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Old 05-23-2019, 05:55 AM
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Tornado hits Jefferson City Missouri hard.

The full damage won't be known until daylight. It's looking pretty bad.

Missouri and Oklahoma took quite a pounding. I hope the number of injuries and deaths continues to be low.
At least 29 tornadoes have been reported over the past 24 hours, mostly in Missouri and Oklahoma, the National Weather Service said. A total of 171 have been reported since Friday.
In Jefferson City, the tornado's funnel was wider than its height, and hit shortly before midnight Wednesday, sending debris as high as 13,000 feet into the air, the weather service said.

"When it hit... it felt like an earthquake," Cindy Sandoval-Jakobsen said.

No deaths had been reported as of Thursday morning, Jefferson City police Lt. David Williams said. At least nine people were transported to area hospitals in the city, Missouri Department of Public Safety spokesperson Mike O'Connell said early Thursday.

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Btw, Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri.

MO Public Safety Twitter has updates.


All non-essential Missouri state employees who work in Jefferson City should NOT report to work today. There is damage to some state buildings, others need to be fully assessed and power is down in some areas. We will keep you posted.

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The Capitol building wasn't damaged, but the old state penitentiary, which looks like it would be indestructible, was.
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I'm sending my thoughts and prayers, which is really the only thing we can do.
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As a person who knows about the devastation that airborne natural disasters cause, I feel quite empathetic to your plight. Yet, I can only offer my greatest of sympathies through this electronic medium. Take care and stay safe.
Captain S.


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