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Rex Tillerson and the Unraveling of the State Department

The N.Y. Times reviews Trump's State Dept. It makes for sad reading. As one example,

Nikki Haley ... set up a conference call with two senior State Department officials: Kristie Kenney, the State Department counselor, and Patrick Kennedy, the under secretary of state for management. Haley wanted to ask them ... basic matters like what her salary and benefits would be and where her family would live in New York City. Kenney and Kennedy told her about the federal employee health insurance plan and offered to send her floor plans of the U.N. ambassador’s apartment. When word of the call got back to Trump’s transition team, the two department officials were reprimanded by Glazer and told never to speak with Haley again....
Two days later, Kennedy was told to retire and given three days to clean out his office. Kennedy had spent 44 years in the Foreign Service and was not particularly political, focusing instead on management and operations; he’d been appointed to his under-secretary position by President George W. Bush.... Tillerson aides later joked that Kennedy’s defenestration was like something out of the Soviet Union, dragging a political foe out into the street and shooting him in the head so as to send a message to others.
Kennedy's major crime? His 44-year career at the State Dept. intersected with Clinton's time as Secretary.

Originally Posted by mhendo View Post
We live in interesting times.
Curiosity and amusement no longer head the list of my emotions about Trump.
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Originally Posted by mhendo View Post
In any other White House, you could argue that the president would be perfectly capable of making a sensitive and thoughtful phone call to the grieving family of a dead soldier without a canned statement. Whatever I thought of his politics, I would have been confident that even George W. Bush could do something like that without too much trouble.

Hell, there's the sister of a fallen soldier who tweeted today about her encounter with Pres. Bush:

When my brother was killed, Pres Bush listened while I screamed at him & then held me as I sobbed
The woman then went on to call Trump a "fat fucking liar" as it relates to his claim that former presidents were not reaching out to the families of dead soldiers.

There's a special place in hades for the vile human being who makes me wish with all of my bubbling guts that George W. Bush was again our president.
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Originally Posted by Siam Sam View Post
I'm pretty sure this has actually happened.
You are probably misremembering the time last October when Putin used the US flag as a condom to sodomize the shitgibbon with on stage at a campaign rally. Ivanka was … what the hell was she … hold on, lemme see if I can find that story.


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