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  1. Dufus Fraud Pimpster
  2. I pit the republican party for incredibly hypocrisy regarding taxes
  3. The Dictatorial Scum of who wail for Qadafi
  4. My entire goddam family, come on down!
  5. Free Shit!!!
  6. POTUS Promotes Lead Poisening?
  7. Why is it when a man asks for romantic advice, people get so snarky?
  8. USA medical "care" sucks!
  9. I pit the woman who threw her baby off a 4 story parking structure!!
  10. brazil84: preening, sexist, self-imortant, gynophobic douche
  11. JamieMcGarry - Wheel yourself on down here
  12. No men alone with that child, says Texas judge
  13. I Pit GARMIN!
  14. Obama campaign harvests emails and symbolically screws a blue elephant with a red wand
  15. Just when you think that people are decent...
  16. Not hiring teachers... bullshit!
  17. Is it a Sam Stone economic prediction? Then it's guaranteed to be wrong.
  18. THIS is how you protest an illegally parked car
  19. Commercials before online videos are out of control and other things
  20. Hey, "Crazy Eyes" Michelle, now are you starting to get it?
  21. Obama admits regulations bad for business
  22. Thanks a lot, 'Drum Line.'
  23. Trying to find my way-building and street numbers
  24. Cmon Euros...isn't Greece done yet?
  25. How can people live like this!?
  26. Fed up with Teacher Hate and Disrespect in this Country
  27. Bill-O tries to sic cops on wife's alleged boyfriend
  28. Fuck you, Japanese Steakhouse!!
  29. American Capitalism at its finest (Hershey walkout)
  30. Were there fish in the Ark?
  31. Bank of America fascists
  32. pseudotriton ruber ruber: ignorant and intellectually dishonest is no way to go through life
