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Old 10-31-2017, 02:51 PM
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Cheap and/or healthy high-calorie foods that save stomach room? / other ways of saving stomach room?

What are some super-compact/dense foods that will give you a lot of calories? I feel like I run out of stomach room while I'm eating. For instance, if I eat 2 servings of oatmeal, then look at the label and see "Well I really want 6 servings in my stomach" but by then I'm full. Even rice or pasta takes up more room than I want.
All I can think of is Grape Nuts cereal. Would that be considered a super high-dense calorie food? What else is like that? And I don't mean something with a ton of fat; you can guzzle oil if you really want condensed calories; I mean something more calorie-balanced (carbs/protein), preferably cheap and/or healthy for you!

Thanks for any help!! :-)

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Wesley Clark Wesley Clark is offline
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I was going to recommend guzzling vegetable oil but you said not to include that.

This isn't exactly what you are asking for, but here is a list of foods with calories per 100 gram serving.

However that is calories per weight, not calories per unit of volume (ml for example).

Saying that, high fat foods are probably your best bet as they are more calorie dense. Also protein tends to suppress appetite (as well as fiber).

Try hamburger patties. Preferably double cheeseburgers and things like that. Healthy? Nope, but cheap and high caloric density.

Peanuts are considered healthy, people who eat them tend to have better health metrics. They also have a lot of calories by volume.
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Whack-a-Mole Whack-a-Mole is offline
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Your most calorie dense foods (apart from oils) will be nuts and seeds as well as nut and seed butters (i.e. peanut butter).

IIRC I read somewhere that butter is very calorie dense as well and a preferred item for people who want to carry the most calories with them for the least weight (e.g. long distance hikers).
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markn+ markn+ is offline
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Randall Munroe recommends butter if you're going to walk up 100 kilometers of stairs carrying your food.

That said, why would anyone want to eat 6 servings of oatmeal in one sitting? Or even two?
Old 10-31-2017, 04:20 PM
manson1972 manson1972 is offline
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Originally Posted by markn+ View Post
That said, why would anyone want to eat 6 servings of oatmeal in one sitting? Or even two?
Yeah, this. I don't understand the OP. "How can I eat more when I'm full?"
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gazpacho gazpacho is offline
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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
Yeah, this. I don't understand the OP. "How can I eat more when I'm full?"
The OP is probably a skinny kid that wants to bulk up. I was a skinny kid who wanted to be bigger at one point. Now as a not quite as skinny as I would like to be adult I have the opposite issue.
Old 10-31-2017, 04:35 PM
Buck Godot Buck Godot is offline
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Or he may do a lot of exercise during the day, say hiking the Appalachian trail.

Nuts and dried fruit is probably a good way to go. A cup of raisins is over 400 calories.
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samclem samclem is online now
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DrCube DrCube is offline
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There's only a few basic kinds of food. Fiber is zero calories. Pure bulk. Water and vitamins are zero calories, too. Protein and carbs are each 4 calories per gram. Fat is 9 calories per gram. If you want to gain weight, you should pile on the fats. Butter, oils, fatty fish, nuts, avocado, peanut butter, bacon, etc. That's how you "save room" in your stomach.

Although, it's definitely not as simple as more mass (or volume) of food in your stomach makes you more full. But anecdotal experience among people trying to gain weight says that eating more fat helps a lot.
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Beckdawrek Beckdawrek is offline
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I was, also gonna say, fatty fish. It is amazing how much calories are in oily fish. Ask the bears during a salmon run, they pack on the weight for hibernation.
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Textual Innuendo Textual Innuendo is offline
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The holy trinity for bulking (ie adding calories that take minimum volume for the resulting weight gain) is:

1. Peanut butter - you can easily fit 1500 calories worth in a single shake (that's half of a standard 16oz jar). For healthier, get the ones that only have peanuts and salt as ingredients.

2. Bacon - add it to or on top of any dish for culinary perfection and more calories. This is less healthy to do all the time, but fits fine if you eat low carb.

3. Cheese - add it to or on top of anything. A good variation is powdered parmesan cheese, where you can easily add hundreds of tasty calories to almost any dish, but there's a staggering variety and breadth of cheeses you can use to complement almost any dish, including dessert. This is more healthy than bacon, but may be less healthy than peanut butter.

A fourth but oft-underrated option is Wolf brand chili - it's ~800 calories per can, and that can is small - add some parmesan cheese or even double up to two cans, and you've got a good 1000 - 1800 calories in one normal sized meal.


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