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  1. I try to pit a Brazilian Judge
  2. kambuckta (New Years wish)
  3. New Year on the way! Brace for impact!
  4. I Pit Implied Double Negatives, And Those Who Utter Them.
  5. I don't know you, but I'm pitting you anyhow, Sonjia Kenya!
  6. My Lame Rant About Blinds!
  7. Fuck you flu virus and the sputum you rode in on!
  8. In which I pit my step-daughter: just admit you did it (long, rambling)
  9. Candles are demonic...yes, that's right: CANDLES
  10. kambuckta's suspension and stickies.
  11. Willie Nelson just wrote the greatest protest song ever
  12. Fucked Up Shit In Society
  13. Haliburton fucked up
  14. Very short, lame highway rant
  15. My Heart Attack (it wasn't)
  16. Is this the way to run a campaign???
  17. Neocon =Jews??
  18. Whassamattawithyou?
  19. Bikers who insist on riding in the street when there is a bike lane available
  20. Perhaps the most idiotic person to ever disgrace our board..
  21. Fuck you non-tippers! Fuck you a lot!
  22. James Randi Owes Me $1,000,000 & Czarcasm Closed My Thread Without Reason
  23. It's over.
  24. If THEY think the Presidential election's more important than Iraq, why shouldn't WE?
  25. The Prince of Darkness Calls for an End to All Evil, and Maybe France.
  26. Zabali Clawbane, please clarify
  27. Birthright (a hijack averted)
  28. In which I pit the theiving collegian
  29. How *dare* you smile for the cops after having sex with a boy?
  30. Huh?, I thought I WAS hired!
  31. "Obliverated"
  32. Bush wins 2004 in a landslide!
  33. WAke Up, L'il Susy (is here). Chick's newest for your pleasure!
  34. I don't care who you are, this is fucking stupid!
  35. Convicted of rape of a 2-month-old -- what should the penalty be?
  36. No need to vote in November. The winner has already been chosen.
  37. The French must tell jokes about Americans--let's hear them!
  38. croc hunter dangles baby
  39. What did my car ever do to you?
  40. To hell with you, new massage guy!
  41. God told Pat Robertson that Bush is going to win in a landslide.
  42. Aldebaran.
  43. Slimeball Attorney Gives "Late" Christmas Gifts
  44. Thanks, lady, for bringing your screaming child to Returm of the King.
  45. Phi Again
  46. DreadCthulhu's gone?
  47. These rants may come and go, but (mostly) civil complaints are forever!
  48. Texas-sized dildo mess
  49. Fucking Tar Heels...
  50. respectcopyright.org... kiss my furry white ass
  51. Ok, enough's enough: Kurdt Kobain
  52. Rock Critics of the World: Get a Freaking Clue! (Re: Art-Rock vs. Punk Rock)
  53. I pit thee, stupid people who bust water lines.
  54. Girl, what the fuck?
  55. I pit Spoiler Warnings
  56. Kurdt Kobain, why are you suck a jerk?
  57. What possesses someone to fatally bludgeon a 93 year old woman?
  58. I pit you, the Aragon theater!!
  59. Girls who show their bellies, why?
  60. I want to know why you broke up with me.
  61. No IDIOTS, it's not solid wood.
  62. In Which I Pit That Dreaded Minion of Evil, the Paper Carrier
  63. Why was Kurdt Kobain's "Who here loves me" MPSIMS thread reported and closed?
  64. Mods please read.
  65. In which Ivylass pits her father-in-law
  66. People who make no effort to speak clearly after "I'm sorry" (or similar response)
  67. NFL officials suck, and the fans are rubes, and the commentators are nauseating
  68. I pit my latest termpaper
  69. What the MOTHERFUCK Time Warner?
  70. I know it's a small story, but that's dumb, clichéd writing
  71. Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure!!!???
  72. The War of the Earring
  73. Unless this guy walks on water, girl, you owe me $500.
  74. Certain LSU Fans
  75. Just because I'm on medication...
  76. HP Customer Care? Well, you DO deal with customers, so I guess it's half-right.
  77. In which I mock my brother
  78. In which I pit Zabali_Clawbane and other bad parents
  79. Scientific Method and the Atkins diet
  80. Mac OS 10.1 already outdated?! ARRRGH!
  81. I pit this threat to traditional marriage!
  82. "Shattered" what a load of crap. (short venting)
  83. Pete Rose, Just Go The Fuck Away
  84. Pitting the twits from Sat. night, and a question for former shoplifters.
  85. I hate working in high-tech and I don’t want to go back there.
  86. In which I apologize to my now-ex's parents
  87. Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!
