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Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible View Post
... Yes, you heard that right, Septimus suspects there are dark operatives monitoring this very thread and skimming our ideas for throwing the election. I'm stumped as to how to even respond to that.
Mine was hyperbole to emphasize a point, but you do you.

Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible View Post
Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible
... if there's too much chaos then neither candidate may end up with a majority of electors, which leads to a contingent election in the (Democratically controlled) House of Representatives.
In terms of simple representation, Republicans have 26 states. But some of those states have deadlocked delegations and might end up not voting at all.
Since "26" might imply a 26-24 split it might have been more genuous to describe the split as 26-22 favoring the Rs with 2 states (MI & PA) having an absolute majority for neither party. Sure, it's the incoming Congress that votes, but the Ds are rather unlikely to pick up many seats if they don't coast to general victory. Your own cite confirms this, writing "Not surprisingly, Democrats will have many vulnerable House seats in 2020, after winning a slew of seats in red and purple districts in 2018."

Yes, you heard that right! With a 26-22 split favoring the R's, and this likely to get worse in the relevant case, HMS Irruncible describes the possible House voting for President as "(Democratically controlled)."
I'm stumped as to how to even respond to that.


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