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  1. California State Issues -- June 2010
  2. "2010 U.S. Election" forum is now "Elections"
  3. First thread! Will Repubs retake the House? Senate?
  4. Who will run for the 2012 presidency?
  5. Former Florida Republican Party Chairman Arrested
  6. Alabama primaries
  7. The Florida Senate election
  8. Whither Lieberman?
  9. Anyone Have a Sense of What's Happening in NY-23?
  10. Build Your Own 2010 GOP Contract With America!
  11. 6/08 Primary Tuesday Prediction Thread
  12. Less than 30% of voters say they will support their Representatives in the November elections
  13. Political nobody wins SC Democratic US Senate nomination in strangest political upset of the year.
  14. Next Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House
  15. Republican strategy re: oil spill
  16. Will Rand Paul win in Kentucky?
  17. Possible 3rd Candidate in IL Senate race
  18. Karl Rove & other Republicans see a "whupping " in store for the Dems. I just don't see it
  19. How safe is Michele Bachmann's seat?
  20. Boehner wants to raise retirement age to fund the wars. Um...?
  21. Do state platforms generally have any real effect on elections?
  22. MD-Gov: the O'Malley-Ehrlich Rematch - a *seemingly* easy comparison
  23. The Florida gubernatorial election
  24. Arizona Governor Race 2010
  25. Let's Sabotage Candidates Who Take Oil Money :mad:
  26. California Prop 19: the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010
  27. Republicans vs. Tea Party 1st shot fired in Colorado
  28. Voter fraud and tampering
  29. What percentage, DeMint vs. Greene?
  30. Your Endorsements 2010
  31. Nevada Senate 2010: Reid vs. Angle
  32. Missouri Prop C: Health Care Freedom Act
  33. republican nominee for gov MN, 2 DWIs
  34. Public Service Announcement - How To Deal With Campaign Workers
  35. What will be the real difference in Congress after Jan 2011?
  36. Will the Prop 8 ruling help or hinder the Democrats in the midterm elections?
  37. Arizona Representative race feat. Ben Quayle
  38. Florida Attorney General election
  39. NH Primary September 14th. This is stupid, right?
  40. Mass-transit referendum in Hillsborough County (Tampa), Florida
  41. Anti-gerrymandering measures on Florida ballot
  42. Florida ballot measure would require voter approval of any change to local land-use plans
  43. Alaska Senate race
  44. Is Jan Brewer an alcoholic?
  45. I'm Dying
  46. Obama ought to do a Truman
  47. Have the town hellers been out this summer?
  48. Republicans convince homeless people to run for office on the Green Party ticket in AZ
  49. Chicago Mayor-for-life Daley Announces Retirement
  50. Wherefore & whither the GOP? (Sept 2010)
  51. How many democrats would need to be in the congress and senate for them to wield power?
  52. Odonnell beats Castle in Delaware
  53. So, what's the deal with political conventions and Panama Hats?
  54. WV Senate Race
  55. The Tea Party movement's overall effect on the 2010 midterms
  56. Whitman against Brown in California
  57. Pledge to America
  58. Meg's ebay.
  59. Karl Rove is building a "shadow Republican Party" to beat the Dems -- and the Tea Party?
  60. Is it possible I've missed out on this Palin person?
  61. A question for those who lean left...
  62. Prop 19 (marijuana) debate. The stupid, it burns.
  63. How far could a pol get embracing anti-vaccination positions?
  64. How will the BP oil spill affect the midterms?
  65. Would you call Carl Paladino's [statement] to a reporter a death threat?
  66. Is there going to be any voter suppression/intimidation in the 2010 midterms?
  67. Connecticut election
  68. Oh, why not? - Missouri 2010
  69. Whence the Tea Party...
  70. Duke Aiona
  71. Just when I thought nothing was happening in Montana...
  72. Scenarios for the next election and beyond
  73. BADvertising
  74. Did [NY Gov. candidate Carl Paladino] ever answer the NPR interviewer's questions?
  75. Quantifying the Stupid: Polls that make you go "Wha?"
  76. 'POP' Goes Art Robinson (Maddow 10/07)
