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  1. No Smoking Please, or the Hostess without the Mostest
  2. Medical leave
  3. The biggest downside to owning a laptop.
  4. My boyfriend just broke up with me.
  5. Holy Fuck, CNN
  6. No wonder Alabama is picked on so much...
  7. America : Shut yer hole about being the "Land of the Free".
  8. Ann Coulter and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad USA Today
  9. Scared to pay hospital bills
  10. Clothes Dryer PSEUDO-Science
  11. Ladies and Gents - The July Surprise. On Schedule.
  12. You god damned selfish bitch.
  13. Alabama Sex Toy Law upheld
  14. "Hopefully" doesn't mean "I hope"
  15. I got your baloons right here, CNN
  16. One of My Dad's Best Friends is Dead
  17. TRUTH rants about Polonium-210 in cigarette smoke
  18. Patti LaBelle did a shitty job singing at the DNC
  19. Spread Out, You Mooks!
  20. Tom Ridge can't put his kids through college on 175 thousand?
  21. American tourists in here!
  22. Bush Campaign Advocates Drug Use for Disgruntled Workers
  23. Prince Charles And His Medals
  24. This is not the Man Juice you are looking for.
  25. Ok Wal-Mart, this time you've gone too far
  26. Michael Moore is a liar after all
  27. Goodbyes are never easy so just FUCK OFF, facial polyp!
  28. They didn't think and got non-pink ink on my new seats. The fink! I raise a stink!
  29. More Tele-Phun! $8000 worth this time!
  30. Dear Co-worker: May you burst; may you burn.
  31. The federal government does not pay for education!
  32. Fucking Dodgers!!! (trite and unimportant)
  33. Just say no to Kerry's dumbass daughters!
  34. My sex life is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!
  35. "The Americans Have Pillaged Our Cultural Heritage!"
