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Old 07-15-2004, 10:54 AM
Bosda Di'Chi of Tricor Bosda Di'Chi of Tricor is online now
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HOORAY! HOORAY! It's Saint Swithin's Day! How do YOU celebrate?

That most beloved of all holidays, Saint Swithin's Day, has arrived!!!

15 July. St Swithin's Day. According to the weather today, the next 40 days will be fair or foul. Swithin, bishop of Winchester (d.862) was so humble he asked to be buried outside the cathedral where people might walk on his grave. An attempt to rebury him was abandoned when it precipitated 40 days of rain.
--from Fortean Times

Which traditional St. Swithin's Day dish does your family serve? Roast Emu? Live crawdads? Buzzard a la cart? Raw Spam in blueberry sauce?

Do you still get out the family Bouncing Portzibie, and fiddle with it, as we all did when we were kids?

Post your St. Swithin's Day traditions here!
There he goes. One of God's own prototypes.
Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production.
Too weird to live, and too rare to die.
~~Hunter S. Thompson
Old 07-15-2004, 11:05 AM
Chastain86 Chastain86 is offline
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I came to work. Later I'm going to go see "Anchorman," and eat at Macaroni Grill.
Old 07-15-2004, 11:14 AM
Rodd Hill Rodd Hill is offline
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I vote we steal Professor Lotus' chamber pot and hang it off the steeple, followed by de-bagging Bingham and running them up the flagpole.
Old 07-15-2004, 04:48 PM
Smapti Smapti is offline
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Aunt Helga is making kippers for breakfast, of course!

Old 07-15-2004, 04:52 PM
Ike Witt Ike Witt is online now
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Well, I was going to go and dig up some corpses, but we've already had a lot of rain. So I guess I'll pass on doing anything special.


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