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  1. Cnn
  2. Neighborhood pet sodomized
  3. I pit my government's hold music.
  4. MLK FRIED CHICKEN PARTY! Oh, wait... so that's not ok?
  5. Texas Leads Fight Against Racism
  6. Oh, Jesus H... Cruise?!?
  7. 29 Year Old Man Passes as 12 Year Old
  8. If a GD Religion Thread Were Not Hijacked, What Would It Be Like?
  9. God Hates Fags - the song
  10. Rush Limbaugh calling Obama a "Halfrican American." WTF?
  11. Happy Wanderer, what the hell is wrong with you?
  12. Suck On It! You Region Encoding DRM Lovin' Bastids!
  13. Blockbuster I hate thee. FUCK YOU!
  14. What in the blue fuck will it take?!
  15. Ga Teens kill puppy in oven
  16. 'Embolden' (weak)
  17. Toby Kieth Ensuckens Dead Gay Donkey Balls
  18. A Rare "Double Quadruple Fuckwit" goes to the deBruyn family of North Bonneville, WA
  19. Just got in an email fight with my mom
  20. Giraffe - drive by shitter.
  21. My husband's bandmate can suck a bag of dicks!
  22. Set a fire in a dorm, kill three people, get five years in prison
  23. I pit "criticizing the Plan without giving it a chance to work"
  24. Just once I'd like a Craig's List deal to go as agreed
  25. Would like an administrator to clarify two moderator warnings
  26. Molly Ivins Is Very Sick
  27. PETA - You've gone too far, again and again. This Environmentalist says FUCK YOU!
  28. Is FDRE evil?
  29. Here comes the next phony John Kerry "outrage."
  30. Embolden the Enemy
  31. Republican Fiscal Conservatism
  32. I'm sorry I called you a bitch.
  33. Women = Birthgiving-machines?
  34. Shaws Manager you are a tool!
  35. Fun and Games with Bipolar Disorder
  36. I pit women who can get pregnant without even trying...
  37. Struggling NFL Valiantly Holds Onto TV Viewers
  38. Religious fundamentalism threatens children in Britain
  39. Bush: There is No "Plan B"
  40. So remember my Missing Coworker? She got paid.
  41. I pit a lowly, yet exceedingly annoying, word
  42. Damn eBay!
  43. The Nebraska Department of Revenue E-File/Telefile System Is Worthless
  44. A maximum penalty of one year for plowing into a car and causing a death? HUH???
  45. Truck runs over cyclists, no charges filed
  46. Fleet's Phosphosoda (TMI)
  47. Rape victim arrested, refused morning-after pill
  48. I love it when updates make it LESS usable! (Mild Google rant)
  49. Piss Off! We're not having that here.
  50. Stupid people and HDTVs
  51. Single Moms Just Can't Win... A Rant
  52. The President can rule by decree. WTF???
  53. Way to keep the Evil Empire Alive
  54. Fuck you and your assumption of marital privilege!
  55. Aqua Teen "hoax" in Boston
  56. Ain't that a shame - Pat Boone on evolution
  57. CSI: Turn the Fucking Lights On!
  58. Jaded blue-collar coffee anti-elitism rears its ugly head
  59. My friends who are late for lunch dates
  60. Bite me, Quicken
  61. I pit the City of Berkeley, CA
  62. Drown your kids, do 10 years.
  63. More Proof That Shrub's "Surge" is a DAMNED Shitty Idea
  64. The President walks into a bar...
  65. Caretaker abuses mentally disabled men
  66. Samclem - why was the "How many US Presidents have killed someone" thread locked
  67. Battery Suckage
  68. Thank God It's Tiny Rants
  69. Pedophiles, Ephebophiles and Just Creeps: Let's Go Over it one more time...
  70. Is it intellectually honest to cite one's own (inconclusive) threads as evidence?
  71. Wow, that's mighty sexist of you, Borders.
  72. Rush Limbaugh nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  73. Would You Borrow Money From Someone Who Can't Stand Still?
  74. Is President Bush irredeemable?
  75. To the two crotch rocketeers
  76. What the FUCK is with these zits ???
  77. gmail: what the fuck?!
