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  1. Would Old School, long standing Republicans actually vote for Michelle Bachman?
  2. Fake Democrats lose in Wisconsin recall primary
  3. Obama re-election campaign is growing the analytics team
  4. Losing faith in the federal election process
  5. SDMB liberals...who do you want in the next Presidential election?
  6. Does Rick Perry's stance on NY's gay marriage law lead you to like him a little bit more?
  7. Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul: How would they spin post Aug 2?
  8. OK, the debt deal is apparently made. How will it affect 2012?
  9. So how long can the American electorate continue to 'vote the bums out'
  10. Jonathan Sharkey For President?
  11. Contract For The American Dream
  12. Ca ab459
  13. Height and female candidates
  14. What? Not one thread about the GOP debate in Iowa last night?
  15. Iowa Straw Poll results (2012 GOP)
  16. Emergency Notice About Tim Pawlenty
  17. The Rick Perry for President Thread
  18. Pawlenty drops out
  19. President Bachmann.
  20. What's going to be left of the Democratic base by Nov 2012?
  21. Is this real and is it normal? [Ron Paul coverage]
  22. 2012: A Repeat of 2000 & 2004
  23. No corporate donations -- what's the likely outcome?
  24. Which candidate would make the worst president?
  25. Jon Huntsman tweets with regard to evolution and global warming.
  26. Is President Obama giving up?
  27. I'm convinced! Bachmann is insane.
  28. Did a political debate ever decide your vote?
  29. GOP Candidate Chances
  30. What Contributed to Current Female Prominence in GOP
  31. Is the election Obama's to lose? (August 2011)
  32. Republican National Convention delegate count rules?
  33. If H.W. Bush had been reelected in '92
  34. Romney Skips SC Forum; What's His Plan?
  35. Richard Dawkins on Republicans
  36. If Obama has any sense he and his team will watching this hurricane very carefully
  37. Democrats 2012 absent Obama?
  38. I don't know what it is...... but it is not "Democracy" any more
  39. Romney jobs plan: Cut taxes
  40. Educate me on the characters of the Republican candidates
  41. What is wrong with Huntsman?
  42. Which Candidate Would Make the Best President
  43. Herman Cain: Action Hero
  44. I'm calling it: Obama is Jimmy Carter, and he is finished!!!!!!!!!
  45. What is Huntsman up to?
  46. Elizabeth Warren is running for the Senate
  47. How did Turner (R) win Weiner's vacated seat in the NY 9th district?
  48. Sarah Palin smoked weed, did blow and banged Glen Rice
  49. Could/should/will Obama replace Joe Biden as his VP for 2012? If so, who?
  50. Romney wants an Evil VP?
  51. Palin/Rice Innuendo
  52. What would happen if Hillary runs for 2012?
  53. Rebublican use of the term "class warfare"
  54. Mitch Daniels Calls For More Honest Debate
  55. The left's massively dishonest criticism of Obama
  56. Ontario 2011 provincial election
  57. Fallout from Ron Suskind's book "Confidence Men?"
  58. Breaking news: Thaddeus McCotter out!
  59. Rick Perry's Texas Job Miracle
  60. Fallout from Rick Perry's "Debate Performance"
  61. Do you think if Bristol Palin or Meghan McCain went to Wall Street the MSM would cover it?
  62. Putin To Run Again
  63. Divide the federal budget by districts!
  64. Jumping the gun on primary states
  65. The Invisible Primary
  66. How much, if at all, will the primary process hurt the Republican Presidential nominee?
  67. A presidential Candidate So Tone-Deaf That He Leases A Ranch Called Niggerhead?
  68. Somebody please explain why states' would schedule a primary so early and lose their delegates?
  69. The 2016 nominees will be...
  70. Palin's out. Anyone surprised?
  71. If Romney wins the GOP nomination, who will be his running mate?
  72. Swing States
  73. Joe the Plumber running for Congress
  74. Bloomberg Republican debate 10/11/11
  75. Hillary-Obama: a fanciful scenario but the only one that would worry me at this point
  76. Nuclear Option
  77. Latest status on contributions and 2012 campaign of Obama from Organizing America.
  78. Effect of Occupy Wall Street on the 2012 elections?
  79. Did Herman Cain on Meet the Press help or hinder Herman Cain?
  80. Hypothetical: Would Obama throwing Geithner under the bus help or hurt him?
  81. Republican Debate 10/18 thread [edited title]
  82. Ron Paul's Plan
  83. What's wrong with Ron Paul?
  84. Unemployment and the regulation equation
  85. GOP plan - Romney/Cain
