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  1. If God Made Me, He Knows I Can't Believe in Him
  2. What will happen when the US dollar tanks?
  3. Are college brass really worth more than the professors?
  4. Dear parapsychologists, I invite you to convince me that you are scientists.
  5. UK has 100 tonnes of Plutonium
  6. Anti-intellectualism inhibits learning
  7. Race to the Arctic
  8. Bye Bye Belgium?
  9. What currency might replace the US dollar as the world's reserve currency?
  10. Does Bill O'Reilly make more sense in this interview than Michael Moore?
  11. Why not give funds raised from traffic tickets to safe drivers?
  12. Why do we sleep
  13. Is military invasion/occupation of foreign countries no longer feasible?
  14. Abuse: how do we break the pattern?
  15. Can we afford much more Iraq progress?
  16. What might have been: Soviet lunar landing
  17. Get the Truth Out on Autism
  18. America: Freedom to Fascism- the legality of the income tax
  19. Chinesse population
  20. Technology makes passive life seducing
  21. Virgin sued for user teen's photo
  22. Hillary Clinton's health care plan
  23. Are there military needs for commercial airlines?
  24. Why is Ahmidinejad doing so many interviews?
  25. U.S. snipers urged to scatter weapons as "bait" for insurgents
  26. Can the American Economy be Fixed?
  27. Maliki: Civil war in Iraq has been averted & Iranian intervention has ceased to exist
  28. First Amendment and 'F**k Bush'
  29. Is Myanmar (Burma) on the brink of a "Saffron Revolution"?
  30. Iran, post 9/11
  31. If Iraq is now "sovereign," does Order 17 still have any legal force?
  32. A party-centered electoral system is better than a candidate-centered system
  33. Iraq Debacle could have been avoided for $1 billion?
  34. The evil of Saddam and the evil of Bush
  35. Is Iran going to attack us?
  36. On the inherent benefits of diversity
  37. The role of religion in war
  38. Taxes on Used Goods - WTF?
  39. Thinking is part of reality
  40. Should the Tories dump Cameron?
  41. (Adult) Missing Person SOP
  42. Who is "public", libel, and potential censorship on Boards.
  43. Necessity of the Military and Moral Responsibility
  44. Iraq rhetoric is disconnected from the effort made.
  45. Is it ethical to use food as fuel sources?
  46. Top Republicans snub Morgan State: Big deal or tempest in a tea pot?
  47. How possible is it that science could be seriously wrong about some things?
  48. Iran scared? Am I missing something?
  49. Is this the best we can rule ourselves?
  50. Fertility, Reproduction and the Courts
  51. If Flanders gets independance, will the E.U. recognize it ?
  52. Should the Monks be treated any differently?
  53. Japan's new PM, Yasuo Fukuda
  54. The housing bust: will Los Angeles ever become affordable again?
  55. McCain says US Constitution establishes "Christian Nation"
  56. Hillary Clinton's negatives: how should she overcome them?
  57. Global Warming Facts?
  58. How is Hillary keeping her momentum?
  59. The Battle of The Bulge-Who Took The Blame?
  60. What are Christian principles and values? Do they actually exist?
  61. Blind can't see Target: questions about the lawsuit
  62. Pelosi is a hypocrite
  63. Other ways to Support Life besides Water and Air(Space)?
  64. Free trade is bad for the economy, right?
  65. Web Designers: Are We Screwed? (Court rules against Target on website accessibility)
  66. Senator Larry Craig is staying!
  67. Would the world be better if all political leaders were castrated?
  68. The Limbaugh crisis
  69. Evidence for the Bible
  70. What's wrong with my Iraq War narrative?
  71. Newcomb's Paradox
  72. Natural science is so successful because…
  73. Do you support forced interrogation/torture of suspected Terrorists?
  74. Illegal Immigration Amnesty Idea
  75. Paying off the national debt is a *bad* idea?
  76. McDonald's employee wins strip search lawsuit
  77. Time for a renewed fracas on Illegal Downloading (Re: Thomas Verdict)
  78. Screaming 15-Year-Old Girl Pepper Sprayed
  79. "Gay Rights Parade Sets... Gays Back 50 Years." Does it?
  80. Will Brown call an election?
  81. Why don't payday loans violate usury laws? [ed.]
  82. Should Nitrogen Asphyxiation Be Used for Capital Punishment?
  83. Should there be a stigma on masturbation?
  84. “It's alive!” The implications of the world's first truly synthetic organism.
