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  1. Bad Bad Interracial Crime, Minimal Press Coverage: Media Bias In Play?
  2. Debating debate techniques
  3. Why I am an abigfootist!
  4. Your best guess: The percentage chance the next US president will be a Republican?
  5. Army PT Standards
  6. U.S.-Syrian relations
  7. What is the point of Liberal Christianity?
  8. What is an "artificial deadline"?
  9. Has Russia declared war on NATO?
  10. Why is AG Gonzales NOT being impeached?
  11. Robot or Computer Sapience
  12. Why Do People Hate America?...ok, but let me ask you this
  13. Feeding others' parking meters
  14. Bipartisan group of senators wants to force CIA to release its 9/11 report
  15. Let's revise the Recess Appointments clause.
  16. Reporting of new info in West Memphis 3 case- biased or unbelievably stupid?
  17. What if Lincoln had survived?
  18. SCOTUS: Will they overturn Brown?
  19. Libertarians what about defending your country?
  20. Libertarian wing of the Republican party?
  21. Does it actually matter what the specs of a non-gaming Laptop are?
  22. Prescription drug costs and drug research
  23. If every species that ever existed could live contemporaneously...
  24. Global Warming debunked?
  25. Missed Opportunities in Iraq and Afghanistan
  26. "Prom babies": coupla' questions
  27. Technology and Us in the Future
  28. UK Dopers: Which English accent carries the most prestige?
  29. Did working women make it impossible to support a family on one income?
  30. New York Times: JFK conspiracy theorists need to be shunned. Agree?
  31. What did Malcolm X mean by "self-determination"? Would it have worked?
  32. "All news is local" -True? Should it be?
  33. Plan would make Bush leader of entire government (not just executive) in an emergency
  34. I believe mandating fuel efficiency standards for cars is silly.
  35. Environmental Vegetarianism
  36. The decline of skilled trades
  37. Is there such a thing as a "civil" war ?
  38. Life Is What You Make Of It (a faith tangent) (with cite!)
  39. Gay man does cross-dressing blackface - Deal or No Deal?
  40. Compromise immigration bill -- yea or nay?
  41. Are rich and famous people who tout green causes helping or hypocritical?
  42. NYC to make Taxi Fleet Green (Hybrids); is it time for every city to do the same?
  43. UK charges Russian agent with Litvenenko's murder
  44. "Second surge": WH planning to nearly double combat troops in Iraq by Christmas
