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  1. Saying I'm Fucked Doesn't Begin to Cover It
  2. Online Hunting is RETARDED
  3. Dear Energex, Eat shit and die.
  4. So She Didn't Kill My Kid This Time...
  5. Do you have a fucking calendar? [lame]
  6. Why I Can't Take My Job Seriously Anymore: In Which I Pit My Company
  7. Premature eclapulation
  8. You didn't use to be this much of an dickhead.
  9. My stupid friend (whiney)
  10. People who are just plain sorry
  11. You're an WANKER if you buy a $150 BURBERRY DOG SWEATER
  12. Lawyers Set to Sue Purse Manufacturer Over Toddler Shooting
  13. Want to know how I spent 4 hours being laughed at
  14. Ficer67, why the hell are you peeing outside of your litterbox?
  15. Are you trying to anger people, Microsoft?
  16. TubaDiva is back as an admin after less than 30 days - how do YOU feel?
  17. Surely you can do better than this...
  18. More than one person tries to do something nice for me, fail to tell eachother.
  19. My mom will substitute for me, in exchange for my firstborn child
  20. *squeek* *squeek* *squeek*
  21. Why is Hillary Clinton so hated? RE: potential White House run
  22. Ahhh! (TV guide woes)
  23. A Public Apology and Thanks
  24. Just so you know, I don't give a fuck if you're not renewing.
  25. Not The Flirting Thread
  26. My leg fucking HURTS!
  27. I'm watching Ahhnold hand Chris Matthews his head...
  28. Pitting the Handicapped Girl and her Mother
  29. Two mini-rants: Well done steak and the (U.S.) National Anthem
  30. Mother- For Goodness Sake Get Mousetraps
  31. What's wrong with a Personals thread?
  32. Thanks for wasting my time! (Job hunt)
  33. Ouch! What's this in my ass? Oh, its a final exam! (lame rant)
  34. Only In MA
  35. I get the idea, you guys are tired of flirt threads
  36. "The Jew is the incarnation of Satan and the symbol of evil."
