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  1. Does threatening to revolt to win concessions ever work?
  2. Why have so many simple, basic things never been tried in space?
  3. We're all pacifists, aren't we?
  4. Accidentally strangled by handcuffs..
  5. What is to protect us from real bad stuff, like...
  6. Why Do Some European Nations Still Need Kings/Queens?
  7. What if America had used nukes in Vietnam?
  8. Temperature Record of the Last 1000 Years
  9. King Juan Carlos vs Hugo Chavez
  10. Solving AGW will make things worse...
  11. Lyall Watson
  12. People who hate (or even just dislike) children
  13. What's the big deal with Social Security?
  14. Does anyone these days believe in God, and also think He's flawed?
  15. can friendliness be rude?
  16. If god is omnipotent, is he also not omnipotent?
  17. Does God have dimensions?
  18. An analogical examination of pro-life/pro-choice
  19. Carbon tax or cap/trade
  20. Y'all come in. I'll make you religious (unless you wish otherwise of course)
  21. Is this woman out of touch with reality or am I?
  22. States' Rights in the USA - why?
  23. Unipolar, Bipolar or Multipolar world: What is most stable?
  24. Evolution and God
  25. The illusion of duality
  26. Cultural Imperialism: Valid Complaint?
  27. Gitmo: Camp Delta SOP
  28. Will a Female POTUS fuel the fire of Islamic Extremists?
  29. Is it time to revise the old canards about United States math and science education?
  30. Pray+rain= Proof of God?
  31. The Abrahamic Curse & The Peace Process
  32. Hilary Clinton And The Planted Question
  33. Were the actions security at the UF Kerry Forum (sept. 18, 07) justified?
  34. Anyone heard of Ronald Weinland?
  35. Is homosexuality psychological or biological?
  36. God is not Great
  37. The postcard tactic--acceptable or invasion of privacy?
  38. Is There A Moral Responsibility To Keep A Breed Existing?
  39. Historical questions about God and the Bible
  40. Why people become Homosexual.. the answer
  41. Canadian Supremes: AWOL U.S. soldiers are not refugees
  42. Why does nobody ask about the origins of heterosexuality?
  43. Was Hillary lying?
  44. German defensive tactics in WWII - excellent or foolish?
  45. Does the US care if Belgium and France, etc. are in Afghanistan?
  46. Is the Pope seeking to end the Great Schism?
  47. Colleges refusing to admit Kansans, Doverites, etc...
  48. A Third Party in 2008?
  49. Anti-Mormon phone calls-too clever by half?
  50. What would happen if the laws of physics suddenly stopped working?
  51. "Pro-life" and "pro-choice" are both stupid expressions
  52. Could The US navy have Covered This Up?
  53. Whence the Baptist church(es)?
  54. Please explain bypassing enemy positions
  55. Might some of Earth's seas have been formed by asteroid/comet collisions?
  56. Should we be messing with stuff that could destroy the world (Large Hadron Collider)?
  57. What Are Your Challenges In Being An Atheist?
  58. Was Eden a real place?
  59. Religious Reasons for Evil
  60. Who is the Christian right going to vote for in 08?
  61. Is Breakfast Cereal Nutritious?
  62. Some discussion on law and sociology
  63. Boston PD Begins a Program of Warrantless Searches to Sieze Guns from Minors
  64. When will we have scarless healing?
  65. Towards Jury Trial Reform
  66. Chuck for Huck: like/dislike, good or bad for Huck's campaign?
  67. Medical science, McGyver style.
  68. Does Ronald Reagan really deserve credit for taking down the Berlin Wall?
  69. Are small businesses the key to Universal Health Coverage?
  70. A science-fiction like future by 2050?
  71. High Court to rule on gun bans
  72. Pro-choice and the draft
  73. How much better (if at all) are things getting in Iraq?
  74. Please, for the love of Og, tell me we landed on the moon...
  75. Witnessing: Mankind IS going to Mars
  76. Please discuss chronological order of New Testament books
  77. Antarctica ice cap is growing , not shrinking?
  78. Giving God Control Over Your life
  79. Could bullets be taxed or outlawed?
  80. Isn't John Edwards the Best Democrat Candidate?
  81. Shouldn't We be Teaching ID in Science Class?
  82. Human Evolution
  83. What does 67% recidivism for murder mean? Does it argue for death penalty?
