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Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post
When The Frugal Gourmet was still being produced for PBS, here in Chicago, I knew someone who was on the production staff for the show. My acquaintance had little good to say about Smith, who was apparently brusque, demanding, and distant with the people who worked on his show (most of whom had worked with Smith for years).
If I recall correctly, he was fairly rude on air to his assistant Craig or whatever his name was.

I still find it amusing to imagine Graham Kerr’s debauched rock star Sex life with matronly fans.
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Originally Posted by Ukulele Ike View Post
He’s a kind of household joke around here. I like four of his books enough to keep them near the kitchen, as opposed to most of my cookbooks that live in the basement — Cooks American; Cooks Italian; Cooks Three Ancient Cuisines; Cooks Our Immigrant Ancestors.

Ukulele Lady: Hey, this is good. Where’s the recipe from?
Me: The Frugal Molester.
Back in the day I got the 3 Ancient Cuisines for my birthday. After it hit the wall, I picked it back up, cranked up my computer and sent in a 8 page letter of the mistakes, and cites, and bibliography where to find the correct information. Never heard back from them. Funny that.

Though the cooking shows are great at getting people to try something different. I know a few people who decided to make something out of my Auntie Grace's cookbook and decide they really did like Chinese food that wasn't Panda Express =)
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Before Mr. Salinqmind and I were married, we'd spend a cozy weekend morning watching the Frugal Gourmet, and Mr. S said, 'you know, I ...I don't like him'. And I was all, 'no, he's nice! He's a pastor, he's a kindly older guy'. Imagine our surprise when he (AND his wife) were charged with sexual assault of the young guys who worked for him. The funny thing is, I was taken aback. But Mr. S was shocked - shocked! to hear about this, I had to spell it out for the dummy what the charges WERE....My cousin who lived in the North West told me years later after Mr. Smith bought his way out of the charges, he would be seen cruising Pike Market in a wheelchair, still hitting on young guys, LOL.


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