  77. Meg Whitman is a whore?
  78. I just watched a Sharron Angle tv advertisement. Debunk this?
  79. Navigating election time (U.S.)
  80. Washington State elections 2010
  81. Amusing v Alarming
  82. Upcoming Elections Questions
  83. California Propositions- how are you voting, Dopers?
  84. Hidden election of 2010
  85. Berniero vs Snyder for Michigan Governor.
  86. Congressional candidate Stephen Broden (TX-R) says revolution "on the table" if GOP loses
  87. VA-8 Moran gets unfairly dinged
  88. My predictions for next Tuesday (Wisconsin specific)
  89. Another one running in Minnesota
  90. Pigs fly, People throw snowballs in Hell -- Ben Stein criticizes Joe Miller
  91. Have the Republicans Set Themselves Up?
  92. How do you decide who to vote for?
  93. Running against Pelosi
  94. If the GOP wins the House, how long before they start Impeachment against Obama?
  95. To my California friends [Prop. 19]
  96. Which elections this year will be decided in the courts?
  97. possible incoming lame duck senators?
  98. I'm voting right now!
  99. The current batch of campaign ads
  100. Pennsylvanians: Who do you favor for Governor?
  101. Looking for an ad...
  102. McDonald's endorses the Ohio GOP slate
  103. Unseating Judges who Legalized SSM in Iowa
  104. Does this campaign ad suggest Obama is smoking?
  105. Why do teabaggers think liberals are fearful?
  106. looking for Online "Television" Coverage on Election Night
  107. Why don't the polls open earlier?
  108. What About A Caller-ID Gap?
  109. Weirdest ballot issue. Anybody? Anybody else?
  110. Post your eday 2010 predictions here! Now! Hop to it!
  111. It's all funny 'cuz it's true! 6 vote swayers
  112. Did you vote? Was it busy?
  113. What's Going to Change?
  114. Did anyone check your ID when voting?
  115. HOW did you vote today?
  116. Election Results
  117. New election poll thread in IMHO
  118. Election Night Coverage
  119. Republican Congress
  120. So, Clearly, the Democrats Are Dead
  121. How did the Tea Party do?
  122. Blue Dog Caucus cut in half
  123. How many senate races did the tea party cost/win the GOP
  124. Under what circumstances will there be a runoff in Alaska?
  125. Will Allen West and Tim Scott join the Congressional Black Caucus?
  126. Emergence of New Centre-Right Wing?
  127. From 2009L "This could marginalize the right for a generation, if not longer"
  128. Republicans Face a Choice In How to Oppose
  129. Western Dopers: Factual analysis of election results for California Senate & Gov races?
  130. Mastermind and funder of the town hall riots is now Florida's governor
  131. 2012 U.S. Election
  132. Lonesome Polecat list true/false rating
  133. Instant Runoff / Ranked Choice - Are people too stupid to understand this?
  134. Nebraska Senate race 2012
  135. Has a write in Candidate Ever Won a Major Election?
  136. One year from now the economy is fully recovered
  137. Is This the Dumbest New Congressmember?
  138. How did the 2010 election affect politics in individual states?
  139. Republicans unhappy with Michael Steele's race
  140. Illinois Appeals Court Says Rahm Emanuel Not Eligble for Mayor
  141. Review of 2010 California Gubernatorial Election at Berkeley
  142. Voter Responsibilities
  143. Wall Street Journal highlights Paul Ryan.
  144. Charlotte to host 2012 DNC
  145. Bill O'Reilly's pre-Superbowl interview with President Obama
  146. Guess Who Has Barack Obama Quaking in His Boots?
  147. Paul/Pawlenty 2012?
  148. Two observations about Egypt
  149. Donald Trump for President?
  150. Handicapping the 2012 GOP presidential nomination
  151. So what if the country goes bankrupt?
  152. Tampa, Florida, Mayoral Election 03/01/11
  153. Similarities between 2012 and 2004 primaries
  154. I'll bet Obama gets reelected
  155. So, anyone following the Irish General Election?
  156. Is Congressman David Wu cracking up?
  157. OK, I'll play. MY election.
  158. UK Referendum on 5th May
  159. So how will the Wisconsin results affect 2012?
  160. Alaskan crooks update
  161. The Canadian Election Thread. (Or maybe not...)
  162. Does Haley Barbour have a serious chance of becoming president?
  163. Tomorrow's NSW state election (26 March) - any predictions?
  164. First major party gay candidate for president
