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  1. Sustainability - hybrids and solar panels
  2. PTSD, repression, and "whistling past the graveyard"
  3. Does data compression doom SETI?
  4. What is Cheney holding over Google's head?
  5. Would a VP preside over his own impeachment trial?
  6. Shunning the extreme left
  7. Tort reform: Yea or Nay. (Reccomended reforms solicited.)
  8. What's so bad about hedge funds?
  9. Global-warming skepticism from a leftist
  10. Could Africa be like China?
  11. CIA's Family Jewels
  12. What recourse for a fraudulent election? (U.S.A.)
  13. Could Dick Cheney affect the outcome of the electoral vote count in 2008?
  14. Did anyone NOT stack the SCOTUS?
  15. Senate committee subpoenas WH and VP's office re warrantless wiretapping program
  16. Should taxpayers pay for gender realignment surgery for prisoners?
  17. The Federalist #2 - Rights and Being "Near Enough"
  18. WH refuses Congressional subpoenas -- constitutional showdown?
  19. From a Military perspective were our "victories" in Afghanistan and Iraq impressive?
  20. Who's stopping the electric/solar car?
  21. Romney strapped his dog on car roof for 12 hour journey
  22. Long distance travel and transport in 2057
  23. All true competitors cheat?
  24. Lawdopers: Let's discuss Morse v. Frederick!
  25. State law to require ID for all alcohol sales and the homeless
  26. Will Gordon Brown call an early election?
  27. Do we need technology or do we want technology?
  28. Bush says Israel should be the model for Iraq
  29. Would Rear-Facing car seats save Lives?
  30. Can (other) animals be evil?
  31. London Car Bombs
  32. What will Gordon Brown do as PM of the UK?
  33. Is the US headed for a cultural backlash?
  34. Is Global Warming Being Overhyped?
  35. Anyone In Canada Recognize the Utopia Michael Moore Sees There?
  36. The Federalist #3 - Any Need for Foreign Relations?
  37. A Study from Northwestern Points to Error rates in non-capital prosecutions
  38. 'A Science of Man' to transcend 'The Man of Science'
  39. Most ridiculous candidate wins?
  40. Could "civilisation" have survived a global nuclear war?
  41. Paging Jehovah's Witnesses and bible scholars: need a few things cleared up
  42. To what extent are Western democracies chrysocracies in disguise?
  43. Is energy independence a Good Thing?
  44. Voting is pointless- discuss
  45. What will be your country's next crusade?
  46. Which would have been worse: a nuclear war in 1963 or in 1983?
  47. Swarm Theory & Group Psychology
  48. Asymmetric warfare and WW2
  49. Founding Fathers: Your Favorite/ Least Favorite
  50. Can nuclear power reduce carbon emissions -- without causing weapons proliferation?
  51. House Judiciary Committee to have hearing on Libby commutation
  52. A Restriction on Presidential Pardons
  53. Do You Support The War In Iraq?
  54. Who Was The First To Suggest That Post-Religious Movements Look A Lot Like Religions?
  55. The Fairness Doctrine: a good idea?
  56. Does humanity have a deep seated need for apocalypse?
  57. Believers in a triune God, why does there have to be an interscessor?
  58. Al Gore- do the concert; Don't let your ADULT son piss on your big event.
  59. Great Britain in WWI
  60. Should ACLU defend Phelps daughter (child abuse, flag mutilation at military funeral)
  61. A rather sad overlord [DevNull puts forth his political beliefs]
  62. Understanding: a way of seeing
  63. Live Earth Concert...what's the point?
  64. Pope OKs prayer calling for conversion of Jews
  65. Why should I care about global warming?
  66. religion and ego
  67. Carbon cap or tax and with what effects?
  68. Whyfore ethanol?
  69. About suicide bombers. Am I making this up?
  70. The Fallacy of Reductionism
  71. Terrorist tactics - Why don't they hit easier and more panic-inducing targets?
  72. Destroying produce rather than giving it away: rationale?
  73. Kamikaze attacks 'not about terror'?
  74. Disney villains wear dark clothes: does that reinforce racism?
  75. Michael Moore tears CNN a new one
  76. Bill introduced to limit presidential signing statements
  77. Iraq Government Misses All Targets
  78. Are we doing ANY good in Iraq?
  79. English as the official language of the USA
  80. are Diesel cars the Answer?