  78. Hey tomndebb, did you delete a post?
  79. Cloudy Day Advisory
  80. Minor Pitting.. Ghost Hunters on Dis. and other misplaced shows
  81. Aserrann the Asshole.
  82. Bears Fans
  83. Apparently it's possible to sexually abuse yourself
  84. Bush plan cuts off funding for Iraq war
  85. The Right Wing Daily Show Is Coming!
  86. Its morning, yet I'm pitting Dunkin Donuts. (I must be pissed)
  87. Those poor little dears at the GOP can't handle much, can they?
  88. I'm sorry, but this is unspeakably dumb...
  89. Robins and Bluejays
  90. Aurora CO city councilman, Bob FitzGerald.. Come On Down...
  91. Rolleye smilies in GD
  92. How to orchestrate a war in three easy steps
  93. I hate the stupid blue flashy thing.
  94. "Athiests Need to Just Shut Up"
  95. I pit the Coca-Cola company
  96. Miss your P/T conference...get charged with a crime
  97. Yet another Super Bowl ad provokes outrage. "meh" at 11
  98. "Call me Elizabeth T./Cause there's no more Dick for me!" Ted Haggard straight again
  99. 343 Tons of $100 Bills
  100. Bush, I pray for an end to your cuntdom!
  101. One of My Coworkers Was Murdered
  102. Some Proof that a BJU "Education" isn't Worth Much
  103. DSeid, you are a heartless bastard!
  104. Fess up like a grown up, you coward!
  105. I Pit the Pampered Chef Party I went to.
  106. How hard is the concept "Emergency Exit"?
  107. Damn my sore throat
  108. Thank you, Dopers and (eventually) Pitters!
  109. I pit racism in Milwaukee and Mr. Eugene Kane for empowering it.
  110. Ad hominem arugments work!
  111. I am so fucknig sick of "scare tactic" news reports
  112. Elie Wiesel attacked in San Francisco
  113. Hey, Smoke Detector, Detect This!
  114. It's like working in a Dilbert cartoon!
  115. Goddamn it, how do I know you're not dead if you don't call?
  116. I Pit Parade Magazine Feb. 11th & Walter Scott's Personality Parade column
  117. The IRS website sucks donkey balls through a straw!
  118. Who's been pissing on the seats in the High-Rent Highrises of our nations cities?
  119. Refugee judge: You're not gay, you weren't banging guys at age 14
  120. To the customer who made me cry today
  121. 10 days straight, no thanks just complaints
  122. Obama not black enough! I'm sick of it!
  123. Fuck you Safeway checker!
  124. Why on earth must you piss on the toilet seat?
  125. Um...yikes? Pack of pre-teen girls assault woman in Target
  126. I pit contentless threads!!!!!
  127. John McCain has officially jumped the shark.
  128. Health-Class "Exercise": Share Chewed Gum
  129. WTF is 14 k of g in a f p d ?
  130. Australian PM Howard: Obama, Democrats help terrorists
  131. "Athiests Need to Just Shut Up", part II
  132. Retail Workers - How to give change
  133. I agree with al Qaeda....
  134. Leave me alone, Rachel Ray
  135. Note to Democrats
  136. I just realized that I work for a bunch of fucking *MORONS*.....
  137. What is your attitude towards military enlistees
  138. Der Trihs, a moment of your time, if you would.
  139. More on the Right Wing Daily show (commercial, specifically)
  140. Samclem, come on down!
  141. No Libby, Libby, Libby on the stand.
  142. LinkedIn can bite my firm yet supple white ass.
  143. A President Bush Rant
  144. I pit Bank of America
  145. Yet Another Gripe About Merchants and Addressing
  146. I pit myself and the fucking Post Office
  147. The guy that wandered into my apartment some time ago
  148. Women who bring stuffed animals to work
  149. What? No Valentine's Day Pitting?
  150. Shut up, yhou stupid fucking chimp!
  151. 2 year old raped and murdered
  152. Don't you know? The Jews invented evolution...
  153. Minor rant: DMV employee
  154. A posthumous "fuck you" to Tower Records, and a dirty look at Rhino while I'm at it
  155. So, how many of you dolts don't know about the PNAC...
  156. Pitting the Pit
  157. Verizon Wireless and Mobile Messenger
  158. Our employees love us
  159. Clinical Trials, where the good stuff is
  160. The charming combination of creationism and anti-semitism in the Georgia legislature
  161. Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night...sorta.