  86. Explain Obama's Job Approval Rating to Me
  87. Huntsman's Non Debate Appearance?
  88. Which GOP candidate right now scares democratic strategists the most (for 2012, not their policies)?
  89. Bachmann losing staff in NH
  90. Are there any interesting state ballot measures which could influence the Get out the Vote?
  91. The Dread Governor Rupert?
  92. America's first Celebrity President will be elected in 2016
  93. Perry's flat tax: "Cut, Balance and Grow"
  94. Failed Democrat Pol Sues Critics Over Election Loss
  95. Pat Robertson Criticizes GOP Extremenism
  96. The most bizarre campaign ad EVER!
  97. Most bizarre ad? No. Most AWESOME
  98. Cain's campaign manager kinda seedy
  99. Europe Re-Elects Obama
  100. Do all presidential campaign posters, websites and logos have to be red, white and blue?
  101. electorial votes
  102. Rant: It's over a YEAR until the election...
  103. Cain has a Clarence Thomas problem
  104. Perry the Showman [Rick Perry's speeches and debate performances]
  105. Ohio Issue 2
  106. 2011 New Zealand General Election
  107. Cain: Stupidity/Ignorance OK; Propositioning is Death
  108. Should unions push for divided government rather than democratic majorities
  109. Which supercommittee member is most likely to defect?
  110. Cain: "I am the Koch brothers' brother from another mother!"
  111. Libruls are scared of Herman Cain!
  112. Is Rachel Maddow right about Herman Cain?
  113. Cain and "The Journalistic Code of Ethics"
  114. November 8, 2011 - not a good night for the Right
  115. Why do American Jewish voters favour the Democrats?
  116. Number of Non-Republican Candidates Represented in Your Local Elections
  117. How will the OWS vs. Tea Party lineup affect the 2012 elections?
  118. WaPo calls out Gingrich for his preposterous lie about his Freddie Mac role
  119. I'm conflicted about the "Recall Scott Walker" movement in Wisconsin
  120. Spanish Elections 2011
  121. Orly Taitz resurfaces in New Hampshire
  122. What's so bad about Mitt Romney?
  123. Republican Debate on National Security November 22nd
  124. Egypt's first post-Revolution parliamentary elections Monday 11/28/11
  125. Will you do your job in our American democracy?
  126. Barney Frank not running again
  127. Scott Walker recall takes an unexpected turn.
  128. Mitt Romney-solved.
  129. Election in DR Congo
  130. If all these women are lying, why hasn't Cain filed slander lawsuits against them?
  131. No Invitation for Ron Paul to RJC Forum
  132. The Republican circus just gets more and more hilarious. Obama's re-election to follow.
  133. Cain & why politicians don't admit
  134. If Gingrich & Obama go head to head what is Obama's best strategy?
  135. Some (simple) US election build-up questions...
  136. A Trump debate? Are you shitting me?
  137. New left-populist direction for Obama?
  138. Election ads: What works, what doesn't, and what are some memorable ones?
  139. What does it say about a candidate who calls Obama an "appeaser"?
  140. The elephant in the room: George W. Bush
  141. A Theory of Political Parties (or) The Tail That Wags the Dog
  142. What Would a Republican Cabinet Look Like?
  143. A Trump independent run? A dream come true.
  144. Why the armchair campaign strategy analyzing (instead of) armchair analyzing of political programs?
  145. Who will come in 2nd in the Iowa caucuses?
  146. The 800 pound gorilla in the room: Barack Obama
  147. What is the Republican Platform?
  148. $1.3 trillion Bush deficit forecast to fall over 30% in 2012
  149. Flawed perceptions hamstring real debate and progress
  150. WTF? Huntsman and Gingrich had a foreign policy debate yesterday??
  151. Andrew Sullivan - Ron Paul For The GOP Nomination
  152. A Gingrich and Romney ticket.
  153. Voter ID laws
  154. I think Ron Paul could pull it off
  155. Do you think that we'll have this many debates between Obama and the Republican nominee?
  156. FiveThirtyEight launches their predictions for the primaries/caucuses
  157. Why are we hearing less about prediction markets during this election cycle?
  158. Your Campaign Ad Ideas
  159. The Next Great Right Hope?
  160. Did Pawlenty make a mistake? How about others?
  161. When and how will the Canadian Liberal party get back into power?
  162. Jeb Bush?!?!?!
  163. Why Are Progressives Not Primarying Obama?
  164. Could Iraq become an issue again in 2012?
  165. It's actually rather inspiring, IMP, to see the GOP nom come down to Romney, Paul or Gingrich
  166. SC voter ID law shot down
