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Voyager record image decoder

In the late 70s NASA launched a pair of robot probes to study our Solar System. it was realized that the probes would eventually keep going deep into interstellar space...and some extraterrestrial intelligence may encounter these craft...perhaps millions of years hence.

Scientists, therefore, commissioned a Record to teach "them" about us...that one upon a time, we were here.

If "they" successfully recieve Voyagers 1 and 2 intact, and figure out how to decode the signal from the Record, they will perceive this.

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I’ve known about the records, of course, and have seen some of the images and heard some of the audio, but never presented as how they’d receive it. It’s quite eerie and profound watching and listening to it... imaging what “they” might be thinking.
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Originally Posted by Enola Straight View Post
Needs more cowbell.
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Fascinating — thanks for sharing.
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That's wonderful. We've provided the aliens with our planet's location, information on what resources we have for them to plunder, our level of technology that they will have to defeat, and on human anatomy so they will know exactly how to kill, butcher us and prepare us for consumption.
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Originally Posted by Tibby or Not Tibby View Post
Needs more cowbell.
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What if the ETs upgraded to 4K by now? Should we send plans for a converter box?


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