  84. Are we reaching the limits of human knowledge?
  85. If Hitler had won WWII, would the Nazi economic system have worked in the long run?
  86. Homeopathic cures fail; kid dies; parents murderers?
  87. Who is bad? Hitler? George Bush? Is anyone?
  88. DATELINE: Has Catching Perverts Gone too far? [ed. title]
  89. Do you believe the "Three Strikes, You're Out" law is a good one?
  90. Are Cruise Ship Sailors Trained in Damage Control?
  91. Morality
  92. Is string theory bullshit?
  93. Are memes scientifically valid?
  94. How badly will success in Iraq hurt the Democrats?
  95. Are the US Marines currently superior to the Army as an institution?
  96. What Are Your Challenges In Being An Atheist? (Spin-off for other ??)
  97. On being Carbon Neutral
  98. What's the dope on "The Secret" and "The Laws of Attraction"
  99. What if Bryan had beaten McKinley for the presidency in 1896?
  100. Is the Winnebago Effect a bellwether for an economic downturn?
  101. Gas tax.
  102. Is regulation which uses the market to internalize an externality "anti-market"?
  103. Handicapping the Annapolis Peace Conference
  104. Large Hadron Collider, Curiosity Killed the Cat?
  105. What would it take to change an athiest's mind?
  106. Republicans: What do you think of Ron Paul?
  107. Hugo Chavez vs Uribe?
  108. What would it take to change a theist's mind?
  109. The Restoration- a JW teaching that many don't know about
  110. Will stem cell research be able to help burn and facial scarring victims?
  111. Money creation/Gold Standard
  112. "OPERATION PLIERS": CIA planning interference/coup in Venezuela referendum?
  113. Is using the title "Big [industry]" in the news fair?
  114. Wouldn't Chris Hansen be doing a better service by targeting those who want toddlers?
  115. Should this woman be extradited? (Fatal DUI, leaves US to avoid sentence)
  116. An idea to help end/reduce AGW...
  117. Should someone on probation be allowed to keep lottery winnings?
  118. Why has tipping % gone up?
  119. What should Hillary do about the hostage situation?
  120. Midnight Oil's Peter Garrett named Australia's Environment Minister
  121. Which VP's would have made good Presidents?
  122. Chavez President Till 2050?
  123. Honda introduces hydrogen fuel-cell car -- will this catch on?
  124. Americans: which foreigner would you like as POTUS?
  125. Legality of taxing items repeatedly.
  126. Easy fix for North Korea?
  127. As punishment for moving up primary, DNC strips Michigan of convention delegates
  128. Are our governing systems getting too old?
  129. An Oil Embargo Anyway???
  130. Surfeit of decency preventing my ignorance from being fought
  131. Everybody's talkin' about...
  132. House Passes 35 MPG CAFE Average; will Detroit Comply?
  133. Let's talk political correctness.
  134. Machines of Loving Grace- God Gene/AI link?
  135. Convince me not to sell my car.
  136. The Republican debate on CNN was just a couple of days ago
  137. Let's fix the nominating process! Woot!
  138. Creationists, be gone [How to keep claims about 3,000 year-old dinos out of schools]
  139. Mortgage Rate Freeze Imminent?
  140. North American Union: Fact or fiction?
  141. Why did Cold War leaders view the Communist bloc as monolithic?
  142. US Constitution 2.0
  143. Blame women for the death of feminism ?
  144. Whatever happened to the Population Bomb?
  145. Is faith realistic?
  146. U.S. intelligence: Iran is not working on a bomb; but W says they're still a threat
  147. Congressional Aide Arrested
  148. Are a bunch of monkeys running our financial system?
  149. So, what does England get out of the Union, anyway?
  150. What is the financial cost of an automobile to the owner & to society?
  151. НАШИ - Putin Youth
  152. Are parents "sacrificing" for their children? What exactly does that mean?
  153. Let's fix teenaged gunman shootings
  154. Is youtube detrimental to record sales?
  155. NJ state legislators preparing to vote on death penalty
  156. When Will The Weak US Dollars REsult in Higher Prices?
  157. Hillary is in serious trouble?
  158. What would happen if Western terrorists bombed Mecca?
  159. Has H. Clinton been asked this?
  160. why don't anyone question Britains nuklear arseal?
