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Tell me your moving horror stories.

I underestimated the amount of boxes I would need. It's 6:30 and I haven't even started packing my kitchen yet. We ran out of packing tape. I submitted the final documents today and JUST found out that the property manager's home office has to send back an approval before we can sign the lease and move in. Our last day in this place has to be today. The power is transferring tomorrow and my entire place is in boxes. I've been running all over my house like a chicken with it's head cut off and getting yelled at whenever I throw something out. I'm tired and achy and stressed and I hate moving and I'm never doing it again and if we're not able to sign the lease tomorrow I don't know what we're going to do and *sob*.

Tell me your moving horrors. Preferably ones that worked out well in the end.
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A lot of the same sort of stuff. Moving from Dallas to Phoenix in late August isn't a brilliant idea. It can get just a little hot in both places! Fighting with my SO about every little thing I wanted to get rid of. I was going to get rid of the DSL box. We were getting cable internet in the new place. We had to take the stupid dsl box because his mother, who lives 5 hours north of here, might want it. The stupid box is still on the top of a shelf 2 years later!

While unpacking, we got into a huge fight because I must have tossed out some of the cables for one of the computers. You would have thought I had left behind precious family heirlooms. I also got serious dirty looks because I'd tossed one of those freebie el cheapo tool kits that we probably got for signing up for AAA or something like that.

Moving is stressful and it sucks. But, a month later and everything is back to normal again.
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Moving makes me cry and cry, and that's even when we've had a two-week overlap between old place and new, totally-secured place. (We've--I've--got too much "stuff". That's the problem.) I can't begin to imagine your stress. Moving truly sucks.

May your housewarming be soon and smooth.
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Oh. Horror stories. Well, I once moved myself, all by my lonesome, in the November rains on the west coast. I found the new place, I packed up everything, I moved it all. I didn't think that weekend would ever, ever end. But it did. And it was okay.
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You mean, like a story where there's a monster but it turns out that the monster is misunderstood and dies in an effort to protect someone else?
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The one that comes to mind is when my then-boyfriend-now-husband and a friend of ours helped me move out of an apartment and drive the few hundred miles to the suburbs of Chicago; I had both my car and a moving van, so I was in the van, my friend drove my car, and my boyfriend drove his car back. We discovered, separately, two things upon starting out.

Apparently, my car's front left tire had something go wrong with the "steel belting" - something either slipped or snapped in there (I forget what), so the drive was pretty bumpy.

Also, we discovered - because I couldn't go any faster, and this was before everyone had cell phones so I couldn't communicate this until our first break - that the moving van had a speed governor on it, so we were stuck going 55 on 65 mph highways.
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I moved yesterday. My husband went to the new place with the movers while I stayed behind to clean. I got a text message along the lines of "queen size box springs won't fit up that narrow/90 degree staircase." I had just started to freak out - five minutes later I got another text "solved." Apparently, they threw the box springs over the deck railing to the upstairs bedroom. I thought that was pretty ingenious.
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I move every couple of years and thank God my company pays for a mover to come and pack me. Mostly I'm living overseas so much of my stuff was in storage. For the first time in 10 years, I'm back in the States and have all my stuff. Of which, I discovered, I have waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Unfortunately, they don't unpack me so I have an entire room filled to ceiling with boxes still. I've been here for nine months and don't anticipate it being miraculously unpacked anytime soon...

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My moving horror story ends well in that I'm still alive and healthy, but they took over two months to deliver my stuff, as opposed to the 7 day maximum they wrote in their contract, and lost many of my things, including my coffee table.
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Originally Posted by MeanOldLady View Post
My moving horror story ends well in that I'm still alive and healthy, but they took over two months to deliver my stuff, as opposed to the 7 day maximum they wrote in their contract, and lost many of my things, including my coffee table.
You win.

Property manager won't even be in his office today until 2:15. I might scream.
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Yikes. My story seems insignificant in comparison.

