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How Do You Add a Photo to Your Profile?

Well, now I'm embarrassed! I've been urging everyone to add a photo to their profile in the "Yet ANOTHER picture thread? Trying to revive an online Portrait Gallery" thread but now I realize I don't even remember how to do it. I have an old pic on mine that I think was very easy to add but I've forgotten.

How do we add a photo to our personal profile?

Also, to any of TPTB who may answer this, I think it'd be great if you encouraged Dopers to add a pic to their profiles if you feel so inclined. Arnold Winkelried is no longer around to keep his website of Doper pix updated so it would be a great way, IMO, for folks to see other Doper's photos.

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I don't know if it'll work, but in my User CP there is a link for Edit Profile Picture.
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Hold on. I think I've found it.

Go to "User CP"

Under "Your Control Panel" on the top left side of the page click on "Edit Profile Picture". It's the third item down after "Profile Privacy".

I guess this thread can be closed since I've figured it out but I was really asking this so that anyone else who wanted to add their pic would know how to do it.
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"Edit Profile Picture" does not show up as an option for me to click on. Maybe it's only available to paid members.
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Ahhhh.... maybe so. I didn't think of that.
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Yeah, I've been a paid member before. It's just a paid option.

Though, if you use the SDMB Avatar script, you can just post the URL of an image in your "About Me" section on your profile, and that will be used as your avatar.

You'll need to upload your image to an image hosting site that gives you the raw image link, like For that particular site, the image URL will be in the form

So, for instance, my avatar is at The main page for it is at

(Though, full disclosure: I've not used the Avatar script myself for a long while. I just have the avatar there for people who do.)
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The option is only available for the hot-looking members.
And no, that wasn't, necessarily, a euphemism.


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