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Looks like someone got into the naughty stuff for Christmas!
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Originally Posted by Crab Rangoon View Post
Looks like someone got into the naughty stuff for Christmas!
Mele kalikimaka oe po pakiki? Nah, I was a good little boy this christmas. What happen to the end of the world 2012? Just another fluke Y-2k eh? lol humans cant even get the weather right an they think they can predict if the worlds gonna end? XD Sounds more like properganda in trying to make another culture less intelligent by twisiting there writings scriptures an historical artifacts into something it wasent, its pretty funny america as mostly united states claimed myaians had spread the word the past few years, yet they did so many conseses this year there, an 90% of there natives said they knew nothing of a sort. lol

Oh wells.
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I was uber intrested if any archaeologist had come across the reproductions of two very old art of mosaics from Rome, Ive seen one in the house of faun really damaged an there was another one in a house next to the house of dove, showing a lion standing over a prostrated tiger and a antelope but its now missing peices of the art...

I heard someone did a reproduction of them in the 16th an 17th century, but I dont know which ones are they, or even if they exsist anymore...but I'll see if any Greek or Roman forums of antiques might have come acrossed the reproductions. Because as you can see its completely missing the picture of the tiger.
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Huh, I wonder what that was about? our district had a whole electircity shut down for about an hour or 2, we basically was back in the dark ages for a bit there...lol...fuck candles, I'm gonna buy some solar panel lights, batteries are hell of expensive, I'll just use the biggest batterie there is...the sun.

But I guess some time thinking in the dark is needed once in a while, it makes you more focused an humble/appreciative what you have at the moment.
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Moderator Note

Okay, it's time to stick a fork in this topic.

Originally Posted by My Lord View Post
So basically a thousand Views in just 2 days? Hmm, not bad for a Forum...not bad at all.
Originally Posted by My Lord View Post
...I mean almost at 7,000 for a forum thats not bad an being that its a not so much common topic...I mean not like a thread that can be made a hundred times over an get 1,000,000 views easy like example
=what are you listing to? That kind.
Originally Posted by My Lord View Post
10,000 views XD
Just maybe this thread will get more than the sticky poll in views....intresting? ^_^
Originally Posted by My Lord View Post
Basically 14K views lol Just 2K more an that Sticky thread is going down! lol
Originally Posted by My Lord View Post
26,000 views? Not to shabby, havent posted in a while a bit busy...but noticed a few pop ups of new info from here an there. Sorry no new com yet, but it'll come later in due time. ^_^
This forum is not a place to make or break records regarding view count, not to mention there is a rule here frowning on post count padding, which you seem close to doing in this thread.

If you really want to spend your time posting as many links dedicated to your cause as you have in this thread, I would suggest you get a blog...this topic is not the place it. Do not start this topic again yourself.

If anyone else would like to continue the discussion normally--without view count highscores or obsessive posting all about one topic--feel free to open a new thread.

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