I had it all worked out. The moving truck would come in the morning, I'd be in my new place by noon, my new land line would be transferred, and Cablevision would come that afternoon to set me up with a new box. Smooth sailing all the way.

Except my phone line was down. And the Cablevision guy never showed. I had to use my GF's cell to call them and the operator claimed I had cancelled the call. Best I could get was the next weekend. And the phone company claimed they did everything right, the problem must be on my end. The building manager claimed it was on their end. This went back and forth for a week. So I had no services for that first week. And all the complaining I did was either from my work phone or a borrowed cell phone that had maybe 3 minutes left on it.
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Friends of mine were moving cross-country (from one Washington to the other).

En route, the moving van with all their possessions caught fire.

From what I heard (thirdhand), it was a total loss.

I think (so far anyway), they win the thread.
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When we moved from Dubai to Prague all our stuff was trapped in customs for 3 weeks while we slept on the floor in a flat with no furniture or things... no kitchen either since it was a new flat. It took tons of paperwork and our lawyer to get things out of customs.
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The worst long-term was the guy who showed up late, couldn't stop talking about how much he needed a drink, and scraped peices of the veneer off the front of most of my antique dining set. He also broke my Great-GrandMothers telephone table, and the matching directory stand. and the Bombe chest for the front hall. . . sniff . . . I can't go on.

Worst during was the time the movers conveniently forgot to put the piano in the truck. A friend and boyfriend had to up-end it and turn it sideways to get it through the door of the room it was in. I about had a heart attack, I was sure somebody would be crushed in the process, and that the piano would never be the same. I was a sobbing mess that time.

The absolute worst was very early in my twenties, when the two new roomates backed out at the last minute, on New Year's Eve day, and the new tenant for my room arrived that afternoon. And the apartment's office was not open, so I couldn't switch to a one-bedroom, or really do much of anything except move all my stuff to a storage place (when I finally found an open one) and stay in a friend's basement for a week. That one surely did suck.

I hate moving.
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We moved 21 times before I left the nest. Most of them were "bad" moves. My wife occasionally mentions moving from our current place, and I get hives, figuratively speaking.

My brother and his young family were moved down from Connecticut by professional movers (paid for by his firm) who labeled and packed everything very neatly. It seemed like the easiest move in the world.

Then the tractor-trailer truck caught fire due to "spontaneous combustion," according to the parties involved -- the stored household goods got so hot in the blazing sun that they ignited. In January, in Connecticut. Although almost everything in the truck was "destroyed" as in, useless and replaceable by insurance, almost all of it was identifiable -- charred T-shirts, warped dressers, and so on, strangely enough all the resalable consumer electronics were totally atomized -- not a trace remained of charred TVs, computers, blenders, record players, and the like. Imagine the odds!

For some reason the fire investigators didn't seem alarmed by this -- maybe they've never seen any trace of consumer electronics survive a "spontaneous" fire, perhaps it's very consistent where they work -- and as far as I know no one was called to account for the robbery/insurance fraud. But the insurance companies for the van line and for the firm reimbursed my brother and his wife lavishly, so all they really missed were all the family photos (particularly irreplaceable were photos of her little sister who had died some years before).


And that's not the family's worst moving story. At one time I lived with my parents, sister, and maternal grandparents (my brother had already moved out) in a conveniently three-story house, so each generation could have its own floor. Then my grandfather died while on vacation, and my grandmother (who was in the terrible grip of Alzheimer's) insisted the family put her into a particular nursing home with her friends -- my mom didn't want her to go, but Grandma made a huge issue of it, and once she was settled in there, would immediately forget her friends and forget she'd asked to be put there, and for the rest of her long life would rail at my mother for having "done that to her."

Since Grandma was about to leave for the nursing home, my parents decided to move out of the big place -- and my Dad announced it would be foolish to move into a new place together, since he'd decided to leave my Mom.

