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  1. How many Americans are there, now, who would vote for a Dem but never for a black?
  2. Killer wants to die.
  3. What should Imus do?
  4. Nationalism and the casting of Asian actors/actresses in movies
  5. Should Conscientious Objectors be able to "opt out" of funding the military?
  6. Is it racist for a minority to vote for a minority candidate based on race?
  7. Fixing the lame duck syndrome
  8. Referring to politicians by first name in media = disrespect. Discuss.
  9. Is John McCain crazy or giving up his hope or just desperate?
  10. War Czar? What The Hell Is That?
  11. Is Albert Einstein overrated?
  12. Reopening old sexual abuse/predator wounds?
  13. Jesse vs. Imus vs. MSNBC
  14. What is the Name for Everything?
  15. Submitted: music subscription services will solve all the world's (DRM) problems
  16. Lee Iacocca rips the auto industry.
  17. Drug Arrests in LA and Illegal Immigrants
  18. Why are we letting oil companies make fortunes ?
  19. Imus is outta work. Why was his insult so much worse than his usual stuff?
  20. [Canadopers] MP Belinda Stronach announces resignation from politics
  21. Tony Blair's comments on crime and black culture
  22. Iraqi Immigrants: Where to Settle in U.S.?
  23. Weaponized Religion
  24. Was Jefferson Davis a good President?
  25. Is Pelosi helping HRC?
  26. U S Steel Drug/Alcohol Policy
  27. What good is the new US "forever" stamp?
  28. We don't have to worry about bees dying off, do we?
  29. Would Sam Kinison survive today?
  30. Why are Japanese WWII War Crimes so "off the radar" in N. American Pop History?
  31. The Human Plight
  32. Philosophy - God and scientific evidence.
  33. Conspiracy? (al Qaeda and lost/tainted food) [ed. title]
  34. Necessary evil?
  35. Multinationals and National Laws- Hilton Hotels and The Cuba Embargo
  36. Why do mass shootings only happen in the US?
  37. What percentage of people could have done a 'Virginia Tech massacre'?
  38. Driving over the speed limit
  39. Touts
  40. Question about prayer during/after a tragedy
  41. Could a Restaurant like This survive?
  42. Minnesota MAC votes to discipline booze-shy Muslim cabbies
  43. Scottish Dopers: May 4th (Or May 3d if you're picky) [ed. title]
  44. Is a WEAK US Dollar Good for the US Stock market?
  45. Easier to buy a machine gun or get driver's licence in US?
  46. The Hindsight Culture
  47. Duke lacrosse: now what?
  48. Americans like Pelosi and the Dems in Congress
  49. Could "Sex-Change Stanton" legally remain married to his wife?
  50. If Canada broke down, what new divisions would coalesce?
  51. How many generations does it take before one's considered American?
  52. Teacher code tackles student relationships
  53. So Why Doesn't Bush Simply Sign The Iraq Funding Bill
  54. Why does someone always have to be blamed?
  55. How do you change the nation?
  56. "Partial-birth" abortion ban: What does it accomplish for pro-lifers?
  57. Korea and Va. Gov to US: Sorry about the shootings - now behave yourselves
  58. School shooters- any documented cases any were really bullied?
  59. Help me fight food
  60. Is the media coverage of the Virginia Tech tragedy appropriate?
  61. On the need for direct personal action in emergencies.
  62. Who are the 2008 Presidential Candidates Really?
  63. Does Maryland Really Need To Approve Retrocession?
  64. Is the CIA making America safer?
  65. Would it be possible for congress to de-fund DoJ?
  66. Religious Violence
  67. Can anthropogenic global climate change be signficantly mitigated?
  68. Never mind the firings -- what did the other 85 USA's do to keep their jobs?
  69. Is the Democratic Party no more than just a collection of special interests?
  70. House approves D.C. Voting Rights Act; Bush threatens veto
  71. Regarding gun control: is the reaction to the VT shootings unique?
  72. Senator Harry Reid says Iraq War is already lost
  73. Which is the US military's most elite special operations force?
  74. Lawyers: So your client's wearing a wire....
  75. Do socialized health care systems hinder competition and innovation?
  76. Superstition and MMOs (Religion)
  77. Iraq: How can we win?
  78. Legal garbo
  79. Headland vs Selwood discussion
  80. Would Al Gore have invaded Iraq?
  81. What if Watergate had never happened and Nixon finished his 2nd term?
  82. Will there ever be another world war?
  83. Luis Posada Carriles released from jail
  84. Tony Blair to step down May 9
  85. Michael Moore takes Ground Zero responders to Cuba
  86. Liberalism and the US Constitution
  87. France at a political crossroads
  88. First commandment - suggestion of polytheism?
  89. what would a third party platform be?