  85. The war is lost: whaddya do?
  86. Why dont' black people go camping?
  87. Reintroducing Wolves And Bears To The Rockies
  88. Jon Stewart vs. Chris Matthews: Who pwned whom?
  89. My opinions and morality: Atheists welcome
  90. Chicago marathon debacle - repercussions?
  91. There will be no major terror attacks in the US
  92. Bush is right about Turkey
  93. Is the level of outrage over "noose incidents" counterproductive?
  94. Karada Attack (The latest shooting in Iraq)
  95. The infantilization of video games is a serious problem
  96. If you are OK with the death penalty, should the scope be expanded?
  97. Agnosticism is goofy.
  98. Sweet milk from an evil cow.
  99. Criticize Ron Paul
  100. US Sovereignty versus International Court?
  101. Why is Bush starting to act like a real president?
  102. What is the rule regarding capitalization of ethnicity/race?
  103. Argument for military outsourcing?
  104. Mr Gore's Nobel: Like the wife-beater winning for Shelters
  105. Krauthammer and Hillary
  106. And now, a moment of silence
  107. What SHOULD be the punishment for hanging a noose?
  108. "Hey, Karl! Karl Marx! What have you been up to? I've not seen you since 1989!"
  109. Does the Nobel Peace Prize pose a threat to the Prize's legitamacy?
  110. Instead of socialized medicine...how about
  111. Why didn't most or all Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah?
  112. Al Gore's Current Political Aspirations
  113. Oil suddenly irrelevant.
  114. I have a strong desire to comprehend stuff
  115. Is it bad karma to open other peoples' post?
  116. What's the point of employer-based health care?
  117. Guns or Health Care?
  118. What if narcotics no longer relevant?
  119. Why is casual drug use so accepted on the Internet?
  120. HIV Denial Rebuttal
  121. How does one teach one's children how to lie?
  122. What's so bad about secession, in general?
  123. And if every country just said, "Taiwan is a sovereign nation..."?
  124. Credibility Question: MSNBC Nightly news and one commerical sponsor
  125. Darwin and has the removal of the death penalty increased crime?
  126. Is Gore right for the Nobel Peace Prize?
  127. Repubs bucking free trade
  128. Just WHAT is Satan's Role?
  129. Websites - Survival of the Fittest?
  130. Democracy, Critical Thinking, & Journalism
  131. The Draft, Practicalities thereof
  132. Alternate History: Reagan Assassinated
  133. The Ethics of Spying on Your Nanny
  134. Turkish parliament authorizes military operations in Iraq
  135. James Watson, Nobel Prize Recpient: racist?
  136. FCC (again) moving to relax media ownership rules
  137. Telecom Amnesty: Where's the outrage?
  138. Church of Annihilation
  139. It is time for Jamaica to answer for its barbaric human rights record.
  140. Will we ever see space-based (anti-Earth) weapons systems?
  141. So we're in Iraq to seize control of their oil??
  142. Practical end to the intelligence debate
  143. Mowaffak Al-Rubaie says "NO, N, O," to permanent US bases in Iraq
  144. Is Huckabee a genuinely nice, sincere guy, or is it an act?
  145. Another Bobbies with guns question
  146. Comcast blocks bittorrent ... crosses the line?
  147. Norman Borlaug and the Green Revolution
  148. Handicap the GOP nomination race
  149. Could President Bush get away with Iraqi genocide?
  150. Black Myth Bustin' Time. (welfare rich)
  151. Why is protecting gun rights a right wing philosophy?
  152. Zogby poll: 50% say they would never vote for Hillary Clinton as POTUS
  153. Will we ever colonise other worlds?
  154. Clarified residency rules would help the political process.
  155. Does privatizing lotteries make any sense?
  156. "All Nixon has to do is show a little firmness . . ."