And so we began to sort through and pack up three generations' worth of stuff while my Mom dealt with her own father's recent death, her mother's dementia and abandonment issues, and her husband leaving her, and my Dad tried not to talk to anyone, and my grandmother kept forgetting her husband was dead and wandering around looking for him. We kids couldn't decide what of our grandparents' things were supposed to be kept, and didn't even know where anyone other than Grandma was ultimately going. Mom was essentially nonfunctional, and she'd never been very good at moving. Dad was essentially nonparticipatory and wracked with guilt.

The first big sweep up of junk produced so much trash that the trash pickup guys sent us a notice they wouldn't be doing that again --we'd have to pay for a separate pickup. So for subsequent sorting and packing, my Dad hatched a scheme to keep our trash output low enough to avoid paying for the special pickup -- after dark, each trash night, he'd roam the neighborhood with bags of trash, adding one or two to each neighbor's pile in a way he hoped would not be noticed. Sort of like an evil, twisted version of Santa Claus.

Ultimately we all five ended up living separately, so the maximum possible amount of subsequent moving was involved.

That was the best move ever.

Edit: composed before Mama Zappa's story. Wouldn't be surprised if that case was also fraud.


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Originally Posted by interface2x View Post
You mean, like a story where there's a monster but it turns out that the monster is misunderstood and dies in an effort to protect someone else?
I see I'm not the only one who parsed it that way.
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First move ever as a married couple.
Move out date: Jan 31
Move in date: Feb 1
Husband: On assignment in Australia
Telephone: Disconnected a day early
Cell phone: In his name and with no international calling enabled
Movers: Showed up with a too small truck and at 5pm on Jan 31 say "Oh we'll just make two trips"
Me: Sobby teary mess with the guy from Rogers begging him to enable international calling so I can have some help figuring out the solution.
Favorite exchange of the day: Well ma'am, just have your husband talk to us and approve the international calling and we'll add that for you. But it's him I'm trying to caaallll (imagine despaired wailing here) They did a 24 hr setup for me.
Friends: Show up with cars and stuff TONS of remaining stuff into them and save the day.
Cat: Climbed into friends basement ceiling. Dropped spare florescent light tubes on our heads while trying to escape. Found a way into the walls of my friends house, took 2 days to get her back out.

End Result: He's not allowed to leave me with another move alone ever.

Number of moves that I handled while he was out of town after this: 2
Number of moves that he handled while I was out of town: 0

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{{{Sailboat}}} I know you're probably long since over it, but still. . .
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Mr. Neville helped his grandparents move, several years ago. The grandparents got into a huge fight with each other about ten boxes of Tide detergent that were in the old house. One of them wanted to give some to a neighbor, the other insisted on taking them all to their new home. They weren't speaking to each other for several days over this.

Fortunately, they eventually did get moved, and did start speaking to each other again. They celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this week. Oh, and they love their new home.
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My story isn't my move but me, in my young fresh-out-of-college days, helping a friend of my brother's to move. We get to his apartment (not very big) and there are four big trucks there. I'm thinking to myself "four trucks? what can he have in his place?"
It turns out that we are moving stuff in his apartment, plus his storage unit, plus everything in his mother's house (who has recently died), plus things from his mother's storage unit.
Every location being 20-30 minutes away from the last location.
Then we drive almost two hours (because of traffic - major sport event on the way!) to his new house and unload most of it in there, then go to his new storage unit and put the rest in there.

At least, we were rewarded with free pizza from Pizza Hut!

P.S. Did I mention he had two refrigerators he was keeping (one for the kitchen in the new house, one for the garage), two couches, pretty much two of anything that is a pain to move? And his mother's furniture was "antique" so we had to be very careful with it? Thank God, no pianos.
Add your photo to the SDMB Portrait Gallery!

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Here’s a moving horror story I read about in the Washington Post a few years back.