  45. What leverage does the US Govt have over Israel, how quick to apply/see results?
  46. Former Rove aid takes Fifth on WH contacts with Abramoff, e-mails (but makes offer)
  47. Brave jihadists
  48. Land Of The Free?
  49. Is faith a rationalization?
  50. W authorizes CIA action against Iran; GOP candidates blast . . . ABC for reporting it
  51. CREW sues WH for info about FIVE MILLION missing e-mails
  52. How many times do you have to flip a coin to ensure a heads
  53. Freedom of Speech or Hate Crime?
  54. I'm thinking about trying out Scientology. What's your experience with the org?
  55. Who Has The Right To Offend You, Cashier? (Free speech)
  56. Where would Battleship designs have gone if planes didn't dominate?
  57. Is the Admin using the DoJ for partisan electoral purposes a crime, or is it not?
  58. Samuel Cheney has two mommies
  59. A question for people of faith: other gods?
  60. The US tipping system poisons the eating out well
  61. Oh...shit. Turkey and the Kurds
  62. Would the US extradite the assassin of a hostile leader?
  63. Raising your children to be Patriotic: Poll
  64. You're designing a new federal country: do you have one list of powers, or two lists?
  65. Interviewer->Dawkins: Name a process which increases the genome's information content
  66. Fired for caring too much? Need help!
  67. Patriotism... What Is It Good For?
  68. How to fly the flag without supporting the current jokers?
  69. Aussie Nightclub Bars Heterosexuals and Lesbians. Good idea? Okay?
  70. Uh...wait a minute. Killing pirates is _bad_?
  71. Neanderthal rights?
  72. Fiscal Conservatism <> Tax Cutting
  73. Do Anti-War movements ever end American wars?
  74. We need to fight them over there to help train them to fight us over here
  75. Would a "concert of powers" strategy be better than "American hegemony"?
  76. What will happen in 2009 when analog TV ceases? Is the Internet in jeopardy?
  77. Democrats' fiscal plans circa 2000
  78. Is Vietnam better off today than it would have been if the U.S. had not pulled out?
  79. The *REALLY* crazy conspiracy theory: WTC buildings downed by controlled demolition
  80. U.S. and Iran begin first formal talks in 27 years
  81. Putin Reignites Cold war?
  82. Okay, it's settled, Bush = bad for country. What next?
  83. Signs the SCOTUS is politically motivated?
  84. NASA study: Only 10 years to climate-change "tipping point"
  85. The Liberation of Iraqi Women: How's That Working Out?
  86. 1 in 3 Americans Bible literalists
  87. Senator Fred Thompson is taking formal steps toward a presidential bid.
  88. Should Atheists go to Church?
  89. The WTC Twin Towers Were **Pulverized** on 9/11
  90. Things the Bush administration could have done better in Iraq
  91. Do privately owned firearms make communities safer?
  92. May we discuss the lack of critical thinking skills in our High Schoolers??
  93. What Percent of People Are Batsh*t Crazy?
  94. Are creationists made by their own self image?
  95. Iraq with no boots on the ground?
  96. If Donald Trump Owned the Atmosphere
  97. Bush's curious diatribe reported last night on Countdown
  98. Should speeding fines be graduated by vehicle mass?
  99. Why do sexual utopias always fail?
  100. NCAA grants extra year of eligibility to Duke lacrosse players??
  101. Teaching foreign languages in public schools
  102. "Social Darwinism" and parental punishment
  103. Longtime Bush aide, friend leaving for private sector
  104. 9/11 debate help
  105. Dr. Jack Kevorkian out of jail
  106. Hypothetical US Dollar collapse: Effects on other currencies?
  107. What's the deal with conspiracy nuts?
  108. Rove linked to DoJ prosecution of Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman during disputed election
  109. Who should decide the ideal global climate?
  110. Should people be screened & certified 2 make babies?
  111. Nationalised medicine- would it be good for the US economy. Doctors should earn less.
  112. Global warming- If we cause our own extinction...
  113. What's a handy anecdote/statistic for how much we spend on corporate welfare?
  114. One great teacher
  115. Using Naval Artillery to Kill an Individual
  116. Priorties in state government spending
  117. Catholics: Let's talk second class church membership
  118. Can't wear uniform at political events - so what about soldiers standing behind Bush?
  119. Did Hillary Clinton attend any 9/11 memorials?
  120. Fred Thompson = "authentic", John Edwards = "phony". Discuss.
  121. Is it right for a millionaire's kids to work in menial jobs that others might need?
  122. at a high rate of speed
  123. Could Britain win the Falklands again?
  124. Bush coming around regarding global warming?
  125. Democratic debate, 6/3/07
  126. Should the government subsidize research for extremely rare diseases?
  127. So what do we think of China?
  128. Let's brainstorm about taxes
  129. May a private club exclude blacks? What if a state law said it could?
  130. Jimmy Carter, War Criminal?
  131. How would you change election laws to promote third parties?
  132. How drastic should efforts to limit global warming be?
  133. How Would A Bush Critical Repub Do in the General Election?
  134. Where are we going?
  135. Should GW abandon his scheme for detainees?
  136. Congressman William Jefferson indicted for corruption (finally)
  137. When racial profiling pays off.
  138. Do we really need to shield anyone from swear words?
  139. A climate change hypothetical
  140. Leadership styles: Hitler vs. Stalin
  141. Is it wrong to insult Ginger people?
  142. Restriction of basic human rights - I can't believe someone thinks this...