  37. Oh yeah, my roommates still aren't trained (somewhat lame)
  38. The locked Singles thread
  39. Would anyone like to buy a teenager, cheap? (long)
  40. City dwellers who don't pick up after their dogs
  41. Fuck you, bladder infection. Get the fuck out.
  42. Stick to your IMHO / Cafe Society inanity if you can't handle GQ
  43. Fuck you Little Green Footballs!
  44. Can you dress like you want the damn job?
  45. NOW can we say Halliburton and the Bush Administration are just a little TOO cozy??
  46. Why are Tennessee politicians all such duds on the national scene?
  47. We outdid Texas in censorship?
  48. Apple laptop power adapters. ARAGHHHH!
  49. Fuck...FUCK...FUUUCK! Did you lie? Do you care? Am I crippled for life?
  50. TBA: Take Your $2,250 Tolls (Regressive Subsidies) & Shove Em Up Your 6-Lane Tunnel
  51. Things that piss IT people off
  52. Quiz: who do you sue?
  53. Robert Blake goes free
  54. Score: Trublmakr 1; Psycho Supervisor 0
  55. Three things that have pissed me off in two days
  56. If you don't pay for it you don't get to complain.
  57. Why was my thread locked?
  58. US trade deficit tips US$666Bn
  59. Did you even look at my application?
  60. My local TV news stations - enough with Scott Peterson!
  61. Dining Sercices (at my University)
  62. I'm buying one flagpole and two flags
  63. It's the Feds turn for a whack at Terri Schiavo
  64. Republicans are Afraid to Discuss Social Security in an Open Forum
  65. Let the poor woman die already!
  66. If youre planning to purchase a Mac, please support your local dealer
  67. I, for one, don't give a shit about Scott Peterson
  68. Gucks still believe Saddam involved in 9/11
  69. A reverse pit. I praise thee (no not"god")
  70. Fuck the 80's
  71. You're Really A Worthless Sack of Shit Aren't You?
  72. I pit myself for being an idiot.
  73. All right, eyeballs, just do us both a favor and blow right out of my skull.
  74. Fuck You "Dad"
  75. Apparently we can't even die satisfactorily
  76. HUAC redux: The steroid hearings. Joe McCarthy's spirit is alive and well.
  77. GA BoE: Gay students need parents' permission
  78. Which of the other admins are immune?
  79. Political Performance Art and Obscurity
  80. People who cut in line (lame, naturally)
  81. To the dim-bulb woman at KFC (mild)
  82. I, for one, do not give a fuck about Terry Schiavo
  83. Well, Fuck! Looks like he killed her
  84. On posting personal information of other users.
  85. Protocol question
  86. I'm becoming one of them...
  87. Everyone Here Is A Doper.
  88. Sing me a tale of passive-aggressiveness
  89. The whole "abstinence only" thing seems to be going well.
  90. Why are folks scared of me?
  91. Why was this thread closed?
  92. Atkins Easy? My arse!
  93. Rated E for Evolution and strong scientific content!
  94. My Muscles
  95. Why Jon Kerry Didn't Win - a Slideshow
  96. What the fuck do you want me to say? I'm going to hate the kid?
  97. Girls, have some respect for yourselves
  98. Congress - Stay The Hell Out Of The Schiavo Case!
  99. Spanish playboy channel...
  100. Sam's Club Tire Service, I Pit Thee (LAME)
  101. The tyranny of black
  102. What happened to the Ask the Mormon Thread?
  103. Getting flamed in IMHO? Report it and get flamed by a moderator.
  104. Pulling a sickie is not an option in my job.
  105. furlibusea, are you incapable of counting or do you just make shit up?
  106. It's a Non-Stop Polka PARTY. NON FREEKING STOP!!!
  107. Talk through one more Cut Scene and i'll twat ya...
  108. I Saw A Monkey Flinging Poo
  109. Minor Irritations - Straight Dope Etiquette Refresher
  110. Why do Groban/Cassidy listeners also pass along glurge?
  111. You know something I never need to hear again (re: poker)?
  112. This may be a reason the vote went through. Dems, please chime in.
  113. You busted all the vending machines!!!
  114. Playgirl editor fired after "outing" as Rebublican...
  115. We've got fucking RATS in our attic
  116. Bebo Online Address Book
  117. Ok, I agree...Bush is a frigging moron (Bush Signs Schiavo Bill)
  118. Con Man:1. Shirley Ujest's Mother:0.
  119. Not sure if I should pit the police or the mother
  120. Bank spams and phishing scams: hard to tell apart.
  121. Short and Sweet: I'm not a damned psychic!
  122. Who the Hell Even Buys Playgirl, Anyway??
  123. Do we need a new thread for non-mundane, non-debate threads?
  124. Our Local Redneck Paper has Picked up Ann Coulter's Column
  125. Student attempts to bully me. Attempt fails.
  126. I Died on the 405
  127. My wife's ass
  128. What the hell is wrong with things in this country? Yet another school massacre!
  129. I'm too big for this world
  130. I am so fucking sick of my PCOS
  131. John McCain: partisan shill playing loveycuddles with Bush.
  132. I demand a ban on the use of o_O
  133. Frustrations with auto mechanics
  134. Crossfire: Why won't you fucking die?
  135. 15 year old idiot of the week
  136. Hey, let's fuck with IVF too. Why the hell not.
  137. Fuck you, Blizzard!!
  138. FU Barry Bonds
  139. Fuck you, pet poisoners
  140. Breaking news!
  141. Yeeeehaaaaa! Med School Admissions!
  142. Give me my damn mail!!!!!
  143. I pit rain-sensing windshield wipers!
  144. I pit my pathetic existence
  145. I Swear to Og That I Am Cursed!
  146. Student in a pack of trouble for photographing principal smoking
  147. You go around forming unhealthy attachments, don't you?
  148. If you think the Schiavo case will "backfire" on Republicans, you're a fool
  149. Is it free or not? Grr Wells Fargo
  150. I Pit bad e-commerce sites
  151. Merde in the EU vol. 2
  152. Mayor Richard Daley uses Minnesota school shooting to validate gun control law? WTF?
  153. Jesus Horses, part II: Volcano film pulled because it might offend creationists
  154. Attention Tom DeLay, you are NOT like Terry Schiavo
  155. Update on Work Situation
  156. A pox on rebates and those who perpetrate them
  157. Wendy's gives a woman the finger! In their chili!
  158. Texas City goes BOOM. Thoughts on Nuclear Power. (Kinda pointless, really)
  159. If I make it through the next week without committing murder...
  160. a minor school-related aggravation
  161. Goddamned allergies!
  162. These are a few of my least favorite things (return of the mini-rants)
  163. Dear Technical Support
  164. I hope your stroller gets a flat.
  165. Liberals are supposed to be so ______, but they ____.
  166. 110 dollar withdrawl of 40 bucks.
