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  1. How concerned are you about this Coronavirus?
  2. Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Thread - Breaking News
  3. Do people who have 'recovered' from the coronavirus still show residual health problems?
  4. surgical masks and disease transmission
  5. What chronic conditions increases risks to die from Corona virus ?
  6. Just wearing gloves as a protection against viruses?
  7. Why did SARS not spread to the same extent as COVID -19?
  8. Coronavirus, pneumonia and pneumonia vaccines
  9. Self-Quarantining
  10. Another Coronavirus Thread
  11. Is the US doing enough to slow the spread of Covid-19? (public health)
  12. Why stock up on bottled water?
  13. When in history would we have been able to figure out the novel coronavirus was a big problem?
  14. Unanticipated aspects of a pandemic
  15. Is it possible to make a completely reusable N95 mask?
  16. Coronavirus--I don't get it.[hoarding toilet paper]
  17. How accurate is the Coronavirus test?
  18. what to do to protect from corona
  19. Quarantine Question
  20. What do they call this corona virus in Mandarin? Cantonese?
  21. What is the holdup with test kits in the USA?
  22. In the wake of a pandemic could Americans be forced to get a vaccine?
  23. So now my neighborhood has an enforced quarantine
  24. Coronavirus - what do YOU intend to do differently?
  25. How should the NCAA be handling the the basketball tournament and the coronavirus?
  26. Went to Costco This Morning. Was a Little Bit Scary.
  27. Musicians, Movie and Tv Celebrities with Coronavirus. Discussion
  28. Any data/analyses on where US is on Covid-19 measures relative to Italy at similar point on curve?
  29. How are you personally affected by the Corona Virus?
  30. Won't corona virus be with us forever?
  31. Yet another COVID-19 question
  32. who wins when the pandemic bonds are triggered?
  33. Coronavirus Having a Negative Impact on Blood Donations
  34. Corona Virus vaccine?
  35. COVID-19 closures, postponements and cancellation
  36. Symptoms of COVID-19
  37. Should I postpone/cancel my upcoming annual physical?
  38. anybody flying this week? are the airports / airplanes deserted?
