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Okay then.
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Originally Posted by raventhief View Post
That's odd. I confess, I would probably have interpreted "death recorded" as "Death sentence handed down and recorded" rather than "judge didn't issue death sentence, so noted" but I also hope I would have looked into it rather than making that assumption.

It seems counterintuitive.
Seems like misdirection upon the discovery of a legitimate, yet not crucial, mistake.Every writer makes mistakes hence multiple additions. (For example: Pluto turns out to be an asteroid, and Hal didnít come alone till 2013 vis 2010,) Also there is no agreed upon definition for this death recorded phrase as defined by Richard Ward via Matthew Sweet (who, btw, used to be a Dr Who critic and has a doctorate about fiction in the 19th century). Per my last post I did my own research, and I read his book: they are counter-views of the same period and opposing social critiques. Regardless of the mistake (which is not the premise of her book per Amazon, Houghton, Verago, and Other sites) it seems pretty aggressive for him to attack like that (on live air) and go on to ensure it goes viral by tweeting his cut video to a guy who seems to be a bit on the 24th. Check out all of the tweets for (at) thymetikon he has tweeted once since and only tweeted gibberish up till the time he tweeted out that 44 minute version of a 55 minute video. (Scroll back to one of his earliest tweets August 2018, look at the chart he mapped out, very spooky). She admitted her mistake and I thought showed dignity and class despite the lack thereof on the part of Sweet. So why such a disproportionate backlash? Whatís really going on here, Iíve never seen anything like it. Did she stumble upon the Queen being an Alien in the book? Itís really strange!
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Iím pretty sure her book is not based on ďDeath RecordedĒ as a term or p

Liar, ignorant b&tch, disingenuous? Wow...who hurt you? Your unbridled hatred of this person just made me order three of her books...cause now Iím curious and I wonder where such aggression can stem from. So, um, thank you?

Originally Posted by Zeke N. Destroi View Post
Surprise, surprise! Naomi Wolf has been caught out lying yet again. I'm sure in a moment there will be monkeys leaping to the defense of the indefensible and that is fine.

Until then, the non-simian among you can enjoy reading this from the BBC (with a link to her side-splitting twitter defense) and listening to this this the interview during which she momentarily realized that she was a lying, disingenuous, ignorant bitch and then scuttled away from it. The good part starts at about the 18 minute mark.

Didn't understand a term upon which she based a major argument, championned the super sympathetic case of a 14 year old who was executed (he wasn't) for being gay (or for raping a 6 year old boy, easy to confuse since Naomi seems to think they are equivalent.)

At least this is the first... second.... third(?) time she's been caught out spewing demonstrable horseshit under the auspice of authority in order to promote her agenda and line her pockets.

As for the book, she seems to have put as much effort into her research as she did her thinking.


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