  90. What will be the most important technological development in the next 50 years?
  91. Boris Yeltsin has died. What is his legacy?
  92. V.Tech massacre
  93. What is the value of faith?
  94. Europe's shrinking population
  95. Is gay incest right or wrong?
  96. Resolved: We abolish the apostrophe in English.
  97. How much longer would slavery have lasted if the South won the Civil War?
  98. Could the Texans have held the Alamo?
  99. Infinite Coincidence vs. Causality: A Provable Difference?
  100. Another Global Warming Debate...where are are efforts best focused?
  101. Should Gov. Corzine be Jailed for Ignoring laws?
  102. Huzzah! A tunnel under the Bering Strait!
  103. Should we put all the controls back about owning multiple stations?
  104. Open-Source War
  105. Are there really 10 commandments? And whose do we hang?
  106. Stop Snitchin' - Is this as bad as it appears to be?
  107. Texas removing statute of limitations & adding death penalty for child sexual abuse
  108. Is Sheryl crow Righ? (Reduce Toilet paper=less GW)?
  109. Next by Michael Crichton
  110. Dem candidates' first debate tomorrow (Pubs next week)
  111. House to subpoena Condi Rice; will she ever testify?
  112. Which city would do best in a Jericho/End Of The World Type deal?
  113. Monica Goodling has gotten immunity, but if, in her testimony...
  114. Demonic Free Will
  115. Potential "Cho"? I think they've gone too far
  116. David Broder eviscerates Harry Reid.
  117. Bush fudging Iraq numbers, Iraq government hiding them
  118. The American Idol African plight
  119. What would constitute "winning" the war in Iraq?
  120. How would history be different if the participants were sober?
  121. What IS the Bush admin.'s plan for our too-stretched military?
  122. U.S. Import of Food-Regarding Wheat Gluten
  123. Teaching children to rely on authority teaches helplessness
  124. Election Assistance Commission gags co-author of "Voter Fraud" report from speaking
  125. Would a draft even work?
  126. Theoretical Republican Win in 08?
  127. Are any neocons going to run in '08?
  128. Irans dresscode crackdown, what effects will it have?
  129. In American politics, who has more money to spend -- the right or the left?
  130. Will Bush II be Regarded as a Great President?
  131. Riots in Estonia
  132. What if God was an event?
  133. Will Al Gore be drafted?
  134. So how do you thinnk Tenet did last night on 60 Minutes/
  135. Is duty an outdated concept?
  136. Should Prince Harry be deployed to Iraq?
  137. Should ex-felons be allowed to vote?
  138. Another what-if: Custer
  139. What have been the total effects, so far, of Bush's economic policies?
  140. No Wonder Gonzales Didn't Seem To Have A Clue!
  141. If Olmert leaves then who steps up?
  142. Pay to stay. (5 Star Jail)
  143. This just in: Hallucinogen causes hallucinations
  144. Bioethics for space travel
  145. NASA mulls bioethics for longterm space travel
  146. When the current Dalai Lama dies, how will they choose the next one?
  147. Did AG Gonzales lie about Monica Goodling?
  148. Landsburg: Why are juries trusted to judge some things, but not others?
  149. Why is the shooting in Seattle last weekend getting so little media attention?
  150. Barack and the Battle of MySpace
  151. My wife did not know about even the concept of circumcision
  152. When you look at people do you see an ape?
  153. Leahy issues subpoena for Rove e-mails
  154. The "N" Word: What's wrong with the status quo?
  155. Does Imus have a case?
  156. Question for those who are for same sex couple adoption
  157. Not a single case of anti-atheist discrimination in 2007, according to US Commission?
  158. Prince Charles Is The Perfect Symbol For Green As Religion -- Because He's A Twit
  159. Dormant Commerce Clause - United Haulers v. Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste
  160. Republic of Ireland stops woman travelling for an abortion
  161. Should TV channels come in bundles?
  162. What do you make of the trend in atheist proselytizing?
  163. Are government officials allowed to trespass on your property sans warrant? video
  164. GOP Presidential Debate
  165. Grammar question - "doubt" vs. "doubt that"
  166. What does "God loves you" mean?
  167. In Favor of Nationalized Health Insurance
  168. Is SETI a Waste of Time?
  169. Explain the significance of France's election
  170. Is Terri Schiavo still a hot topic for republicans?