  36. Listen to me, you dumbasses: she doesn't live here anymore!
  37. Snapshot from today's war on terror (Baghdad edition)
  38. Is it December yet? (weak, bipartisan)
  39. And now, the Republican version...
  40. Why is your hatefulness okay, but we're not supposed to disagree?
  41. Repugs insist on oath for demos to hear Cheney speech.
  42. Fucking hell! NORAD LIED! Flight 93 might have been saved???
  43. Racial Profiling of Press -- Cheney
  44. The Bushistas are now racially profiling journalists
  45. Pigs Who Don't Understand A Buffet!
  46. The world's worst online account management site
  47. C'mon Republican National Committee, show your true face!
  48. Ireland : Shut yer hole about being the "Emerald Isle"
  49. Here we go again...terror alert raised
  50. Letter from the Soviet Union
  51. They're aliens. Get over it.
  52. New low of lows achieved by witless dolts-bunny abuse
  53. Canadians relax! Fred Phelps hates Swedes more now!
  54. David Irving..Fuck off.
  55. I don't care if you're my age. (Weak and lame.)
  56. Vitriolic name-calling in political threads
  57. YES, I'm drinking a DIET COKE!
  58. Who else can't stand the McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" Slogan/Campaign?
  59. Does anyone in here speak moron? I need a translation.
  60. Waiters: YES, I want my change, thank you!
  61. All the damn notices said consolidation was supposed to make it easier...
  62. My job has me at the end of my rope I fear...
  63. Damn You, Diaper Wipes!
  64. Bad Out-of-State Drivers
  65. Kerry Shooting Himself in the Foot Already.
  66. Fake, fake, FAKE!
  67. If I Pass On The Right, It's Your Fucking Fault
  68. Boxes hanging from construction cranes
  69. At least have the decency to BURY them
  70. Where are all the women?
  71. I have an open letter to Katie Couric and all the other talking heads
  72. Tv dating shows
  73. Why I hate the BBC
  74. The Statue of Liberty, um, reopens.
  75. Token White Guy: A SDMB Welcome
  76. Do you have any Texas quarters?
  77. Latest "terror alert" based on 3-4 year-old information
  78. Using initials for names. A petty, and yet small-minded rant.
  79. START: Cape, or white horse?
  80. Join me in boycotting CBS becasue everybody DOESN'T love Raymond
  81. Lynndie England, you make me sick to my stomach
  82. Just how the hell can you have a terror alert level anyway?
  83. People who are going to hell
  84. We are not a babysitting service- pick up your damn kids!
  85. Johm Kerry: Evil sez Drudge
  86. Funny funny jokes in threads
  87. I wouldn't like you to SAAaay anything, I would like you to...
  88. Missouri officially bans gay marriage
  89. Let's stop moving the goalposts all around
  90. Tennessee Republican Campaigns on Eugenics Platform
  91. Why do women always seem to want a boyfriend they don't need to sleep with?
  92. In which I pit Cook County Hospital
  93. Rednecks is People Too!
  94. Ah. So you're trying to tell me I'm fucked.
  95. Bank of America can suck my fat American dick!
  96. "Dawg"? (very mild, you sadists)