  39. How do I counter the the flu v COVID-19 argument?
  40. Coronavirus is going to make Americans EVEN MORE LONELY
  41. Stupid question about washing hands
  42. How do we tell if social distancing is working?
  43. Probability of a global depression happening
  44. How many people do you personally know who have (definitely) tested positive for COVID-19?
  45. How concerned should I be about eating fast food in the covid-19 pandemic?
  46. Got to wondering so I Googled, of course gun and ammo sales are way up because of Covid-19
  47. COVID19 - what is different and what is not yet understood compared to typical flue viruses ?
  48. We’ve been misled about the name of this pandemic causing virus
  49. proposal to minimize economic impact of pandemics
  50. Do sunshine and fresh air kill viruses?
  51. virus-infected currency
  52. COVID-19 3/15/2020: The President calls for National Day of Prayer
  53. 60 Minutes Australia report on COVID-19
  54. COVID-19: What actually IS happening in Italy and WHY?
  55. Probability of coronavirus spreading if exposed in different ways
  56. Anyone here willing to admit to hoarding turlet paper or hand sanitizer?
  57. Entertaining yourself while staying inside- recommendations?
  58. Coronavirus in North Korea
  59. US national lockdown coming...as early as Tuesday
  60. The South Korean and German death rate is quite low. Why is this happening?
  61. Poll: Are you working from home due to Coronavirus?
  62. Is sanitizing the best way to prevent a contagious disease?
  63. Why isn't my "home brew" hand sanitizer working "properly?"
  64. Is handling of animals driven by demand for meat the main reason for pandemics?
  65. How do asymptomatic people spread the virus so quickly?
  66. Looking for a chart of COV-19 Endurance Based on Time vs Temperature
  67. COVID-19 response in Trump’s own word's
  68. Howard Schultz or Michael Bloomberg would be good for this national crisis
  69. Any good news re: COVID-19?
  70. National pandemics: no federal plan?
  71. Coronavirus Information, Maps, Trackers
  72. Should I completely avoid visiting my elderly parents for the next few months
  73. Any sort of test to detect if someone got caught COVID-19 in his life?
  74. Dealing with pandemics at different stages of the life-cycle
  75. Medicines to protect from Covid-19
  76. Trump set to propose $850 billion CV response
  77. That Damned Virus - your most inspired panic buys?
  78. Do seniors have to wait for the Coronavirus vaccine to be developed before leaving their homes?
  79. And here we are.
  80. Playground equipment - avoid?
  81. How’s things where you are?
  82. Anyone else questioning the extent of "social isolation"?
  83. Who are the people that are actually dying from COVID 19 in the United States?
  84. Forum Rules
  85. Coronavirus alerts: How to get news updates on your phone right now
  86. Instead of payroll tax cut, Trump now plans to send checks directly to Americans, soon
  87. Who has been tested?
  88. Interesting paper- mitigation vs. suppression & social distancing
  89. Are Suicides on the Rise?
  90. Are you going to have food delivered?
  91. So... How does it feel, living in a Stephen King novel?
  92. You can't call it Quarantine unless...
  93. Constitutionality of bans of > 10 person gatherings
  94. Closures and cancellations: conditions necessary to end these?
  95. Wuhan temporary hospitals closing - supposedly
  96. The U.S. military's possible role in responding to the pandemic
  97. Asymptomatic infections driving the spread of COVID-19
  98. How would the Corona epidemic been handled before the rise of the Internet?
  99. How does the government get cash to deserving people and businesses amid the corona virus?
  100. Why was SARS I (2002-2003 outbreak) deadlier (higher case fatality rate) than SARS-CoV-2?
  101. CV can "persist in air for hours"?!?
  102. Epidemic v. Pandemic.
  103. Working from home, for the first time.
  104. Who will prosper from the Crash of 2020?
  105. Could a U.S. state decide to close its borders to try to halt Covid-19?
  106. 475 dead in a day, WTF is happening in Italy? COVID19 pandemic.
  107. How long/much of a lockdown will people tolerate?
  108. A second-hand medical account
  109. Doubling rate by state?
  110. NFL to Offer Free Access to its All Access Service
  111. Work from home????
  112. Trump Administration contingency plan for Corona Virus lasts eighteen months or more.
  113. COVID-19/work/FMLA
  114. New Yorker omits "Goings on About Town"
  115. Flattening the curve, and now what?
  116. How safe to fly from Colombia to United States right now?
  117. What is the current state of domestic air travel? (Fact-based answers, please)
  118. Movies about self quarantine or social distancing? intentional and un-
  119. Is there any evidence that unvaccinated people are more susceptible to Covid-19?
  120. COVID-19 vs 2009 Swine Flu Reaction
  121. Will grocery stores become delivery/carry out only as the virus gets worse
  122. Only in Arkansas. :)
  123. Straight dope on Chloroquine and Hydrochloroquine
  124. Coin a Covid-19 term
  125. Quarantine-- How long?
  126. Coronavirus parody of My Sharona
  127. Strategies for easing panic
  128. Open Source Ventilators?
  129. National scale pharmaceutical manufacturing of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine - possible? How long?
  130. This is going to bankrupt every major Landlord in the Country.
  131. When the first inoculations for Covid-19 to cure or prevent the virus in 2021 will you be first?
  132. CDC impersonators scamming
  133. Maintaining 6-Foot Distance in Public - Tips and Experiences
  134. Effects on rural areas?
  135. Movie Stars are Getting Tested Hysteria.
  136. Mayor of Los Angeles Projects 56% infection
  137. Ladies, fess up!! Silly TP crisis, so how many square do you use?
  138. Shingrix vaccine and current Corona Virus
  139. What about student loans?
  140. Which "non-essential" businesses are actually essential?
  141. PA closures: what about insurance?
  142. What happens if you get influenza and SARS-CoV-2 simultatenously?
  143. Bailout of Cruise Lines?
  144. Are you able to sew surgical masks?
  145. Long-term effect of COVID-19 on retail/restaurants
  146. Congress Critters who sold their stocks
  147. What will things be like in 6 mos? 12 mos?
  148. Food (etc) shortages: will they last?
  149. Mother just turned into an anti-vaxxer, literally in minutes
  150. Is there any way to predict how much this coronavirus outbreak will cost the economy overall

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