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To quote the great philosopher Bill Murray, It Just Doesn't Matter
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Don't go away SDMB
Don't go away SDMB
Don't go away SDMB
Don't go away SDMB
Don't go away SDMB
Don't go away SDMB
Don't go away SDMB
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You Dopers know how to deliver. These are some keepers, but I can't believe we're 52 replies in and there hasn't been a single 'Let it Be'.

But please keep them coming. I fear that trouble lies ahead, so I need an arsenal.
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This too shall pass, I will endure, I will overcome.
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1) There's light at the end of the tunnel

I've used this one when biking up VERY high hills (Indiana is not mountainous, but wow, does it have hills), but it also got me through basic training; my son's newborn weeks; and a surgical scenario that was painful, but had an excellent prognosis.

2) I've been through worse

It's not my mother's death or my father's death; it's not the time my car was totaled, and I had a sprained ankle (crutches) and a concussion while dealing with the insurance companies; it's not the time a guy I was dating (way back in 1989) got a call from the Red Cross saying test of his donation was "ambiguous," and he should go to county health nursing for an HIV test ASAP. He tested negative there, and again at 3 & 6 months, we had always used a condom, and I got tested at the 6 month mark and was negative, but wow, was waiting the two weeks for that first test was horrible; it's also not my son's very complicated c-section delivery with an APGAR of 1, which followed a 27 hr. labor.

3) Make your peace with it

This is for highly unpleasant things that cannot be avoided, like colonoscopies, root canals, and the like. Make the damned appointment, and get it over with. It also was what got me through "group projects" with assigned groups in college.

4) I can always kill myself

When I have had things that looked like they were going onto my list of examples of "I've been through worse," and none of the others worked, I had this. If it ever got to be too much to handle, really and truly, I always had this out.

I've obviously never used it, and it probably seems counterintuitive, but the very fact that I don't have to live through this disaster if I really, really don't want to, would get me through it.

The idea that continuing to put one foot in front of the other was a choice, not something forced onto me, actually gives me comfort and the strength to go on.

I was really, really broke for a while in the mid-1990s, for almost two years. I had to let my parents pay to fix my car once, and lend me money for my utilities another time, and I borrowed money from my synagogue's "rabbi's discretionary fund" twice, and this mantra got me through that time.
"There's always a non-Voodoo explanation for everything." ~Adrian Monk
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"Don't mean nothin'--not a thing. Don't mean nothin'--not a thing. Don't mean nothin'--not a thing. Don't mean nothin'--not a thing. ..."

Yeah, stole it from Doc in Hamburger Hill. Still works.

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Originally Posted by Kamino Neko View Post
Let's get this bullshit over with.
Originally Posted by snowthx View Post
"Well, it's not gonna go away."
Originally Posted by Marcus Flavius View Post
This too shall pass, I will endure, I will overcome.
...and several similar entries evoke this memory.

For many years I had a very dear (platonic) friend who had an amazing ability to make people feel better about things. She had a "regular" job teaching Music in a college, and happened to also manage and live in a Zen retreat. Couple of dozen members.

One morning I was whining about a particularly horrible domestic crisis, but bravely declared "...but it'll be okay, I'll get through this."

And she said... "Yes, you'll get through it. But right now, you have to be in it."

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-"Dude, you're not that important!"

Works against most conspiracy theories, including the Illuminati, Space Lizards and God, whenever you have a hangover or your mind is otherwise compromised. Well, at least it works for me!
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Originally Posted by Qadgop the Mercotan View Post
Owaa tagoo samai

I just say it over and over and over until I calm down.

Try it!
Good one, Oscar!


Although I believe his version was Owa Tagoo Siam
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Always works for me

Start slowly and repeat, a bit faster each time - Owa Tajer Khayam
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Originally Posted by Enola Gay View Post
Title says it all. Please, Dopers, share your words of wisdom.
"Serenity Now!"

Seriously. I don't know if it will have the same effect if you haven't watched Seinfeld though.

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"The power of Christ compels you!!!" (doesn't always work )

Never fail to take advantage of an opportunity to shut up (for a few seconds, at least).

Be here now (as others have said about self-awareness, etc.)

"Slow and steady wins the race" along with "measure twice, cut once" (getting through a chore).

Try to see the humor in everything all the time.

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Originally Posted by Kelby View Post
This too, shall pass.
I rediscovered this in Basic Training, 1992. I've been using it with some frequency ever since.

Panic: I don't tend to panic, in part because my mind has slowed to the point where the danger has usually passed by the time I start considering "panic" as an option. Frankly, I'm so worn down now I'll taunt death if he so much as peeks in a window. I'm fucking ready.

Stress, Anxiety, Despair and/or Impending Doom: all taste the same to me and are just calls welling up from parts of my mind I have shunned. These are not useful feelings, and they are not based in any material need of mine. Thus, I do not give them an audience. Yet, they persist and sometimes are a distraction. So I continue about my business and "Not now." is what I mutter to myself until such time as I can have a few moments alone, which can be days or weeks, and then I bawl my eyes out for five minutes. This leads me back to self-loathing, where I am far more comfortable. It's not so bad when you can believe you deserve all the shit, whether you actually know you do or not.
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I remember that I always got through them in the past, and it turned out to be a wonderful life.
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Originally Posted by salinqmind View Post
Deep breathing, emptying the mind. A dropperful of CBD oil often, though not always, dissipates anxiety in the middle of the night, trying to sleep when something you dread is on your mind.
Natural remedies like CBD for sleep terrors can be an amazing way to promote a restful night sleep. This is because CBD interacts with the serotonin and dopamine receptors present in our brain thus promoting a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Personally I like CBD essential oil. I explored many researches and made a decision to try it after visiting This site has a lot of useful facts from CBD enthusiasts, that's why I believed them.
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Four of a Kind

If you believe in a Higher Power, when you are experiencing difficulties, ask your Higher Power, “Give me the strength to get through this situation.” This petition always works, as opposed to asking for material things, which is indicative of theological immaturity, and has a much lower success rate.

Many years ago, I read an article that said that when you are giving yourself a mental Pep Talk, it is more effective to address yourself in the second person than in the first person. In other words, think “You can do this,” instead of “I can do this.” I don’t recall why that works better.

🎵When in worry, when in doubt,
Run in circles, scream, and shout,

Fear is the mind killer.
(from Dune, which I haven’t actually read)


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