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I'm not sure the incident in which he violated MSNBC's journalistic ethics is the right time to be lauding him for his "principles". He sounds to me like a man trying to save his job:

"Last night on this show, I discussed information that wasn't ready for reporting," O'Donnell said. "I repeated statements a single source told me about the president's finances and loan documents with Deutsche Bank saying 'if true'-- as I discussed the information-- was simply not good enough. I did not go through the rigorous verification and standards process here at MSNBC before repeating what I heard from my source. Had it gone through that process, I would not have been permitted to report it. I should not have said it on-air or post it on Twitter. I was wrong to do so."
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Well of course he's trying to save his job, he follows Rachel "Mad Dog" Maddow, with the cheerleader's enthusiasm, girlish giggle and steel-trap mind! I frequently watch the opening of his show, mostly because the remote is out of reach.

Suppose the SDMB was a channel, and you had to post every night right after Sean Hannity and Tucker Tucker Bug Fucker! And Bone was dropping by every other day, leaving brochures for retirement villages on your desk!
Law above fear, justice above law, mercy above justice, love above all.
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Think this might have been an attempted "Rathering"? The fact that there is no allegation against trump that would shock me, up to and including his alleged presence on the grassy knoll, doesn't make them all true.


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