  143. Should the Olympics allow a double amputee to compete with prosthetics?
  144. So, what's the big deal about bilingualism?
  145. Is Lewis Libby essentially a political prisoner?
  146. Bees and colony collapse again
  147. Shield laws -- necessary for press freedom, or special treatment for the lazy?
  148. Human-rights groups seek 39 persons "disappeared" in GWOT
  149. Reconstruction in the Deep South: Decay or Progress?
  150. What's the narrowest possible ruling the SC can make on the DC gun ban case?
  151. Did George Bush actually perform diplomacy?
  152. What does "Christian" really mean?
  153. Is Iran supplying the Taliban with weapons or not?
  154. Could a Congressman be directly elected President again?
  155. Freedom of expression and child porn
  156. House passes stem cell bill; Bush threatens veto; backers promise override
  157. Atheists have no soul
  158. A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
  159. US missile defense system in Eastern Europe...WTF?
  160. Why do people hate "wiggers?"
  161. Are AGW solutions being mis-sold?
  162. JCS Chairman Gen. Pace not to be reapponted.
  163. The Decade, 1998 to 2007 - No Global Warming
  164. What's up with Steorn's "Orbo" (free-energy perpetual-motion promises)?
  165. Help Me Understand Money - Where does it come from?
  166. Does absolute power ALWAYS corrupt absolutely?
  167. "Voter fraud" think-tank mysteriously vanishes
  168. Bush demands Kosovo independence
  169. Amnesty or Deportation: What would you do if you were Illegal Immigrant Tsar?
  170. Does a Con man's Victim Actively Participate in their own Conning?
  171. Can a Slaveholder Ever Be Considered a Good Person?
  172. Another Healthcare Debate
  173. The first amendment vs. the good of the country
  174. Immigration: How was Reagan able to sell his amnesty plan, when Bush can't sell his?
  175. The absolute worst time and place to be an African-American since the Civil War?
  176. U.S.-from world cop to world doctor
  177. US arming Sunni dissidents
  178. Man-made CO2 is not causing global warming
  179. Is it disrespectful to refer to Senator Clinton as "Hillary?"
  180. Ed Brown Raid - Tax Evasion
  181. An existential problem with google ads
  182. No, really, where are we going?
  183. What you don't know doesn't harm you, right?
  184. Would a nationalized insurance company be a good idea?
  185. Did the Saudis Win the Cold War?
  186. Alberta Tories lose King Ralph's Seat: Beginning of the end, or electoral blip?
  187. Is Las Vegas Racist?
  188. What's actually wrong with Elitism?
  189. Hamas vs Fatah: Who Will "Win"?
  190. Could Bush wield Emergency Powers effectively?
  191. God? (Got proof? Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more) [ed. title]
  192. Are golf courses good for the environment?
  193. Did Sinclair lewis ("THE JUNGLE") Lie?
  194. Are 'thin' women more likely to have eating disorders?
  195. A plane full of US soldiers crashes on an island...
  196. As a childless atheist, I am free to trash the earth
  197. Mother charged because kids sneak out?
  198. law enforcement agencies = "standing armies"?
  199. A curious instance of hypocricy
  200. Amnesty International Map (francais) - USA worst human rights offender.
  201. From Veggies to Meat: Man-Apes become Human
  202. New York vs. the U.N. in a "tax war"
  203. Groundbreaking New 9/11 Film "September Clues"
  204. What are your main beefs with Christianity?
  205. Amnesty International Map (francais) - USA worst human rights offender, part II
  206. A mystic and his heresy
  207. Truth vs NOT
  208. "We've evolved to be creationists"
  209. Should the US Army Employ mercenary Soldiers?
  210. Is Mitt Romney Electable?
  211. A three state solution in Palestine?
  212. Online Gold Farming (in China)
  213. New GAO report on Bush signing statements
  214. Do more insurance companies cover Viagra over Birth Control Pills?
  215. Anthropogenic v. nonanthropogenic global warming - what does it matter?
  216. Life or Death?
  217. Death in Yosemite: what should the Park Service do?
  218. Why no outrage about electoral college?
  219. Congestion pricing idea (NYC)
  220. How did the Arabs do it?
  221. Did Gonzalez really say this?
  222. Should Israel allow Sick/Injured gazans to Enter Israel?
  223. Is Islam mentioned in the Bible?
  224. Rapid Extinction Virus: Affects on Ecosystem
  225. What are your main beefs w/ Atheism?
  226. Can Australia actually do this? (Ban sale booze/porn in aboriginal lands)
  227. Hate speech the search for a definition
  228. Cheney not in executive branch
  229. North American Union - reality or crazy conspiracy theory?
  230. Congress' approval rating at 14%?!?
  231. Global warming -- what's the worst-case scenario?
  232. Will impeachment of GWB become serious consideration?
  233. Is God a person?
  234. Do wars suck more now than they did in the past?
  235. Whence the patriotic firefighter fetish?
  236. Why are we not like God?
  237. Photos of Coffins in the Cargo Plane
  238. Heterosexual AIDS
  239. IQ differences: Nature v Nurture and the Norway Study
  240. Are the American people becoming more politically liberal?
  241. Ok, all joking aside, they're not REALLY going to run Hillary, are they?
  242. North Korea to close nuclear facility in "three weeks"
  243. 911 overblown
  244. Can we talk about acupuncture?
  245. FEMA ordered to release addresses of recipients of mysterious payments
  246. How do black Christians justify being christians?
  247. Was Lucille Ball a Communist?
  248. When do the ends justify the means?
  249. WH opposes move to declassify Senate report on Iraq's WMDs
  250. Hemp

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