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Old 06-19-2017, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Siam Sam View Post
So now we have:

April 2018 (although I request precise dates be named)
When hell freezes over.

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Old 06-19-2017, 11:11 AM
Bryan Ekers Bryan Ekers is online now
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June 14, 2019.
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Old 06-19-2017, 12:46 PM
asahi asahi is offline
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Originally Posted by Uncle Jocko View Post
I just watched Robert Redford's 2013 documentary revisiting "All The President's Men" (MSNBC ran it over the weekend). Yes, Nixon resigned, and yes, it was because of a Congressional investigation that got the Oval Office tapes and a House vote for impeachment.

But ... both houses of Congress were in Democratic hands. Even though the parties weren't nearly as divided as they are now, that makes a difference (as far as how far the investigations went early on, until even Republicans realized Nixon had gone too far).

And, the biggest influence on the power brokers in the House and Senate was overwhelming public pressure for impeachment, or at least to do something. I don't see that happening with Trump, not without some kind of real, actual, literal smoking gun.

So I don't see resignation in the offing.
I absolutely agree with you that the Republican congress is a significant difference between 2017 and 1973-4. I've been among those who've reminded people of that fact. However, that support comes with qualifications.

As long as they feel safe in maintaining control of congress and being able to pass the legislation that they want to pass, I agree that Trump is safe. The problem is that Trump's behavior is making it increasingly difficult for Republicans to achieve their agenda and quite possibly threatening the House majority next year. The Senate is in no danger if falling to the Democrats unless Trump just causes a massive backlash, which I don't see happening. But the House could be up for grabs. It shouldn't be, but it could.

I agree that we're not yet approaching the moment of impeachment proceedings yet and might not be for sometime. But I do think there will be several bellwethers in the coming weeks. The Georgia congressional race for Tom Price's (and former speaker Newt Gingrich's) seat will be one. And Trump's handling of the probe will be something else to watch.

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Old 06-19-2017, 03:25 PM
Sherrerd Sherrerd is offline
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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
Or he commits suicide.

No, I don't want that to happen, and I seem to be the only person out there who thinks that's a possibility.
It's possible to argue that Trump is one of those slow-suicide people--takes no exercise and eats junk food. Every time he takes knife and fork to another bucket of KFC or spoon to his vaunted two scoops of ice cream on his pie, it's part of his suicide.

Originally Posted by Anny Middon View Post
Add me to the list of involuntary removal from office for health reasons.
He's an overweight 71-year-old who eats unhealthy food and gets little exercise. He gets emotionally worked up over relatively minor things. Either a massive heart attack or a major stroke is definitely possible.
If the heart attack doesn't kill him, he may end up resigning because his doctors insist on it. If the stroke doesn't kill him, he may be removed from office by pence or whoever it is that has the authority to remove a severely mentally disabled president from office.
I was curious about what sort of medical care/oversight Trump might be receiving, now. Apparently the official position 'physician to the President/Director of the White House Medical Unit' is still filled by the Navy admiral/M.D. who served Obama:

Since July 2013, the Physician to the President has been Navy Captain (later Rear Admiral) Ronny L. Jackson.
The medical unit includes active-duty military physicians as well as several physician assistants, registered nurses, and medics, and support staff including an administrator and a medical information technology manager. Under implementing guidelines for the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, the WHMU Director is the primary official responsible for advising the President's Cabinet on the ability of the President of the United States to discharge the powers and duties of the office. The final decision, however, rests with the Cabinet as a political, not a medical, decision. The WHMU provides free healthcare to the President, Vice President, and their immediate families ...

Since this care is free there's no doubt Trump will have parted ways with his former doctor (and eccentric prose stylist) Harold Bornstein. But one wonders what sort of advice Dr. Jackson might be giving the greasy-foods-loving Trump.

eta site with data on Dr. Jackson:

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Old 06-19-2017, 06:00 PM
nearwildheaven nearwildheaven is offline
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Originally Posted by yezlles View Post
The other side is Trump is arguably the leader of the largest cult in United States history. If he suicides he will be lionized by much of his cult for a very long time. And it is virtually guaranteed there will be a tidal wave of deep state conspiracy theories if he suicides, even if he were to do it in front of everyone ala R Budd Dwyer. Has potential to be scary.
Or he'll find a way to live stream it.
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Old 06-23-2017, 12:39 AM
Siam Sam Siam Sam is online now
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So now we have:


I've disallowed April 2018 due to the lack of a specific date during that month. Let me know if I've missed any other dates amid the chatter.

Originally Posted by Anny Middon View Post
Question: What did his father die of? How old was he when he died?
Fred Trump died at age 93 of pneumonia after suffering Alzheimer's for six years.
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Old 06-23-2017, 02:40 PM
kaylasdad99 kaylasdad99 is online now
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Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post

Since this care is free there's no doubt Trump will have parted ways with his former doctor (and eccentric prose stylist) Harold Bornstein. But one wonders what sort of advice Dr. Jackson might be giving the greasy-foods-loving Trump.

eta site with data on Dr. Jackson:
So, you think he's going to use the guy who can't be ordered to provide the medical evaluation he wants, just because he's already being paid to do the job?