  165. How many of the Republican putatives are laying down markers for 2016?
  166. Bellweather Wisconsin Supreme Court election on Tuesday
  167. Obama announces candidacy
  168. Wasserman Shultz new leader of DNC
  169. Pick a president, any president!
  170. If Nancy Pelosi was still the Speaker...
  171. Will the democrats hold the senate after 2012
  172. Nationalists Make Surprising Gains in Finnish Elections
  173. Anyone who voted for Obama in '08 not voting for him in '12?
  174. 2011 Nigerian Presidential Election
  175. Based on these political positions, would you call me a conservative, a liberal, or something else?
  176. Sarah P., Michelle B. and their suicide pact
  177. Will Trump apologize?
  178. Where Does the Money Go?
  179. Could Mitch Daniels appeal to broader GOP?
  180. Why isn't Immigration a plank of the US Democratic Party?
  181. Any other Canadopers left off the voting list?
  182. Could Gary Johnson appeal to broader GOP?
  183. Smacking down the "Dems weak on defense" meme
  184. Does Gingrich scare you?
  185. First debate of the 2012 presidential campaign tonight
  186. The Scottish Parliament Election
  187. Give up, Pubbies, and Change the Game...
  188. Progressive Plan for the 2012 Election
  189. Northern Ireland Assembly elections May 2011
  190. New Pew Political Typology Released
  191. Newt Gingrich to run for president - has he got a snowball's chance?
  192. aw! poor wittle Donald had his feelings hurt by those mean jokes [Trump out of 2012 race]
  193. The Huckster's out!
  194. How will "super PACs" and corporate cash in general affect 2012?
  195. Palin says she has "Fire In the Belly." Is it just gas?
  196. Will the Ryan Plan be the GOP's Achilles heel in 2012?
  197. Hochul
  198. The Israel controversy (?) and '12...
  199. NY-26. Will the teaparty kill the GOP?
  200. Something I wonder, re: '12 Presidential election and economic numbers...
  201. Who the hell is Gary Johnson?
  202. Whither Kucinich?
  203. Is Cain's popularity because of his low name recognition?
  204. Rick Perry to jump into the race?
  205. 2012 French Presidential Election
  206. How will quitting as governor affect Palin's chances.
  207. Is Mitt the new Hillary?
  208. Will we see another serious Presidential candidacy from a Vice President anytime soon?
  209. Ed Rollins, Bachmann strategist slams Palin
  210. Pawlenty: If you can Google it, cut it.
  211. Romney beating Obama in one poll...
  212. Gingrich, We Hardly Knew Ye. . .
  213. McCotter gets rough on Romney in Mich
  214. Trump hints at 3rd party run
  215. Alec Baldwin for Mayor of NYC....really?
  216. Palin e-mails released
  217. Assuming Palin runs, how likely is it that she could win?
  218. The Koch Oil Speculation Kingdom
  219. Paths to the White House
  220. Florida's Unpopular Governor could hurt GOP in 2012
  221. Bachmann announces she's running
  222. Obama sees handwriting on the wall
  223. Huntsman to formally enter race.
  224. What is the possibility of a Romney-Bachmann ticket?
  225. Why is private sector experience so trumpeted by the GOP?
  226. Mitt Romney is Unemployed and Needs your Vote!
  227. Can ANY poll tell us ANYTHING about '12 at this point?
  228. Who could challenge Obama in the Dem primaries?
  229. Purple states
  230. Senate Elections
  231. Thaddeus McCotter for President!
  232. Electoral College- time to get rid of it?
  233. Petraeus 2016!
  234. Gary Johnson on Legalizing Marijuana
  235. In Recent Cycles, What's the Latest Someone's Entered the Nomination Race and Strongly Contended?
  236. Summarize Complex Political Issues in 10 Words or Less
  237. If the GOP could roll back the New Deal or Great Society
  238. 2012 Elections: Deadline to Run?
  239. Unemployment and the President's re-election chances
  240. Will Sarah Palin try to get nominated from the floor of the RNC?
  241. Why would Obama want a second term, anyway?
  242. The Legacy of 2008?
  243. Obama will not have a Lewinsky scandal
  244. Signing Pledges
  245. Even if you're Obama fan, don't you wonder WTH he's thinking sometimes? (Social Security checks)
  246. October 2012 Campaign Slogans
  247. Herman Cain
  248. Is Bachman 1) an Anti-Catholic or 2) a Godless Heathen?
  249. I'm calling it: Romney will be the nominee
  250. "The One"

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