  88. Just stop snowing, damnit!!!
  89. I pit thee, Norton Anti-Virus
  90. Huh? the FBI is monitoring ME?
  91. DVD companies who sell movies that aren't there
  92. AOL Free Trial
  93. I didn't get what I paid for! Or, that was *not* a burrito! (lame rant)
  94. For the love of Og - Switch the fucking heating on!
  95. You're too stupid to be a millionaire!!
  96. IGN, Amazon UK, and Grand Theft Auto "Sin City"
  97. The IT people in my office
  98. My Heating is on the fritz
  99. Fuck you American Airlines. (Long, but justified!)
  100. MoveOn, Hitler and Bush: Hooo, boy!
  101. We live in 1984
  102. In which I pit the fucker with the huge LCD screen
  103. Christmas in Cranston
  104. Pitting the idiot taxi driver from last night.
  105. The winning design for the new 9/11 memeorial sucks (mild)
  106. Ghandi's Gas Station and The Evil that is Hillary Clinton
  107. Can't see where you're going 'cause of the fog? Just drive faster, that'll fix here!!
  108. Manned spacemission to Mars? Yeah, right.
  109. Well, it's ending in tears! What the shit do I do now? (kinda long and rambling)
  110. Unprovable myths and loony theories
  111. In which I pit Reign: the Conqueror
  112. Anyone seen the sun lately?
  113. Fighting Obesity?? Suuuuurree you are
  114. In the Valley of the Banned...
  116. Hilary the Comedienne - Don't Quit Your Day Job
  117. Fucking Paris Hilton, Her Asinine Sidekick and Me
  118. This is *not* a drill.
  119. Fuck you, Activision! Fuck you, Tony Hawk!
  120. My father's wife is a cow. (advice needed)
  121. Look, I defended you when you sent us that mad cow. . .
  122. Pitting (the late) 51 cent and other ametaur trolls
  123. I pit IP address
  124. Dear producers at CNN, FNC, and MSNBC.
  125. Things that have p!ssed me off this morning
  126. Ant Ninjas Must Die!
  127. It's rainin' poo- Hallelujah!
  128. WhenUSave, MayUDie
  129. Bush to announce manned moon mission another fine example of bait and switch
  130. Lady, Please! Buy The Groceries, THEN Talk On The Phone!
  131. A message for our new pony, TartPops
  132. I THINK I am Asperger's
  133. IE: WTF?? or, I don't remember THAT happening before!
  134. Well, if nobody else is going to say it ...
  135. You ungrateful SOB! (
  136. Well, if you found a link, I guess you win
  137. Liam Miller, how could you?
  138. In which my dog pits her crate...
  139. It's called a DECIMAL POINT you dumbass!
  140. Darph, you ignorant slut
  141. Medication side effects suck. (Yeah, I know, it could be worse.)
  142. Clean off your WHOLE car you lazy bastards!!
  143. Post Office Clerks - Take all the time in the world!
  144. 49 year old teacher has a sexual relationship with 11 year old boy
  145. You foolish, ignorant girl. You make me feel old.
  146. People Who Say They Have The Flu, When They Have A Cold
  147. My dog has poop breath
  148. A new addition...
  149. DOD not allowing free access to wounded soldiers by DAV.
  150. That Serrated Metal Edge On Boxes Of Alumimum Foil?
  151. It doesn't count as breaking news if you've announced it a day before
  152. will you people please LEARN (spyware)
  153. I pit the SDMB search engine
  154. Happiness is...
  155. Stupid email scam attempt (mild)
  157. And Rose is over-rated, too!
  158. Boneheaded Passenger Screening
  159. Tom Cruise, fuck you!
  160. Dinos Got the Holy Ghost?
  161. (Mild) Well, conservative techies, happy about NAFTA/globalization now?
