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I'm Back. Remember Me?

I haven't posted since 2009, but I've never forgotten this community. I was a regular on thee MMP--Rue deDay, Swampbear, FairyChatMom are all folks I remember, and I met in person a couple of people from around Portland, Oregon at a pub once. Anyway, I'll be ghosting around re-learning the ropes and posting manners. I'm happy this place still exists.
"Gambling, smoking and drinking are an unholy Trinity--if you can't resist one, why resist the others?"
Kalley dear if it weren't for the pesky fact that I am gayer than a debutante on holiday in Paris, I'd marry you just based on that alone. swampbear

so if there's a brawny straight guy who swampy would love, he's mine. Find him, people, find him quick!
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I remember taking off for a few years. Welcome back.
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Two l's and two s's.

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The MMP goes on and on, even tho Rue deserted us years ago! Welcome back!
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Welcome back, Kallessa! Would you like some ice cream? It's the latest flavour, and it's frisky fresh!

Yes, this place is a welcome refuge sometimes. It's still rolling along in all its glory. There have been a few changes, like the Martian invasion, the incident with the noodle former, various people being laid off and finding new jobs, half the moderators being replaced by AIs (but we don't know which half), and the way a bunch of us came out as robosexual, but other than that, it's pretty much normal.

I think I remember you from the legendary Cooler of Death thread...
Rigardu, kaj vi ekvidos.
Look, and you will begin to see.
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I have some memories of you, Kallessa, all positive. It’s good to see you again.
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I'm a newbie, but welcome back.
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Hi Kallessa! Good to see you again!


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