Family started moving into a new house on a Saturday. Later that afternoon, the electricity on the place went out. They put in a few calls and learned the original owners had cancelled the power. The couple moving in were under the assumption that the electric would be left on and they simply had to have it placed under their name. Evidently this wasn’t the case and of course the electric company wouldn’t be able to come out until that Monday.

Naturally that night a hellacious thunder storm rolls in and with no power and therefore no working sump pump, the basement floods ruins the carpeting and a fair amount of belongings. The new family’s home owner’s insurance wouldn’t cover for whatever lame-ass reason and the couple figured they had no basis for a lawsuit so they had no recourse but to take the hit.

A lovely ‘Best Wishes in Your New Home!” welcome but a cautionary tale for others.
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I had half of a huge post typed up, but decided that it was like one of those letters that you write but then destroy and never send to the intended recipient.

Suffice it to say that it is a Very Bad Idea to try to "switch houses." We bought my mother's house. My cousins, who were living in my mother's house, bought ours. And left half of their stuff in my mother's basement because they didn't arrange to have any help on moving day. And they knew we wanted our stuff to go into the basement so we could redo the wood floors and then move everything upstairs. The general consensus on their end was "Oh, well."

It has been a very long time, and my blood pressure no longer goes up when I think about that day, but, GAHHH!
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In a way, you're all winners. But in another, more accurate way, Sailboat is the winner.
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As someone who is going to have to move sometime soon if someone buys our house, all I can say is that I hope when it's over I DON'T win this thread.
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I have moved twice in my life without ownership of or access to a car. About a block each time.

Next to that, and some of the horrors upthread, the fact that when we were closing on our current house, the lawyers screwed up the paperwork and indicated they might not be able to get it straightened out that day so we could move in and our real estate agent abandoned us for his next client without resolving this, pales in comparison. One incipient tantrum later, though, they were able to fix the paperwork. Imagine that with all of our modern technology they were able to change some numbers and print another copy!
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Remember the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center? Not the one on 9/11, but the one back in the 90s? Well that was my moving day, between two NYC apartments, from the East Village to Chelsea. The movers emptied my old apartment . . . then the terrorists attacked, and all of Manhattan was instantly locked down and gridlocked. All of my belongings were held somewhere, and even the moving company couldn't tell me where (only one mover spoke fluent English, and my Hebrew was a little rusty). So for the next 3 days I lived in my new apartment with my 2 cats and some houseplants.
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Why ChiefScott is Afraid of Toilets.
This is not my story. It's extremely funny if your not ChiefScott. You do not want this Doper's moving experience.
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I moved all by myself once with only one box and a tiny car.

Went to the old place, filled up the box, crammed it into my tiny car and drove it over to the new place and unpacked it...then went back to the new place with the same now empty box... repeat repeat repeat.

Toward the end I stopped unpacking the box and just turned it over on the floor to empty it. When I woke up in the new place the next morning I walked around looking at the piles and thinking yeah, I remember packing that pile, and that one, and that one.
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How much did that cost you in gas?
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Originally Posted by Rilchiam View Post
How much did that cost you in gas?
heh, not enough that I remember stressing about it. But then I was only moving across town, gas was cheaper then, and...tiny car
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Just had to move quickly due to a family emergency*; it is the first time I've ever moved with someone else packing my stuff. Never again. Stuff has been lost, broken, and destroyed, including rare phonograph records, glassware, and antiques. The movers took it upon themselves to dump the contents of entire drawers into random boxes, meaning quite a few bits of paperwork and 100+ year old family photos have been mislaid or damaged (this is infuriating because I sealed up drawers, and asked that they move these small pieces of furniture intact.)

They really took the piss -- I was there for part of the packing and shifting of my stuff, and had to listen to endless insults about my possessions -- 'Why do you have so many books? You don't really read these books. You just have them for decor, don't you?' and 'Why do you have a loom? I bet you don't use it. It's probably just a decoration.'

