

The cutting thing is scary but then virtually every discussion I've seen of mental issues from a TCS POV is either stupid beyond belief or scary.

There are not many actual parents with kids doing this. Statistically it's not a huge number and not a lot of them are in the US. It's not to blame for today's kids being all screwed up. It's one tiny fragment of a reasonably statistically small parenting community. Your average Joe Blow and Joetta Blow don't even know that these people exist, much less base their childrearing on these extreme theories.