  171. Sens. Byrd and Clinton propose different approach to ending the war
  172. Should we be concerned about the U.S. debt or not?
  173. Bush supports limits on gun purchases
  174. Ben Stein Calls for Military Draft
  175. Who will determine if The Surge is working in September?
  176. Lying to further one's cause.
  177. If God lost all his powers; would you still praise him?
  178. Giving up on God
  179. Is the mess in Iraq a side effect of our military focus on high-tech?
  180. What do I owe my fellow man?
  181. To those who think mandatory government service at 18 is a good idea
  182. Large Hadron Collider: Excited? Afraid?
  183. On the idea of basing athletes' contracts solely on performance
  184. Why is the health care industry allowed to be for-profit?
  185. How can you just switch religions?
  186. How is religion "encroaching" on everyday life?
  187. Let's Discuss the Unknown Presidential Conntenders
  188. So, are we going to be attacked again?
  189. Mooted: Customer Service Is A Privilege, Not A Right
  190. DOJ to let Goodling testify
  191. Sarkozy wins presidency -- what now for France?
  192. Why can't black people be like this?
  193. Condi Rice on Rose last night.
  194. Retirement: better for married Couples to Divorce?
  195. Did Jesus have any claim to the throne of Israel?
  196. I Think They're All Bozos In This Base: More Al-Qaeda Idiots Apprehended
  197. How can there ever be peace in the ME?
  198. What is Europes opinion on Americans?
  199. American's...what do you think of Europe and Europeans?
  200. New "radiation-free" approach to controlled nuclear fusion -- could this work?
  201. I shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun
  202. RFK, Jr.: Investigate U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin for 2004 voter "caging lists"
  203. Should the US put itself back on the gold standard?
  204. On the Need for Laissez-Faire Capitalist Reforms
  205. Surge Without End, Amen
  206. Triskadecamus got me to thinking about faith
  207. Faith v. Works - the old discussion revisited
  208. Two Brits convicted for leaking memo (W & Blair discuss bombing al-Jazeera HQ)
  209. Can/should/will Pelosi sue Bush over a "signing statement"?
  210. Is the U.S. really that much better at assimilating immigrants than Europe?
  211. Current plot of Doonesbury-actual possibility?
  212. Slumming Politicians
  213. Blair: Great PM, or the _Greatest_ PM?
  214. The death of the Nation-State
  215. Iraq Parliament backs bill to demand troop withdrawal
  216. Should pharmacists be given (limited) autonomous prescriptive authority?
  217. Separation of Church and State?
  218. 'Cocaine' energy drink pulled from shelves
  219. A federal Judge has given Monica Goodling immunity
  220. Gordon Brown, very likely the next British PM
  221. Let Theists agree before they have the nerve to criticize atheists!
  222. How do you think prosperity relates to the birthrate?
  223. Sperm donor must pay child support
  224. USA Tim Griffin/"caging lists" redux
  225. Can an atheist believe in God?
  226. Do Lots of People Own Guns?
  227. Protecting captured US troops
  228. William J. Clinton Foundation: Liability, Asset, or Eh?
  229. Are the three R's overrated?
  230. Why do they go after the "intelligentsia" in revolutions?
  231. Iranian-American scholar Haleh Esfandiari arrested for spying in Iran
  232. Whatever became of Jimmy P
  233. What happens when the US converts to the gold standard?
  234. Did the US ever apologize to the nations it blasted for not joining the Iraq war?
  235. Opie and Anthony joke about raping Condi Rice
  236. Padilla trial opens; "dirty bomb" not mentioned in opening arguments
  237. Senate to vote this week on Feingold-Reid Bill (troops must leave Iraq by 3/31/08)
  238. How long would Nazism have survived after Hitler?
  239. Politicizing Memorial Day.
  240. He's basically an atheist
  241. School Prayer: Needs of the One outweigh Needs of the Many?
  242. Which party would a Bloomberg independent bid hurt most?
  243. What Will Cerberus DO With Chrysler?
  244. On Voltaire and "Laws against morals"
  245. Do we have a responsibility to accept transgendered individuals?
  246. Second Republican presidential candidates' debate tonight
  247. Jerry Falwell dies -- let's debate his legacy
  248. Hugo Chavez shutting down Radio Caracas Television
  249. What issues would you most like to see debated in...
  250. Living a cruelty-free life.