  167. Doesn't Trump know he's too thin skinned for politics?
  168. Why did Romney have no chance at winning reelection for governor in 2006?
  169. Ben Nelson retiring. Good (I hope)
  170. What is with campaign offices falling apart but the candidate rebounds?
  171. Loyalty oath in Virginia
  172. Rick Perry
  173. Should you run--as a Republican?
  174. The Anti-Romney Parade: Palin, Trump, Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, Paul...Santorum?!
  175. Let's start a PAC!
  176. Yes, Iowa Democrats ARE caucusing....
  177. Some Iowa Questions
  178. Lesser-Known Candidates
  179. What's the skinny on the candidates in the Iowa caucuses?
  180. Iowa Caucuses
  181. Explain How Any GOP Candidate Is More Sincere Than Scott Walker [edited title]
  182. Rick Perry anti-gay ad FAIL.
  183. Michele Bachman halts Presidential campaign
  184. Santorum's wife had an abortion?!?
  185. Santorum doesn't think people should use birth control, even married couples!
  186. How exactly did the NHS devastate the U.K.?
  187. Conservatives don't think they can't win
  188. A Tale of Two Presidential Candidates
  189. The split-screen nature of the 24-hour news cycle and what it means for the 2012 election
  190. How much damage will the Gingrich-Santorum pact do to Mitt Romney?
  191. What if Romney had to drop out?
  192. Do you think Rick Perry could make a comeback?
  193. New Hampshire primary
  194. Republican Debate in NH-1/7
  195. Which Candidates Do You Support
  196. Can the GOP Nomination Go To the Convention?
  197. Scenario: Liberals and the non-GOP Right
  198. Ron Paul, pros/cons?
  199. I think Mitt's going to regret pissing off Gingrich
  200. Is there much chance Obama won't be the next US president?
  201. If Iraq doesn't become an issue again in 2012 then what will become an issue?
  202. Pick the Republican Veep
  203. The conservatives should have drafted Huckabee
  204. Not from the US but WTF kind of candidates are the Republicans really offering up?
  205. Losing candidates
  206. Undecided Voters
  207. What did Mitt do?
  208. Candidates' Tax Plans
  209. I have to admit, this made me chuckle. spreadingromney.com
  210. Which Candidate Are You Most Like?
  211. Taiwan presidential election -- China-friendly incumbent, Chinaphobe challenger
  212. Rand Paul cuts check to Treasury Department
  213. Gingrich attack ad/Romney speaking French [edited title]
  214. Will Ron Paul beat Romney in Virginia?
  215. What if Obama really had turned out to be the POTUS those to his left hoped/expected?
  216. Put a fork in McCain: He's forked
  217. Ron Paul ensures a Romney Win
  218. Campaign logos
  219. Hillary for VP! Plausible? Practical? Positive change?
  220. Bachmann Supports Big Government
  221. Conservatives rally behind Santorum
  222. Huntsman dropping out?
  223. If Politicians Ran On Issues the Internet Cares About (Cracked.com humor break)
  224. Colbert Super PAC vs. Mitt
  225. Another Liberals and the Non-GOP Right Thread
  226. Stephen Colbert - South Carolina Focus Group
  227. Bill Kristol says GOP should kick Ron Paul to the curb
  228. Voter Suppression and the 14th Amendment
  229. Rick Perry creates diplomatic incident.
  230. Romney’s tax returns—just the break the Obama camp was waiting for?
  231. Mitt loses Iowa, Santorum wins; "split decision" says the GOP
  232. Bye Bye Perry. Can't Say I'm Surprised
  233. Why isn't the GOP talking about 'Cash for Clunkers'?
  234. Potentially stupid question: COULD Colbert become President?
  235. Your Presidential Soulmate
  236. Can Gingrich Be Serious?
  237. I hereby tender my candidacy, and initiate my campaign for the Presidency of the United States.
  238. Romney or Gingrich?
  239. Newt will win big in SC today
  240. Fox News Article: "Newt Gingrich's three marriages mean he might make a strong president -- really"
  241. We desparately need a 4th party candidate. Why I'm running against Tripler and why I'll win
  242. Why are congressional districts numbered rather than named?
  243. U.S. Senate elections 2012
  244. U.S. House of Representatives elections 2012
  245. Florida GOP Primary 01/31/2012
  246. State judge orders Pres. Obama to appear 1/26 in person w/ birth cert. to be on Georgia ballot?
  247. Mute Zombie
  248. Will the Tea Party have any influence on the presidential election?
  249. What do national tickets really do in states they're writing off?
  250. Are the 'rules' about citizenship different for Presidents?