  167. Xema and Crafter Man, you sick fucks
  168. Mall-Wart is Satan Spawn-why continue to support this evil enterprise?
  169. Say, Braaad, That Looks Familiar
  170. I wonder if Terry Schiavo agrees with me ...
  171. Fox News: You've earned your own Pit Thread!
  172. Gimme my dishwasher! (A Saga)
  173. Bonds thinks we're idiots.
  174. Did the constant audio warnings not tip you off?
  175. "Buddy", you asked the wrong tech...
  176. News flash: 'did' and 'did not' are NOT the same thing.
  177. Dear idiot who keeps calling my cell phone:
  178. Oh hemorrhoids how I hate thee!
  179. "No" is not a sentence
  180. I feel sick (Night-time intruder rapes child)
  181. Boy Attacks Easter Bunny
  182. Ruining Social Security, The High Life Way
  183. I get it, you don't like Fox News!
  184. I'm going to beat the shit out of the next person that says to me...
  185. Lord of the Dance
  186. Killing People with your bare hands
  187. Useless singling out of Corporations
  188. Its a walkman for christ sakes
  189. Is the president required to have a say on everything?
  190. NRA says arm teachers
  191. Greer gets death threats and kicked out of his church.
  192. Foot in mouth: Schiavo atty says Terry looking peaceful and beautiful
  193. Fuck you, Mr. Canker Sore
  194. Wal-Mart haters, what have you done lately?
  195. A Root is Not A Fruit!! A Subway Rant.
  196. Michael Jackson plays the race card
  197. Not that you care, but I may not be renewing. (Administration of the SDMB)
  198. I Hate You, Easter Bunny: In which I Pit the absurd holiday of Easter Sunday
  199. Self-appointed "Culture of Life" heroes are killers, by their own rhetoric
  200. Ode to My Uterus
  201. Schiavo update:
  202. I hate Joe Average
  203. I am so feckin' sick of The DaVinci Code! (lame)
  204. Catholicism and Christianity. They aren't interchangeable.
  205. Planning law class and me - a fabulous double pitting!
  206. Sarah Woodruff. Please step inside.
  207. Damn this bug! Damn it straight to hell! (Whiney rant about being sick)
  208. Pitting Fundie Pharmacists Who Won't Fill Birth-Control Prescriptions
  209. An honest creationist
  210. FUCK those "studio"-sized restroom stalls (Warning: TMI!)
  211. The hateful ATM
  212. Yet another airline rant
  213. God damned electronics
  214. When they cancel Arrested Development you can blame me
  215. American Spectator's logo: what the?
  216. Another misused word usage thread
  217. I pit the hot lime green font color in Outlook
  218. EVERYBODY knows the best time to cut trees is 11 p.m.!
  219. Please! Legislate my home!
  220. Jesse Jackson
  221. Boy Scout offical charged in child pornography case
  222. Hillary Clinton, stop turning Republican...
  223. Panhandlers
  224. Fuck you, "Italian Cafe" (weak)
  225. In which I pit aspects of the African American culture of today
  226. Breaking news on the Blockbuster Late Fees "Scandal"
  227. Johnny Cochran - RIP
  228. Jerry Falwell in Critical Condition
  229. I Have Lived In Quieter Dorms
  230. Nancy Grace drives me nuts
  231. "Guess Who" double standard?
  232. Now they consider an appeal
  233. Feeding Tube. Feeding Tube. Feeding Tube.
  234. Hah! Fuck YOU, Line-Jumping Guy!
  235. It's a traffic accident, not a crime scene...
  236. Pitting this one fat guy at my gym
  237. The NHL to examine increasing the size of the goal
  238. To hell with all of ya'll berating J. Cochran for doing his job and doing it well
  239. Okay, I get it; High School sucked. Get over it.
  240. Where are MY leather seats?
  241. Sciavo parents are selling supporters names to direct-marketers.
  242. No, I Don't Wish To Participate In Your Lottery Pool: In which I Pit my cow-orkers
  243. "Immaculate conception" and "Virgin birth" are not the same *&^%$%&(*# thing
  244. Schaivo and the Pope: The Similarity is Scary!
  245. There are now 42 threads with "Schiavo" in the title...
  246. The New Look SDMB.
  247. Provocative thoughts about Terri Schaivo, the Bushes, and Congress
  248. Implicit untruths from USA Today: Iraq/Bush related
  249. Thanks lady..I REALLY Want To Hear About Your Medical Problems!
  250. Let the poor Pope die already!!