Inexplicably, they dismantled my good main-work spinning wheel, which cost over $1000 15 years ago -- I do actually use my textile equipment on commissions, and was horrified this afternoon finally to find all of the pieces that they took apart -- unprotected and unwrapped at the bottom of a box, a box also filled with heavy books and several metal guitar stands lying loose. The flier assembly to my wheel is now, of course, severely damaged. Yet in another box, I found a single, empty plastic water bottle, wrapped lovingly in several layers of paper, cradled in a large nest of wrapping paper.

I also did not appreciate their idea of 'joke packing' which meant, for example, that I opened a box of textbooks to find condoms and other items from my bathroom medicine chest scattered across the top layer of books.

These were professional movers, friends of the family as well, who were engaged to move my stuff; I would have packed, but I had literally about 12 hours' notice that they were coming, that is, late the night before. I spent much of that time running around trying to pack up the stuff I knew I would need the most, since I'm teaching a class right now, and trying to put together two conference papers and meet a publishing deadline.

As for the fragile stuff -- I went around and clearly marked what was fragile and antique, and spoke to the headman ahead of time that *I* would shift that stuff in my car, as it was fragile, but by the time I got back to my apartment after work, they had everything packed up, including food. As much as I appreciate how quickly they worked, I'm not happy with how much was destroyed or broken -- if they could pack garbage (literally) with loving care, why on earth were they throwing fragile items at the bottom of heavy boxes? The endless commentary on my stuff also grates.

A close friend of mine noted in another thread here that sometimes the best way to talk to people is to punctuate every syllable with a cock-punch; I think I have an idea for how to tip these particular movers when I see them to pay them.

*My recently widowed mother, who lives alone, had emergency brain surgery a couple weeks ago and is pretty much a recovering invalid for the next few months. The plan was always for me to move in, but her accident and surgery created a certain amount of hurry-up to the original schedule.
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Ms Boods, I think I would be tempted to take out an ad in the local paper about these clowns. I am so sorry this happened to you at this terrible time in your life, and I hope your mom is doing well. I'll keep good thoughts for you (and throw some mental garbage at those "movers.")
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Long story short: While moving from one apartment to another, an ex-roommate decided to:
1. Leave town on extremely short notice
2. Leave behind an entire set of heavy bedroom furniture that she claimed would be picked up by someone she sold it to online. Expected me to obtain the check from the mailbox, call the movers hired by the purchaser, let them in, and clean up after their inevitable mess.
3. Would not answer repeated calls or texts when I discovered that payment for said furniture had not arrived.
4. When friends decided the whole thing was a foolish mess and helped me unload the furniture (to charity), roommate decided to stop payment on a check written for the rent.

All of this after I had had my wisdom teeth removed. I got the email regarding her skipping payment on the check when I was in a conference three hours away. I not only had to pay that, but also a late fee.
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Originally Posted by kayT View Post
Ms Boods, I think I would be tempted to take out an ad in the local paper about these clowns. I am so sorry this happened to you at this terrible time in your life, and I hope your mom is doing well. I'll keep good thoughts for you (and throw some mental garbage at those "movers.")
Cheers for your good wishes -- it's going to be a slow, careful recovery for my mom, and a lot of doctor's visits over the next 5-8 months (her recovery is being aggravated by a pre-existing blood condition; the surgery was to prevent the same thing happening to her that killed Natasha Richardson.) Her biggest concern right now seems to be acquiring a multi-region DVD player so she can raid my collection, which is mostly Region 2 (we're in the States)

My mother sees the owner of this company frequently (or rather she did/will when she's well), and she has been recovering at home, watching me as I unpack. She was just as stunned, as in the past, these guys have been incredibly good and reliable in the past (they helped me to move from another state when I needed quickly to remove my stuff from my ex's house). This time was a drag from start to finish. Or nearly finish; I am still sifting through boxes.