He'll just stick us with Bornstein's bill.

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Old 06-23-2017, 03:00 PM
Clawdio Clawdio is offline
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I'm just a boy with a dream. April 1, 2018.

Side prediction: Once he is no longer in office (regardless of how he leaves it) he will continue to hold "rallies".
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Old 06-23-2017, 03:02 PM
Reddy Mercury Reddy Mercury is offline
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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
He may not have a choice. Richard Nixon was as pugnacious and ruthless as they came and resignation was absolutely the last thing anyone would have ever imagined him doing. But resign he did. If your choice is between being forced out of office through the impeachment process or resignation while claiming that you were the victim of an unfair political witch hunt by the establishment, then the latter might seem like winning, especially if he can fire up his most loyal and unhinged of supporters. Mind you, I don't think he goes down with a bitter and vicious fight. But he could still get pushed out.
There is a vast difference between Nixon and Trump.
Nixon was crooked; Trump is crazy. Nixon knew when the game was up, and was already plotting the rehabilitation of his career. Trump knows no such cleverness, or nuance. Nixon was guy who was paranoid, and insecure, but arguably meant well. Trump is a narcissist who cares for one but Trump, and Trump's image. Trump would never resign.

Now, if this investigation gets more intense, given his age and obesity, I can see him dying suddenly like Harding did, Pence taking over, and narrowly winning a term of his own because the Democrats don't really have anyone worthwhile to put forward.
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Old 06-23-2017, 03:46 PM
Sherrerd Sherrerd is offline
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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
So, you think he's going to use the guy who can't be ordered to provide the medical evaluation he wants, just because he's already being paid to do the job?
He'll just stick us with Bornstein's bill.
I agree that if Trump HAD to have an exam, he'd be likely to bypass the official White House physician in favor of one who'd say he was The Healthiest Evah---with bonus points for a doctor who'd pad the bill massively and (this is crucial) cut Trump in on the taxpayer-funded action.

But of course Trump is under no sort of obligation or requirement to have any medical attention or examination whatsoever.

Looking at this topic online, it was interesting to see the chatty articles from years past about whether You, The Reader, should get an exam as thorough as that given W this year or Obama that year....but no one back then was thinking 'this guy has got to show us some sort of proof that he's not either deep into Alzheimer's or about to have a coronary while his hand is hovering over the launch button.'

The odds are that unless it can be made into a payday for him, Trump won't let any doctor examine him.

As for the thread topic: I keep thinking about all those money-laundering investigations and the high likelihood of Trump's having violated numerous federal and state laws during the unsavory course of his attempts to Be A Real Billionaire. Maybe Trump can't be tried for any such crimes while he's President. And maybe Trump doesn't care all that much whether his sons are indicted.

But Trump would care if his business 'empire' were to be exposed as a shabby, rickety house of cards propped up with dirty mob and oligarch money---and it were to be completely dismantled while all his lieutenants (and sons, possibly) end up in prison. What Trump would care about would be his image, of course--not the 'don't bend over in the shower' fates of those who've worked for him.

Mueller is a Republican, but he's not a Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan-style Republican. He might see it has his patriotic duty to proceed, instead of quashing. If so--and if progress continues to be leaked and publicized--and if it looked quite certain that the Trump Organization were to be stripped down to a humiliating level--

---IF it got to that point, then Trump would be pushed to do something that would force him to resign.

I believe he's capable of responding to such a situation by committing a clear-cut crime ---possibly trying to hire someone to use violence, if simply trying to fire Mueller showed no signs of actually stopping the investigation (if, say, those under Mueller were steadfast in continuing). And Trump would do it ineptly enough that it would become known, and it would be, at that point, impossible for Ryan, McConnell and the rest to go on supporting him--they'd have to call for impeachment.

At that point Trump would either resign or have that fatal aneurysm or infarction.

I think this is less than a year away. So I'll go for Friday, 25 May 2018.
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Old 06-24-2017, 12:53 AM
Idle Thoughts Idle Thoughts is offline
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I doubt he will resign, but I seriously doubt he'll see the end of the term. My prediction is he'll be removed from office before then by force, somehow.
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Old 06-24-2017, 06:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Kolak of Twilo View Post
Trump will serve until noon on Inauguration Day 2021.

No clue who will be sworn in that day though.
I predict Donald Trump. Unless he dies in office, he'll serve two terms.

This Salon article nails it: Wake Up Liberals, There will be no Blue Wave, no majority in '18, and no Impeachment.

Personally, I think the Dems have the most amazing opportunity I've ever seen. There is no one on this planet that could drive a Dem to vote for Trump. Literally no one. So the DNC can run anyone they want without worrying how their base will vote. So why not run someone who appeals to disaffected Republicans?
Three simple steps:
1. Find a slightly-left-of-center moderate white guy who's 55 and has good hair;
2. Make sure he's never uttered a word about abortion or gun control;
3. Enjoy electoral victory.

But I doubt if Perez/DNC will do that, so I predict Trump for the full 8.
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