  81. The war in Iraq - is it now only being fought 'cause the other side is fighting back?
  82. Gonzalez may have lied to Congress; Dem calls for special prosecutor
  83. Pope Benny is on a Roll: "Other Christians not true churches"
  84. The "Atheist Creation" Thread Spontaneously Reappears
  85. "Self proclaimed" black leaders?
  86. America in decline...how would we know?
  87. Arab League to send delegation to Israel for peace talks
  88. Should We Bring Back Mammoths?
  89. Terminator 3, I, Robot & Hal 2000
  90. Anorexia and Obesity
  91. Study: Climate change not caused by increasing output from the Sun
  92. Bush orders ex-counsel to defy congressional subpoena
  93. Explain the vitriol directed towards Jesse Jackson, please
  94. Can consciousness be observed?
  95. Murderous AI
  96. Crusades: Legit Response to Muslim Aggression?
  97. What is all this about 'spirituality' and 'relgion'?
  98. Why Do Americans pay more for Healthcare than Canadians?
  99. Try, try again . . . House votes for most troops to be out of Iraq by 4/1/08
  100. The SIM card of terror
  101. My three step solution to the immigration problem
  102. Now, how many senses do we have?
  103. Seriously, annex Mexico?
  104. English as a Romance Language.
  105. Why are so many Americans interested in politics?
  106. Suppose Global Warming is real but AGW is not
  107. 1000 + speeding tickets
  108. What's the future like for Internet radio?
  109. Cheney pushes Bush to take military action v. Iran
  110. Barack Obama solution to violence
  111. Bush Set to Veto Kids' Health Insurance
  112. Why does the U.S. have so much more retail space (per capita) than other countries?
  113. Kristol: "Why Bush Will Be a Winner" -- let's debate his statements
  114. DDT - dangerous to birds? dangerous to humans?
  115. 1967 Israel attack against USS Liberty
  116. Remind me: Why am I supposed to hate Cuba?
  117. George Galloway faces suspension from Parliament.
  118. Are White People in Denial?
  119. Does Cigarette Smoking Cost Society Money?
  120. Is the stock market giving Bush's policies a thumbs-up?
  121. "Class warfare" has a legitimate place in American political/electoral discourse
  122. Is structural racism responsible for the rise of the white middle class?
  123. New executive order -- Admin can freeze assets of anyone "undermining" Iraq
  124. Challenge to warrantless surveillance program might actually get its day in court
  125. Is Pakistan Next?
  126. Oaxaca, Mexico, heating up again
  127. Why don't hackers and programmers do something truly important?
  128. Cold War II: Cold Harder
  129. The use of personal conduct litmus tests in debates on the Dope
  130. The New Face of Racism.
  131. Plame Court Action Denied
  132. Would Another Cold War Be Beneficial to the US
  133. Military needs until Novermber to evaluate Iraq surge effect
  134. Most Significant Presidential Election in US History?
  135. If a hot war broke out involving the United States would Iraq just be forgoten about
  136. Von Stauffenberg kills Hitler in '44 - would it have made a difference?
  137. Are all terrorists Musims today?
  138. Congress' options: "Inherent contempt" vs. reviving Office of the Independent Counsel
  139. On killing animals for fun
  140. The John Birch Society
  141. How should a political party set its policies?
  142. Congressman denied access to plan for continuing government after terrorist attack
  143. The Ethics of the "Flashie Thingie" - Men in Black
  144. Three More and I'll Impeach
  145. Positioning a political party MK II
  146. A weapon more destructive than the atom bomb
  147. Will Bush make it?
  148. Is it likely intelligent life will be violent?
  149. Turkey's ruling Islamist party wins elections, keeps power
  150. What's the point of prayer?
  151. Unions: Are they to blame for outsourcing?
  152. Do we really need to know the President's medical details?
  153. Juvenile Sex Offenders and the Law
  154. Why is DeBeers allowed to exist?
  155. UK Terror plot was an Inside job
  156. Impeach Karl Rove!
  157. The paradox of enlightenment
  158. What the fuck just happened in Libya?
  159. Celibacy
  160. Maerzie's Theory of Homosexuality
  161. Call To Lower the Corporate Tax Rate
  162. If the Next President is A Democrat...
  163. Is it possible that George really believes this stuff?
  164. How do civil wars usually end?
  165. What about eliminating all tax deductions?
  166. So why, exactly, is polygamy illegal?
  167. Did WH "political landscape" briefings of agency officials violate the Hatch Act?
  168. House votes to ban permanent U.S. bases in Iraq
  169. can Animals detect the Approach of death?