  157. Pls Help me to find the ones interested in this!: Are we controlled by secret forces?
  158. What can Californians do to avoid another Superdome situation?
  159. The Ultimate Question for a Creationist?
  160. D'you think the irony in this bill is intended?
  161. I just met one of the fired U.S. Attorneys
  162. Evolution and Dinosaurs
  163. The limits of liability for objects you no longer own
  164. Terrorism Chart
  165. Gun Storage Etiquette Question
  166. Idiocracy: Is it plausible?
  167. Can a Sin produce a Pleasure?
  168. Can we make any educated guesses on what an Alien life form would look like?
  169. What Iraq war?
  170. Historians & doctors: your take on the Spanish flu, Wilson & the Treaty of Versailles
  171. Go ahead, tell me again how we're NOT going to war with Iran
  172. Did the non Caucasian races get their stereotypes honest?
  173. Why the hatred of Hillary?
  174. If there were a God, don't you think he would've made him or her self known by now?
  175. Why does Rudy Giuliani say he's pro-choice?
  176. Why the diehard love for Hillary?
  177. Has France's WWII performance been fairly judged or not?
  178. Is it possible to quantify the aggregate sum of human knowledge?
  179. Please help truth-check this (Bush v Clinton)
  180. Even if the Bush is Right About Iran and Nuclear Weapons
  181. Speeding fines and tickets
  182. Is Waxing (Removal of Hair) Dangerous?
  183. Giuliani wins in 08
  184. So who the hell DOESN'T support the troops...
  185. The War on Terror is Over (in the UK at least)
  186. Is this guy a Chicken Little, or is the global economy on the brink of a depression?
  187. Any pro-gay ex-gays?
  188. US gravity control research
  189. Homeland Security Detain UK Government Minister- of course he is Muslim
  190. All cars should be required to have E-Z Pass/RFID technology
  191. Morals of sleeping with a married person
  192. If Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not President of Iran, would America's policy be the same?
  193. Who most influenced Western Civilization?
  194. We would be in Iraq no matter what...
  195. Is the USA the only country that even bothers with Intelligent Design bullshit?
  196. An intelligent plan for dealing with potential terrorists?
  197. Bill introduced to limit the president's war powers
  198. Questions about Autism and eliminating Dairy, Wheat and Gluten from diet?
  199. Turkey invading Iraq + Pakistani instability + US bombing Iran = ME meltdown?
  200. Christians: of what value to God is worship? [ed. title for clarity]
  201. Is the human species screwed?
  202. Do extremists help or harm more moderate like-minded parties?
  203. Christianity: Is belief in God the only path to salvation?
  204. Spanish trial of March 11th terrorists concludes
  205. What is specifically NOT covered by free speech?
  206. Hillary gets an unusual backer
  207. Wildfires, CO2 emission, Global Climate Change
  208. The Foxnewsification of America
  209. Why is gas so cheap right now?
  210. Americas deterioriating relations with Turkey
  211. Just another apocalypse gone by? The end of the Mayan Calendar.
  212. Could/World/Should GWB offer a blanket Amnesty?
  213. Standards of Wealth
  214. "Yeah, but Clinton got a..."
  215. Paul Tibbets - Hero or just a guy doing his job
  216. What is your opinion on "once an addict, always an addict."
  217. Injured, starving animal. Better to kill it, or leave it be?
  218. What is a hero?
  219. Why do we care about China?
  220. Where is Evolution heading?
  221. Is There ANY Benefit In Taking Vitamin Pills?
  222. One year until Election Day 2008: Make Your Predictions Here
  223. Balancing the Ticket
  224. How much credit (blame) does the Prez get for the economy?
  225. How will a Hillary Presidency be different than/ the same as Bill's?
  226. Should Florida have a state income tax?
  227. Musharraf declares state of emergency in Pakistan, cancels elections
  228. Musharraf declares state of emergency in Pakistan, cancels elections
  229. Musharraf declares state of emergency in Pakistan, cancels elections
  230. Musharraf declares state of emergency in Pakistan, cancels elections
  231. Question for Christians: How do we know God loves us?
  232. Hunter S. Thompson ~~On Voting
  233. Mukasey: Worse than Gonzalez?
  234. What's up with Texas
  235. Why make continuing payments for a completed, paid job?
  236. What rights are being trampled on?
  237. When will a closeted, gay-bashing LESBIAN politician mistakenly out herself?
  238. If I am forced to murder someone will I be convicted?
  239. Is America actually more "Free" than most other Democractic Countries?
  240. Vietnam War -- wrong to fight or wrong to quit?
  241. Would the nation be better off if Hillary's '94 healthcare plan had been adopted?
  242. If/when the U.S. fails in Iraq, will the Right propagate a new Dolchstosslegende?
  243. Faith isn't easy
  244. Can a Christian mistakenly believe they are interacting with God?
  245. Is America ready for smaller, more compact cars?
  246. What if Hillary Clinton were assassinated?
  247. Question for Atheists; What is your moral system?
  248. Religion and Work Schedules - What Degree of Accomodation
  249. Murder should be decriminalized
  250. It's not an immigration issue!