The owner of the company, I have no problem with; it was the two knob-ends he delegated most of the packing to this time -- let's put it this way, I was NOT happy to return to my apartment that afternoon to discover they'd eaten most of the food in my fridge, especially as I'm on a pretty tight budget.

I don't have the heart to tell her that one of the broken records was a 78 which was her favorite record as a dance champ back in the 1940s (she's 81 now) that she'd given me a long time back as I have a Victrola. I'm dreading her asking me to play it for her; fortunately, my partner is on the case on eBay, as I found another copy of it.

The other fun thing is that my birth certificate is God knows where now, as they threw things into boxes willy-nilly, and this state requires a BC, proof of Social security number, and all sorts of paperwork now to renew a driving licence (in the past all you needed was your old driving licence and proof of your new address.) Each new discovery is another cherry on the bun.

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Moving from a house I was renting to the house I bought only a few blocks away.
Hired some movers on a friend's recommendation - 'These guys are the best! And they are cheap!!'
Moving day arrives - no movers. Numerous phone calls to the movers go unanswered.
Panic ensues! Luckily, I had already moved most of the small stuff.

Go to the local pub & recruit acquaintances and stangers for cash to move the heavy stuff - washer/dryer, refrigerator etc.

Never, ever heard from the missing movers!
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When I moved from New Hampshire to St. Louis I hired movers; I didn't have much stuff, but I would have had to rent a truck and I didn't want to tow my car halfway across the country.

My stuff ended up taking three times as long as it should have. The reason is that when the driver got to St. Louis, he tried to call me, but apparently the number on his forms was written sloppily, so he was calling the wrong number; a non-existent number, apparently. After a day, he gave up and went on to his next stop: in Arizona. I didn't get my stuff until he came back.

My thought was, if you've spent a day failing calling a non-working number, wouldn't you think to call the home office and ask "is this number right?" They had my correct number there.

Originally Posted by minlokwat View Post
The new family’s home owner’s insurance wouldn’t cover for whatever lame-ass reason and the couple figured they had no basis for a lawsuit so they had no recourse but to take the hit.
That lame-ass reason is that home owner's insurance doesn't cover flood damage. [/sad voice of experience]
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How to avoid getting "played" by movers.

I am a 15 year veteran of sales in the moving and storage industry. I've seen pretty much ever disaster you might ever imagine including a car-jacked (truck-jacked?) van that ended up with bullet holes through boxes, a couple of van fires, thefts, water valves left on and not discovered for weeks after move out, more thefts, movers holding loads for ransom, movers leaving items by the side of the road and putting a "Free" sign on them, etc. I could go on and on.

There are many great movers and even more scam artists. I've written an e-book .... [title removed] ..... help you navigate mover waters.

[website removed]

You might want to read this, BEFORE you move. Good luck!

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Spam reported.
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We moved eighteen times before I was sixteen. Even as an adult, instead of being wary of moving, I don't mind it too much and tend to have a restless bug. Admittedly, I do move much less. Most of my moves went well, but we moved ourselves each time so far, and the time before the last the only day we could get the UHaul truck it was 97 degrees in the shade. We about died.
Old 06-11-2012, 08:24 AM
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It's truly sad that this helpful advice book would be reported as spam. Every situation described in previous threds could have been prevented with a bit of knowledge. I guess this is a forum more to air complaints than to potentially avoid them.
Old 06-11-2012, 08:27 AM
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Moving yourself is certainly one option, however every year there are thousands of people that hire professional movers. Many times, they are not truly professionl but merely scam artists and criminals intent on one thing...scamming people out of money OR more money than necessary. There are many ways to tell up front if your mover is a scam or legit.
Old 06-11-2012, 08:33 AM
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If you read the terms and conditions when you created your account you would have noted that marketing of products is not permitted, that's why your post was reported as spam. If you instead wanted to participate in the discussions and offer helpful advice directly I believe (although I'm not a mod) you would be welcome.
Old 06-11-2012, 08:36 AM
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Last year we hired movers to pack our things, since we've moved a million times and things are always getting damaged. The moving van was in an accident on the way to our new place. They forgot to call us and tell us. It took two days to get our stuff, in sweltering July with no air conditioning in the new place. A lot of it was damaged from the accident, but a lot of it was also damaged from negligence. What particularly angered me were the rolls of packing tape wrapped around my wood furniture. When the packing tape was removed, the finish was ripped off.