  170. If you legally own a gun you can shoot an intruder: Now on to the weather.
  171. Ignorant stupid vs, negligent stupid
  172. College Co-Eds Get Screwed
  173. Debating Conservation
  174. Is it better to kill pesky animals with bow and arrow than firearms?
  175. What are the successful preemptive attacks?
  176. Leahy subpoenas Rove re attorney firings. Another constitutional showdown?!
  177. How much do we gain (or lose) by helping other countries financially?
  178. Can the growing gulf between those in the military and civilians ever be bridged?
  179. Sexism: discuss
  180. Would *you* have spared Shambo?
  181. Is home ownership a net gain to society?
  182. Michael Moore served with subpoena re Cuba trip
  183. Professionals: What is?
  184. Is Morality a Joke?
  185. Who Would Be Bush's Replacement for Cheney?
  186. Joe Lieberman is president: how do the parties' positions on the wars change?
  187. God doesnt exist
  188. Child Porn V Rape
  189. The slaughter of WWI...America's fault?!?
  190. What About Employers Who Don't Cover Birth Control On Moral Grounds
  191. Old Shoe v. Reformer: a Grand Unified Theory of Dem Nomination Contests
  192. The New Cold War appears to be just around the corner
  193. House Gets Executive Urges
  194. Morality of donation with unreported $
  195. What exactly will happen when we leave Iraq, and why is it not as bad as staying?
  196. Majority of Americans support more public surveillance cameras
  197. "A War We Just Might Win"
  198. Laws Enforcing Immigration Policies Only Allowed at Federal Level
  199. The importance of falsifiability
  200. Murdoch to acquire WSJ -- will anything change?
  201. Candidacy restricted to unemployed?
  202. McConnell: NSA surveillance program just the tip of the iceberg
  203. What is the proper balance of power between Congress & the presidency?
  204. My proposoal for improved society.
  205. Punitive damages should go to the state, not the plaintiff
  206. The maternal instinct- culture or biology?
  207. Obama says he might, as POTUS, sent troops into Pakistan without Musharraf's leave
  208. Does unregulated capitalism look like China?
  209. Warrantless surveillance program ruled illegal (secretly, several months ago)
  210. Is George W. Bush dumb?
  211. Republicans don't (or don't want to) "get" the internet
  212. How should movements deal with their lunatic fringe?
  213. When did the fifties metaphorically begin?
  214. 3 reasons I can't be truly happy
  215. What are the realistic chances for Republican's in 2008?
  216. What exactly happened in the House today?
  217. Not your everyday China-Taiwan-Armageddon thread
  218. How will pleasing the base get Dem candidates in trouble with the general electorate?
  219. Let there be light....
  220. Can babies communicate with hand movements earlier than vocalization?
  221. How will pleasing the base get GOP candidates in trouble with the general electorate?
  222. Hiroshima & Nagasaki
  223. FBI raids home of former DoJ lawyer suspected of leaking surveillance program
  224. Did ergotism cause werewolf scares?
  225. Encouraging regimen for Alzheimer's Disease?
  226. The fall and rise of civilizations
  227. Has U.S. Interrogations Actually Saved Lives
  228. Do overt religious displays bias you for or against a business?
  229. The Mortgage Market Mess
  230. The Mortgage Market Mess - Again
  231. Pullout results (non-pregnancy related)
  232. What do we do about the Mortgage Mess?
  233. The Greenest Vehicle
  234. Hamid Karzai: Iran has been a "helper" in fight against terrorism
  235. Should I tell locals how to break through the [not so] Great Firewall?
  236. Which party is more partisan when in power? I think that question can be answered.
  237. A registered sex offender moved in near my house. What, if anything, should I do?
  238. Zeitgeist
  239. Congress ethics bill - real change or more of the same?
  240. DARPA implants surveillance tech in a Moth
  241. What are the differences between black and white America?
  242. Did Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate JFK?
  243. Nation Building. Many threads combined.
  244. Humans have more right to live than baiji dolphins [part 2]
  245. Bush wants to cut taxes again -- on corporations
  246. Has the US lost its place as the "most superest" of superpowers?
  247. You Say You Want A Revolution?
  248. "Newsweek" cover story exposes well-funded global-warming denial machine
  249. Why should the State and Federal Government collect data on race?
  250. A Question for Atheists concerning ignorance