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Gay History books

I have a $100 gift certificate to spend on Amazon! I'm especially fascinated by GLBT history, and have read seemingly everything (all of Kramer and Shilts' stuff, all the Gay Metropolist and Gay New York type books, etc). Anyone have any suggestions on recently published stuff in this genre?
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Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy is an excellent and accessible book about a very interesting woman.
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Have you read Lillian Faderman? She has written a couple of excellent lesbian histories. Well researched, and very interesting. I particularly recommend Odd girls and twilight lovers : a history of lesbian life in twentieth-century America.
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Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality: Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the 14th Century by John Boswell is incredibly informative. Dry as dust in places, but very informative.
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Gay Book of Days. Good read.
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Completely Queer is a good general encyclopedia of gay history (if your gift cert. is good for used items you can get it really cheaply). It will introduce you to Mattachine Society, Harlem Renaissance gays, etc..

And the Band Played On is considered the definitive history of the gay movement in the early days of AIDS

Here's a good list compiled by an Amazon user of hyperlinked gay history titles.
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Oh, and of course no gay history collection is complete without this DVD (the most fabulous documentary on movies ever made).
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Warriors of God - Richard The Lionheart & Saladin In The Third Crusade.
By: Jim Reston
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Michael Young's King James and the History of Homosexuality is pretty good and was published about five years ago...
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History is actually a rather depressing subject . . . oh. Never mind.


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