Our next move will be out of state. I'm not even sure what we're going to do. Probably rent a truck like we did to get out here in the first place. It was a PITA but I have to admit it was our best move - even though the truck broke down halfway through and they had to put us up in a hotel overnight, and we had to move all our stuff from the old truck to the new truck...

Yeah, moving sucks.
Old 06-11-2012, 09:09 AM
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Moderator Note

Originally Posted by Moonlitherial View Post
If you read the terms and conditions when you created your account you would have noted that marketing of products is not permitted, that's why your post was reported as spam. If you instead wanted to participate in the discussions and offer helpful advice directly I believe (although I'm not a mod) you would be welcome.
What Moonlitherial says is true, Mover Advice.* We welcome your expertise, but not you showing up hawking your book. If you'd like to help, please do! We would like to learn from your experience. But this thread is old, and reviving it makes it look like you're just selling your book. How about addressing a couple of things raised by other posters, instead?

I'm going to leave this open since others have joined in the discussion.

*A name change might be in order if you'd sincerely like to become a member of the board. We'd like to make you welcome.
Old 06-11-2012, 12:04 PM
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Mighty Joe Young (the 1949 version, not the 1998 one) was very moving.

Poor monkey did NOT deserve the bad things that happened to him, and I choked up some when he
saved all those orphans.
Old 06-11-2012, 01:39 PM
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I've moved about 9 times the past 12 years although not in the past 2 years. I have recurring nightmares involving brown cardboard boxes and back soreness. Ahhhhhhh, I can't talk about it....PTSD lite.
Old 06-11-2012, 05:01 PM
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The situation: my best friend's house is infested with bedbugs. The landlord is not helping to eradicate them.

The complications: In order to make sure we don't track bugs in our clothes, we have to switch clothing as close to out of the house as possible. This is an unheated vestibule off the porch. In February. You have to boil or heat everything to kill the bugs. Also, she saves everything. We found a crimping iron. Really.

Total distance moved: five city blocks.
Time: Twenty five hours.
Verdict: She's still my best friend, but she owes moving favors for the rest of our lives.
Old 06-11-2012, 05:49 PM
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I moved to Florida from Maryland in 1987. The driver called Monday morning to tell me they were delivering that day. They never showed up so I called the company late that afternoon. They told me the driver quit and left the truck in Port St. Lucie. Just left it there. They had to fly a driver in from Chicago (company HQ) to finish the run.

Then when it arrived there were boxes missing. When they finally tracked down and delivered the missing boxes, they had opened and resealed. Items were missing from them. I had a small apartment, not enough to fill the whole truck, and so there were other loads on the same trailer. I think (but never confirmed) they delivered my boxes with another shipment and somebody decided they liked some of my stuff. The company said they weren't responsible, though they made a "goodwill payment" to cover my claimed costs.
Old 08-24-2012, 11:30 AM
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Jeepers, twice in a thread.

Old 08-24-2012, 08:55 PM
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Hubster is retired Army. That should tell you plenty.

And yes, I've got plenty of moving war stories.

We both retired from the State of CA at the end of 2005. We moved from SCal to our property in AZ. And I tell everyone: I'm NEVER moving again. Period.

The ONLY way I'll leave the AZ house is (1) I win the lottery and can walk away with just the clothes on my back, or (2) I'm completely incapacitated, which doesn't bother me because that move would be entirely SOMEBODY ELSE'S problem, or (3) I die.



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