  162. Ow Fucking Paper Cuts Ow Fuck Ow Ow Ow Fuck
  163. Republican state representatives come out against Copernicus
  164. Pointless Ranting About Driving
  165. United Parcel Service can die
  166. Well, that sequel to the Pelosi Plane attack crashed and burned at take off.
  167. Fellow Dopers, A Word if I May
  168. Wells Fargo Bank - We Don't Care
  169. No Problem
  170. Windows Vista - From Whiny 2-year-old to Snotty Teenager
  171. Clear the fucking SNOW off your car!!!
  172. There are so many Bush Bashings, I hesitate to add more . . .
  173. A pitting of Liberal and the Mods that let it happen.
  174. Attempted Vehicular Homicide - What Fun!!!
  175. I semi-pit the Animation Show.
  176. A few people we fucking hate, personally.
  177. Soldiers who properly execute their duties are not murderers.
  178. "Seasonal" and "In Stock" apparently don't mean what I think they mean
  179. Goddamn it, C B S!
  180. I pit my Mom for attending when I asked her not too...
  181. The Pitting of My Graduate Assistanceship
  182. And the most useless officer in the entire British Army is....
  183. Surely there's a more sensible way to do this???
  184. My bank is getting me down on the whole money thing.
  185. Gastro Alert!!
  186. Oh, that's a great solution, Jet Blue!
  187. Indiana License Plates
  188. I Pit the Primates
  189. CNN, a word to you on Brittney and Anna
  190. godDAMN, Macs are EXPENSIVE!!!
  191. Dogs are not accessories
  192. My business law professor's tests
  193. I pit the rude audience members who left our performance to watch the fireworks
  194. NOW you'll give me the pills?!?!
  195. My roommate's cat escaped
  196. David Stewart Found Not Guilty (Accused of the McDonald's Strip Search Con)
  197. Well, found those WMDs after all...
  198. I pit the whole Iraq mess but most of all I pit these bastards
  199. Draft Dodgers?
  200. Harboring Terrorists: BFD, Apparently
  201. Mike Shelton: Conservative, Editorial Cartoonist, FUCKHEAD!!!!
  202. "Reimbursement for expenses incurred"
  203. American Military Scum Killer Deserves to Die
  204. Ignorant Tits who don't live up to their obligations
  205. "Canonical"
  206. Overused sayings that annoy me
  207. US Rep Michell Bachman (R-MN)...Batshit Crazy.
  208. To Liberal: I'm not pitting you.. I'm just confused
  209. Gun Nuts Attack Gun Nut
  210. Dear Sylvania: Your Bug Lights Don't Work
  211. Memo to the Entire World: Cover Your Ass Crack When Curling.
  212. Good night, Auto. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely fire you in the morning
  213. GAH! "Breaks" do NOT stop a train!
  214. I don't know whether to laugh or cry [sorority evictions]
  215. Sarasota Suburban Extended Stay should fucking be torn down! (but Orbitz rocks!!)
  216. Fucking Futurecar on the Discovery Channel.
  217. revelation is the word you're looking for, idiots
  218. Dark red blood.
  219. I want to throw up [homeopathy]
  220. Why was Strunk banned?
  221. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... pitting the misuse of "skepticism"
  222. Fuck this day with a big rubber dick
  223. Could According to Pliny come back if he apologizes...
  224. "I Hate": a Rant about Everything.
  225. A note on the (now closed) thread
  226. WTF Amazon?
  227. Dumbass morons on Datelines' "To Catch a Predator"
  228. take your broad brush and shove it (a defense of Greek Life)
  229. Exurbs & the Destruction of Rural America
  230. What the hell is there no choice between extremely pretentious or very white-bread?
  231. Idiocracy, It is closer than you think
  232. Kenneth Eng hates everyone!
  233. Think the Dems have the 2008 election locked up?
  234. Two reasons to hate Paypal
  235. Pitting Prickly City, not for being slanted, but for being just plain dumb
  236. McCain says soldiers lives "wasted", and is vilified for it
  237. Quitting smoking sucks donkey balls
  238. Just cause I would kill a pet to save a human doesnt make me Hitler!
  239. Having large families when you can't afford them
  240. Transgendered people lack integrity and cannot be trusted....
  241. Al Gore: Your carbon credit plan is a pyramid scheme.
  242. The whole human race - if it's our extinction or theirs, I'd rather it be ours
  243. creeps with no pride, leave me alone
  244. Lunar Eclipse Expected
  245. PM of Japan is a war-crime denier
  246. Fuck You, you paranoid selfish useless burned out co-worker from 3,100 miles away !!
  247. I object to the fucking announcement at the top of the fucking BBQ Pit board.
  248. Coulter Calls Edwards a Faggot
  249. I pit my parents.
  250. Oh, no! A Mormon...and then...Gasp!...a Catholic!