  33. The *REAL* start of the year! September mini-rants
  34. John Boehner and Obama too
  35. Cheneys book comes out and he was right, every one else wrong
  36. Pitting the asshole that Will.Not.Move.Out!
  37. I'm tired of hearing about bedbugs
  38. Dancing With the Stars will make your daughters want to grow penises.
  39. Latest tract: "Walking dead" -- Will this become a ZOMBIE thread? (Heh.)
  40. Sorry, folks! One more bed bug thread: Noah's Ark.
  41. A poll non-poll.
  42. Beware of Doug, come on now.
  43. Damned CL&P [electrical outage in CT]
  44. I Pit GOP "voting reform"
  45. In which I pit Chuck11
  46. Shame On You Japan
  47. I Pit the new "frost brewed Coors Light" temperature indicator
  48. I hereby pit the gang of hypocritical deniers "debating" GIGObuster
  49. Republican Lawmakers in Texas are Murderers
  50. Elbows, Come on down and finish this off. (weird guy at gym thread)
  51. advnce auto parts sucksssss
  52. I pit 'racial realism' projectionism.
  53. 9/11: How We Shouldn't Have Responded
  54. I pit the laws that alienate fathers from their children through no fault of their own
  55. I PIT Obama's Jobs Speech
  56. Dumbasses, tragedies don't "have to happen" mmmkay? (lame)
  57. When do we stop wallowing in 9/11?
  58. I Pit jihadists everywhere, this time specifically in India
  59. I Pit OPM (only of interest to DC area residents, probably)
  60. Pay attention when you're driving in rush hour! Assholes!
  61. Resolved: Whoever leaked news of the 9/11 anniversary plot should be charged with treason
  62. Canon's HORRIBLE service!
  63. My Neighbour from Hell
  64. An interesting thought about science denialists
  65. Gay Love > Terrorism
  66. REPUBLICANS for the rich / DEMOCRATS for everyone else
  67. An Open Letter to Paul Krugman
  68. I Pit Firefox for updating itself twice a week
  69. Enzyte Commercials - why are they still being aired?
  70. What the fuck, Bank of America?
  71. Fuck PayPalů
  72. Gun question in GQ
  73. Unconvinced that mainstream conservatives (Tea Partiers) are evil and stupid?
  74. HDTV = The Airbox Corvette Commercial Channel
  75. Mild pittage - those "Airblade" hand dryers
  76. CVS mail order insurance bastards
  77. FBI Teaches Agents: 'Mainstream' Muslims Are 'Violent, Radical'
  78. Today's Lesson: Context matters (Canadian edition)
  79. Nice salaries!
  80. University climate research accounts used for travel, PR
  81. I pit CVS price gouging
  82. Sarah Palin exposed
  83. Rachelellogram: You're kidding, right?
  84. I pit the morons who applaud people be executed in Texas
  85. Fuck everything about this ("Congress contemplates draconian punishment for Internet lies.")
  86. Do fast food managers use randomization software when scheduling workers?
  87. OK. I give up. Why all the hate on Guinastasia?
  88. No, I don't eat popcorn. That's not the point.
  89. I pit facebook
  90. Hire people who are smart enough not to burn popcorn in a microwave oven.
  91. The Bullshit term "job creators"
  92. Tea Party congressman only has 400k leftover!
  93. Why the fuck do I read mommy boards?
  94. #OccupyWallStreet
  95. Hit and run driver, you suck.
  96. Joe Arpaio forms "posse" to investigate Obama birth certificate
  97. I pit thin-skinned moderators
  98. It's shit like this FOX
  99. Obama to Palestinians: "No short cuts"
  100. Italian seismologists charged with manslaughter for not foreseeing L'Aquila earthquake
  101. Fuck FEMA? Yeah, maybe.
  102. Charity that spends 80% on Administrative Costs
  103. Lawrence Russell Brewer Dead
  104. Sarah Palin, Sportscaster - Young, cute, no grating accent!
  105. Fuck you Ann, hell has a special place for you
  106. Damn murderers!
  107. News from the Fullerton Police Department!
  108. Vindication for 9/11 Truthers!
  109. I Pit the Audience of the GOP Debate
  110. $30 for a pizza..are you frackin serious?
  111. Republicans boo gay serviceman at Florida debate
  112. Random Trashing
  113. Cecil ~ Dumbest Man Alive
  114. Most idiotic example of self-censorship I've ever seen
  115. I pit the Irish Presidential election
  116. Help me choose my next vacation spot.
  117. Venting: How the fuck could permanent freelancing ever be a good deal for an employee?
  118. My selfish little brat of a sister.
  119. Where the fuck are *my* tax incentives?!
  120. The Weather Channel has remarkably thin skin, can't take honest criticisim of their iPhone app
  121. Ramstein AFB v fuel economy standards
  122. Let's hear it for dead puppies!
  123. Fuck you ESPN on the Bartman doc
  124. Verizon Fios deceptive advertising is bullshit.
  125. The "complain about your life" thread
  126. The decline and fall of HP
  127. Pitting Neil Everett, the most insufferable ESPN Sportscenter anchor ever
  128. Bank of America to Charge for Debit Cards
  129. The human body needs a major redesign (stupid wisdom tooth...)
  130. Bosda, you computer illiterate moron, stop basking in your stupidity.
  131. Some More Pitting of Iran
  132. You know, I can tell you're just making shit up.
  133. LMFAO! The DC police suckered by Onion story!
  134. Al-Awlaki Killed
  135. Another conservative caught with his pants down
  136. Pitting some of my fellow Canadians wrt Peter MacKay
  137. Hey, it's October SOMEWHERE. Bitchtoberfesterama
  138. Aw Snap! We are crappy programmers!
  139. A hearty Fuck off to the Ebay sellers who list in the wrong category!
  140. I think I have the flu
  141. Pit -100 for Hank Williams, Jr.
  142. American Low Life Ex Pats that hide out in Foreign Countries then whine!
  143. How much have Wall Street Journal editorial views changed?
  144. Someone stole our peppers!
  145. The Lamest Pit Ever
  146. Why are senior managers idiots?
  147. ...content not available in your country.
  148. Maddow Names 2012 Republican GOP Opponent: Karl Rove
  149. Holy shit, what happened to the price of tires?
  150. Idiots ruining my favorite video game
  151. God Bless America is not the fucking national anthem!
  152. Scrape your teeth on the fork?
  153. 99? Rookies! I say 100%!!!