  97. It's TWENTY ONE freaking seconds!
  98. The Iraqis are coming!
  99. I Pit Myself [lame]
  100. SilentGoldFish - Blow it out your ass
  101. Staples you bunch of crooks!
  102. It's a New Record! In which I pit All NYS politicians, most of my neighbor voters
  103. There is more than one Colin in the world you moron (mildish)
  104. Drowning Takes Too Long, Let's BBQ the Dog Instead
  105. Dutch radio: fuck off!!
  106. The mall is burning!, quick close the doors!!
  107. My EAP's confidentiality policy sucks
  108. Burning Bush
  109. Chunky Girls
  110. Was I really bad in a prior life or 'Curse you SBC with the rage of a million suns!'
  111. You're family, that's why I took you in. Now it's time to go.
  112. Another Tale of Medical Stupidity (Mild but Sad)
  113. I pit gum
  114. Three bumper stickers seen recently
  115. You didn't tell me this shit would make me psychotic!
  116. Nobody Jumping on latest Bush fumble? What's wrong with you guys?
  117. Since when does Rush Limbaugh get to call Bonnie Rait and the Boss "drug addled"?
  118. Damn You Popeye's (Long pointless and kind of whiny)
  119. You don't *have* to play it that loud, but if you do, you *will* lose your hearing.
  120. Bush Announces Opposition to Legacy College Admissions
  121. I pit the spastic cinematographer.
  122. sick to death of atheism vers god thing
  123. BrainGlutton, I've got a question for you
  124. Prisoner XXX
  125. I pit "Fran" the receptionist at my doctors office
  126. Dog
  127. Call in to the conservative radio talk show host!
  128. Congratulations Dr. Allawi, another briliant step towards a free Iraq!
  129. Message Board Lawsuit
  130. To the woman who tried to cut me in line today: I curse thee.
  131. Do I expect too much? (Probably Lame)
  132. Go To Hell! Jiffy Lube!
  133. BushCo outs our al-Qaeda infiltrator?! (Incompetent, malevolent, who gives a flip??)
  134. It's a fucking dog. Get over it.
  135. DEX and Yellow Book Can Both Kiss My Ass!!!
  136. Motherfuckers took our stuff!
  137. Check, please, I'm outta here. (people killed over Xbox)
  138. Fat is 'fabulous' :rolleyes:
  139. How not to sell goods (Office Max)
  140. Your Usual Cinema Rant
  141. Iraq: meet the new boss, same as the old boss
  142. Home improvements: screwed w/ or w/o permits (mild)
  143. Catsix, You're a Moron With a Persecution Complex and I'm Sick of It
  144. Geico and their insulting commercials
  145. I Pit my vacation (long story)
  146. Ladies & Gentlemen: Our Articulate President
  147. Pervert, you're a dishonest debater.
  148. Radio commercials with cars honking and skidding sounds
  149. Doom 3 requirements
  150. Weak emotional rant
  151. I pit fun being cut short.
  152. proper dress and conduct lessons from Wal Mart
  153. Creating more ignorance, the SDMB
  154. [u]My Pet Goat[/u] = petty and fucking tiresome
  155. Swamp Thing from Muskogee! Rightard Pride Week!
  156. Us vs. Them, In Our Churches
  157. What a waste of my frigging time...government bureaucracy!
  158. Jewish students attacked at AUSCHWITZ!
  159. MS Word: Shit on both PC AND Mac
  160. Brand Spanking New Anti-Bush Thread - With Terror Alert Timeline!
  161. Yet another "Bush's 7 minutes" thread
  162. With Homeland Security like this, I welcome our new Al Qaida overlords.
  163. The Second Annual Steelers March To The Super Bowl Thread.
  164. THE Pet Goat...get it right if you're going to complain about it!
  165. To mentally challenged, crazy and/or deranged men. No, I won't be your girlfriend.
  166. I think I'll spend my $14.95 elsewhere...
  167. Another case of our horrid healthcare system.
  168. Thank you, Sam Stone!
  169. Pamela Anderson says KFC stands for cruelty. (Lame rant)
  170. Fucking moronic general practitioner (kinda lame).
  171. I pit myself for being a dumbass
  172. I pit computer equipment designers. This is a lame rant, and they are lame idiots.
  173. Hey, Dex, good call!
  174. Bush's "The Rich Don't Pay Taxes" Meme
  175. Bite me work, bite me United Way
  176. What the fuck does Laura Bush know about stem cells?
  177. Tell me, tell me, Alan Keyes... what, exactly, is the "slaveholder's position"?
  178. Using hot sauce to discipline children?!?
  179. 4 Things I Hate About (Eating Sushi With) You
  180. I am ready to take this chick outside and beat her down as I type this
  181. 12 Short Paragraphs About the Idiots I Encountered Today
  182. Bill O'Reilly: why doesn't anyone tell him to shut up?
  183. Who is being overly sensitive?
  184. Dude... are you absolutely asking for an ass-kicking?
  185. Philadelphia Eagle WR Terrell Owens, this Pit's for you. "Outing" your former QB?
  186. Women push for public breastfeeding policy at Starbucks, stage "nurse-in"
  187. Olympic Back-Stories Drive Me Nuts!
  188. Homeland security needs a mascot???
  189. M$ Says "NO!" to Using File Sharing to Distribute XP SP2!
  190. I pit the UK National Lottery.
  191. I am a light sleeper.
  192. Wait for it...
  193. Screw you, Tescos, you profiteering fucks
  194. Sha-clump, sha-clump, sha-clump, sha-clump; zoot, zoot, zoot. FUCK!
  195. I Pit Unreliable Contractors
  196. I pit the fact that I could swear I pitted something since my last recored pit but...
  197. Why my mind no longer sucks ass.
  198. The sum totals of my day
  199. Sensitivity training 101
  200. No Asshat, I'm Not Speeding Up For You
  201. I Pit judgemental pricks
  202. BoyScout11 - Come On Down!
  203. Who says America doesn't do irony?
  204. Oh Cheney's wife, you want some too? FUCK YOU!
  205. I pit the Clark County (NV) Recorder
  206. Hey, now that you mention it... John Kerry IS white!
  207. Sorry, guys, looks like you're back to living in sin
  208. I'm really not a morning person
  209. Riding bicycle on roads=death.
  210. What kind of Asshole puts cheddar cheese on a pizza?
  211. I Hate loudness.
  212. How to use HTML
  213. My Gardener Needs To Be Kicked In His Chalupa's
  214. Do Americans get the government they deserve?
  215. That's it cow-orkers, I'm pitting you all
  216. Washington Post figures out it has had its face in Dubya's lap for four years
  217. Three most beautifull women in the world
  218. Help me protest High School policy, what is the legaily of this?
  219. The NBC Olympics Coverage Pit Thread
  220. 50 Outside & My Building Has The Air Conditioning On
  221. Can someone tell me what the hells going on in Najaf!?!?
  222. Oh, a motorcycle accident! How convenient....
  223. I fucking, fuck, fuck fucking HATE Invisible Fences!!!!
  224. Attn Sportscasters: When Tiger Woods is 10 Back, He's NOT the Lead Story!!!!!
  225. Wonderful Copenhagen
  226. Shodan...
  227. How to Democratize the Middle East
  228. Stupid movie warnings
  229. Ian Thorpe isn't fit to lick vegemite off Michael Phelps' ass.
  230. To My Dog's Vet: No, I don't have to buy HeartGuard from you!
  231. Porter Goss, meet the Pit.
  232. Porter Goss, meet the Pit.
  233. New Yahoo Design
  234. The main act is playing, shhhhh!!
  235. I pit Olympic commentators Couric & Costas for their pointless & oafish comments
  236. F'ing inconsiderate shoppers
  237. Yep, this is the real spirit of the Games all right
  238. How to make Colorado's vote not matter - in one easy lesson
  239. Turn down thy collar, ruffian! (Mild Rant)
  240. I Pit Historians who cannot LEARN from history
  241. Stupid universities! Must control fist of death!
  243. Lame rant about hating telemarketers
  244. Bitca coworker: The Return
  245. My Asshole Housemate (Or - How to Break Pyrex) [lame and misleading title]
  246. Can we cut the French a little slack now?
  247. The symmetry and symbolism could have been scintillating
  248. What is so hard about making a Right-Turn?
  249. U.S. Men's Basketball gets ass handed to them by Puerto Rico. How cool is that?
  250. Shoveling against the tide, Part 3,497.6