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Mildly off-topic charity stuff addressing the OP's offer for a donation:


Originally Posted by Jake Bullet - Traffic Control! View Post
For what it's worth, I'd gladly donate a month's salary if I thought the money would go toward a scheme that would fix the problem. I wouldn't even think twice about it. Of course, a month of my salary wouldn't make any difference to anything, but if everyone else was doing it I'd be thrilled to chip in.
May I recommend the AMF? If we're talking about charitable giving to help black people, you really can't do better. If we're talking about charitable giving to help people, period, you still really can't do better.

Yes, this has little to do with police violence, but I guarantee it'll help a hell of a lot more - taking a depoliticized issue where the primary problem is getting enough infrastructure and materials in place to do what needs to be done is usually going to work better than throwing money at a political football (pun not intentional). A month of your salary, if you're in a position where giving away a month of your salary, doesn't actually hurt you that much, could very well save a life.

I don't think asking everyone to wear body cameras is a good idea. A better solution would be getting body cameras for the people who really need them - the cops. There's pretty extensive research that body cams are good for cops and civilians. Meanwhile, demanding that civilians wear them at all times seems like a pretty significant infringement on civil liberties, and smacks distinctly of victim-blaming.

Also, there's a huge gap between "I'm going to take a symbolic gesture" and "I'm going to give a ton of money to solve a problem". Celebrities using their platforms to raise awareness of an issue are mostly the former; implying that they would automatically move to the latter is kind of silly.

Also, a practical concern for this scheme: many states have laws in place that determine who, what, when, and how you can record video or audio. In 11 states, recording a phone call or conversation without the consent of both parties is illegal, which, to my limited knowledge, makes the recording inadmissable as evidence in court (IANAL, if I'm wrong please correct me; there are some exceptions, like in california if you believe the conversation will provide evidence of a serious crime; this is all terribly complicated). This may become a problem.

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Originally Posted by Jake Bullet - Traffic Control! View Post
I don't think that's fair. I'm not accusing the players of hypocrisy. I'm just saying that I don't think their protest is very effective, and it's easily within their means to set up a mass body cam scheme which (in my opinion) would actually accomplish their goals far more quickly.
It's about getting them what they want. My scheme would be faster and, I imagine, much more popular with regular people than what they're actually doing. Even if the gesture ends up being purely symbolic it would probably have a beneficial effect on race relations, especially since most of the players who would end up donating would be white.
The NFL players are trying to raise awareness of an issue and show that they too feel strongly.
That's not the same thing as the NFL now being obliged to fix the problem itself.

And you still missed the point that this kind of video exists already, and the officers involved usually are not charged and no changes are made to officer training.
So in a hypothetical world where your plan plays out, we collect more examples...then what? Does that mean protests don't need to happen any more?

Also, making all black guys do X is not going to play out well. For example, if I'm a black guy who *doesn't* wear a body cam, is that like some admission of guilt? Because as a law-abiding black man I'm supposed to use the correct water fountain always wear a body cam?

If you say it's not about some accusation of hypocrisy on the part of the players, that's fine, but you should know that's the kind of interpretation and audience where such an idea would gain traction, and nowhere else.
If you go suggest it on some Crowder or Shapiro talk page, you'll get plenty of agreement from people who want to ignore the subject of the protests and/or talk about "black privilege".
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It's been a while since I visited here, and I'm sure it's still a great forum, I'm reading an OP that took some effort to type - I assume they intended to present a good point? This would be a great solution to fight police brutality against blacks. now tell me we'll to do prevent white people who get shot by the police. did you not think that happens? The police have a tough job and I've seen videos where situations go to hell for them in seconds, but they obviously need help, review of procedure, and any other method that might help to maintain control of the suspects, and also don't shoot people because they're running away from you.

do I need to find a list of videos of whites getting shot by cops when they're unarmed?

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