  162. I am so pissed.. about something!
  163. Kids are dolts, wife is fat, I'm an imbecile, and it's all your fault!
  164. Hey Fox, can I see the game-winning play?
  165. Razorsharp vs. The Liberals
  166. This is to the humorless lawyer I came across
  167. Ilsa_Lund... Have you been sniffing glue?
  168. Why is it like this?
  169. Screw you, you golddigger
  170. I pit myself.
  171. SAVE NOW Coupons On Merchandise
  172. Outlaw Running Now!
  173. Other people's parents
  174. Fox sports is beating the crap out of Rush Limbaugh!
  175. Fucked over by my cars Extended Warranty Plan...shit
  176. Mini Pit Rants (extra mild)
  177. Pitting Brett Favre
  178. Pussy football coaches:0 Karma: 3
  179. Discovery Health Body Challenge: an exercise in incompetence
  180. Repetition in the news (warning - repetitive, long)
  181. Non-US Dopers: Flame the US
  182. My school's administration = clueless
  183. Diogenes the Cynic disprespects the military
  184. I can't believe my little brother did this.
  185. Eeeuw SMDB. What's with the new look.
  186. In which I pit BanYa
  187. Please enjoy this 15% pay cut in celebration of the new year
  188. Posh'n'Becks: sad fucking attention grabbing media whores
  189. People in subways moving with the alacrity of enheroinated cows
  190. ABC newscasters: don't use 'Refute' when you mean 'Rebut' (mild)
  191. Sadly i must now defend Bush from an even bigger moron, Savage...
  192. Bush re: O'Neill--Bill Clinton. 9/11.
  193. In which I pit Oregon weather, or What the hell is this shit?
  194. WTF - someone got into a lion's cage?
  195. 'Restore' disk! AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrse!
  196. O'Neill: "I can't imagine that I'm going to be attacked for telling the truth."
  197. I hate working nights. (Warning - No warnings about length and quality of rant)
  198. Wherefore art thou, Bacon Honey?
  199. Bush to make homophobia a centerpiece of his campaign
  200. Military Daycare Centers: Raising Spoiled Children
  201. People do crazy things in commercials, like eat at Arby's.
  202. To the Pit with thee, Brainbench!
  203. What's the worst thing about winter?
  204. 360º
  205. How can I get even with an eBay scammer?
  206. So, how big of a jerkface was I?
  207. Kids killing Kids
  208. The salience of multiculturalism, or why tuition is so high.
  209. Every Rat Bastard Who Doesn't Spay Or Neuter Your Cats
  210. Why won't anyone post on my threads?
  211. Note To Sen. Ted Kennedy: Engage BRAIN Before Opening Mouth!
  212. Believe It or Bite Me: "Free" is not the same as "Give us 400 dollars."
  213. Attention: Idiot Driver From Last Night
  214. Wesley Clark on the Iraq War
  215. New cable channel - Wealth TV - The end must be nigh
  216. Generic, generic, generic match.com women
  217. Mark Foley
  218. Colinmarshall...a word?
  219. Here's how copyright law fucked me like a prison Bubba
  220. The Homo-Fascist Conference. The rant writes itself.
  221. I'll asalsa you, you rotten jar
  222. "If there weren't any seasons, you wouldn't appreciate summer"
  223. Being healthy can bite my fat ass
  224. God has forsaken the North East
  225. Another gay man beaten comatose
  226. Google is going to shit
  227. Breaking news! Michael Jackson pleads not gulity to all charges!
  228. I downloaded a Backstreet Boys mp3.
  229. Woman gang raped by homeless immigrants
  230. Why isn't this free board exactly the way I want it? Wahhh!
  231. Hubble to be left to die?
  232. Bush just gives up on bipartisanship
  233. Fenris, a question
  234. I pit my ex best pal
  235. Dammit, I'm not trying to con your doctors into prescribing me narcotics!
  236. Cajun Man did not like my drugs thread, so he closed it.
  237. Insult-o-rama
  238. Fear and Loathing In Bagdad
  239. Karma Strikes Again: As He Judged, So They Judged Him
  240. That commercial is slightly disgusting.
  241. Dumb Answers To Legitimate Questions
  242. Crosswalk Empowerment
  243. Look at this Apache gun cam film..
  244. Pitting the world's worst funeral director
  245. The Butterfly effect
  246. So now I'm a skinhead (lame rant w/o lots of cussing)
  247. Pitting my inability to read long posts.
  248. Dairy association is using the same type of scare tactics anti-drug groups use?!
  249. If you assume it's a baby, don't claim to be confused
  250. Dammit Kurdt Kobain!

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