  154. 1986 Tax Reform Act started it all
  155. "Values" Voters Summit
  156. A hearty 'frick you' to my ever-crashing computer
  157. Ants!
  158. Go fuck your mother again, you inbred car-keying motherfucking cocker spaniel fucker!
  159. The last Bush Budget was 2009
  160. Inmates Could Staff Fire Stations In Georgia Town
  161. Dear Parents of my Students: It's Your Fault. (F that 'sensitivy training'!)
  162. Kick the Commie!
  163. Pakistan - better check your spelling. And then check it again.
  164. Reply to Rickymouse's worldview
  165. Fuck Safari 5!
  166. A pair to draw to
  167. Topeka City Council Decriminalizes Domestic Violence
  168. Motherfucking Windows you bastard piece of fuckety fuck!!!
  169. 17 Days, 14 Hours Remaining on Download
  170. Florida's modern-day executions are too humane...
  171. I do not share your racism.
  172. New Chick Tract: Mean Momma
  173. The ex-felon vs the two drunk douchebags
  174. Diaper Changing on a table ... in a lunch room.
  175. GQ is for factual answers, not WAGs.
  176. Romney a dog abuser?
  177. Dear Friend: Where the Fuck Are You???
  178. Canadian Conservatives Want Big Government
  179. My GF is a commie
  180. China is one f*cked up society
  181. get your dogs dirty ass off the restaurant table!
  182. So, just exactly how evil am I? Long story...
  183. Rush Limbaugh defends rapists and murderers
  184. The whole "Zombie Apocalypse" thing has finally achieved patent absurdity.
  185. Ni˝os Robados - The Stolen Children of Spain
  186. Spelling, cover letters, and sheer mortification
  187. I pit AT&T customer service.
  188. I am so fucking sick of the way the left and the right talk to each other
  189. Dr. Pepper: "We don't serve your kind here."
  190. Hilarity from Daily Kos
  191. To Emacknight: calm down in GD
  192. Worst Customers Ever
  193. GovernmentMan, you're creeping everybody out
  194. Peace, love and understanding in Libya
  195. the Straight Dope on those LOUD AS FUCK ADDS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE
  196. BEEP BEEP BEEP - Trucks backing up
  197. Burgler goes free because he's sorry
  198. Rajat Gupta: Not just a jackass, a dumbass too
  199. BoA CEO "Incensed" About Public Hostility
  200. "I'm not a racist! I voted for Herman Cain!"
  201. Popup ads that you have to wait to close? WTF!?!?
  202. Climate change deniers like Anthony Watts and the Republican leadership got a boot to the head.
  203. Right-wing assholes are so predictable
  204. Dear AT&T U-verse: I fucking hate you
  205. Raging cunt gets TSA employee fired
  206. Google has nothing better to do on a Saturday night than change Chrome around
  207. "Foreclosure mill" law firm hosts homeless themed party
  208. Don't know how to feel about this cop's question...
  209. I pit Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas
  210. Proselytizers: Go get a life
  211. I Pit Tea Party Nation for Sabotaging America
  212. Jack Chick's "Dark Dungeons" brought to life! Sort of.
  213. Happy Thanksbitching! November is here!
  214. Ann Coulter on Herman Cain: "Our Blacks Are So Much Better Than Their Blacks"
  215. Debating with Scientific Illiterates...
  216. Aransas Cty (TX) judge beats daughter for downloading from the Internet (2004 incident)
  217. Come on, people--"The Awful Truth" is worthy of its own thread.
  218. The "Make Fun of Herman Cain" Thread
  219. Secure Boot
  220. Dear Lynn "Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child" Bodoni:
  221. Fucking Anarchists!
  222. RO: Spreading Disease via the mail
  223. Spitting on priests
  224. Posting styles you hate
  225. ...And a huge fuck you, Michigan Republicans
  226. Like stupid and pompous idiots, who try to define and limit what art is.
  227. "Family values" group honors deadbeat dad congresscritter
  228. People who can't debate
  229. Instant Generals in Georgia National Guard
  230. It's time to officially Pit Joe Paterno and the Penn State football program.
  231. Mosier put up or shut up
  232. mac_bolan00: racist, stupid, racist, and can't work the shift key
  233. Are you ready?
  234. You don't like tattoos, Clothahump. We get it.
  235. Hey, guy passing out fetus dolls at a Halloween event, come on down to the pit.
  236. Cops: We shold be above the law
  237. Sweet jesus, I am an ass today!
  238. Petty theivery and the character of society.
  239. GLAAD. Holy shit. Enough already.
  240. Apparently Netanyahu is a liar
  241. Alex Manley "Men with prostate cancer are privileged"
  242. Why Grant's Tomb?
  243. See, now this is a crowd
  244. I pit Nik Ritchie, the noble "Librarian"
  245. 'Tis the season for family bitchings...
  246. Soldier Convicted of Killing Afghan Civilians For Sport
  247. Floater, WTH is WRONG with you??!?!?!?!
  248. TicketBastard
  249. Zone Alarm has jumped the shark
  250. Clean your reeking coats, you stinking morons!