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CNN has the spoiler right in their headline about the new season, so I guess avoid all main stream media if you really don't want to be spoiled.
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Yeah, that spoiler is showing up in headlines everywhere. It was in a CNN article shown on my Google News feed.
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Originally Posted by Folacin View Post
Here is a really late reply, with questionable information. As I recall, they were going to Maine, where Joyce had either relatives or a friend who could help until she found a job.
They never specified in-show...

But where did the Byers move in Stranger Things?

This may seem like an odd question, but did anyone else notice that no one actually said where the family was going? Mike talked about how "when you come back to visit at Christmas," suggesting that Stranger Things Season 4 would be a wintertime affair. But no one said where it was the Byers would be heading to, or where they might be visiting from.

Turns out, that was a deliberate choice. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Ross Duffer admitted. "We didnít want to box ourselves into a corner."
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One cool thing I hadn't seen before is the secret of Eleven's bracelet.


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