  161. Attention Theists!!!! I Am Going To Bet My Life That God Does Not Exist!!!
  162. Theists: I am still alive: Valteron
  163. Plame: Fitzgerald agrees to turn Bush & Cheney interview transcripts over to Waxman
  164. Mitt Romney: "Freedom requires religion"
  165. Torture Redux: Some thoughts after reading reports of military investigation
  166. SDMB Historical outcome of Theism vs Atheism threads/war?
  167. The U.S. State Department: on the way out?
  168. A book based on the bible...
  169. Lesbian Couple Denied a Divorce in Rhode Island
  170. Christmas should be a uniter, not a divider
  171. What's the actual competence level of CIA or other agenciesí clandestine officers?
  172. Freemasonry: Threat or Menace?
  173. What About The French Nuclear Arsenal?
  174. How come the DNC is stripping early-primary states of delegates, but the RNC isn't?
  175. Swingers club in residential area
  176. Democracy? I think not!
  177. A Poll on Perceptions of Miranda Rights
  178. Isn't the most robust faith the kind which is honestly questioned?
  179. Do Cheap, Mediocre Products Drive out Good Products?
  180. SDMB Atheists..point me in the direction of the most convincing arguments for Atheism
  181. Economic Growth: The Real Hockey Stick
  182. President Chavez's New Time Zone?
  183. Churches with guards
  184. Iran: What Do the Israelis Know?
  185. Do we have the same God?
  186. Homosexuality can be turned on and off in Fruit flies
  187. Gun grabbing in California?
  188. Is "reverse white flight" happening to our cities, and is it A Bad Thing?
  189. Newsweek says Chavez referrendum rigged
  190. Why does Christmas have to be inclusive?
  191. How bad would a recession be?
  192. Are we going to see internationally enforced "Carbon Laws"?
  193. brazil84's Global Warming Thread
  194. If Hitler had been killed on July 20, 1944, who would have succeeded him?
  195. Which major news outlets lean left, and which lean right?
  196. Grover Norquist's proposed amendment
  197. What if Israel had been founded elsewhere?
  198. 70 years since the Nanking Massacre - will Japan be in deep trouble in years to come?
  199. Check in with Election '08!
  200. Should Romney do a Hillaire Belloc?
  201. The Pope endorses science
  202. Should AIDS patients be segregated as Huckabee suggested
  203. At what point was Allied victory inevitable in World War Two?
  204. Employee Dispute Resolution Program for Rape?
  205. Peak oil and Islamic fundamentalism
  206. Burkhard Heim, antigravity, and the Hyperdrive.
  207. You racist bigots! (A thread about word meanings)
  208. Why don't Mormons catch as much crap as Scientologists for their crazy beliefs?
  209. pro-war anti-draft US predicament
  210. betta gives insight to God's apparent absence?
  211. Is S5 the appropriate logic tool for examining existential supremacy?
  212. Italy in WWII-What Were Their War Aims?
  213. Is Baseball Corrupt?
  214. Will the NHL work in Las Vegas?
  215. Why Do People Get Defensive About God?
  216. is there still a drug war?
  217. No marriages, hetero- or homo-, just civil unions.
  218. Would people be so religious if they knew what religion caused?
  219. Why are Cats and Dogs Sacred in the USA?
  220. Quantum music theory?
  221. The whole concept of "hate crimes" is really, really dumb.
  222. What's the importance/place and origins of ridicule as social bond in black culture?
  223. Serious question - where do we draw the line with acceptance of mental weirdness?
  224. Congress will investigate CIA tapes despite WH request to drop it
  225. How do young-earth believers explain the size of human population?
  226. Handicap the Dem nomination race
  227. New Ice Age...what would we do?
  228. Is Fox News Racist and/or Intolerant?
  229. Theory of love/
  230. Turkish planes bomb northern Iraq
  231. Siren for an Animal Ambulance: Yea or Nay?
  232. Salvation by works or by grace in Christianity
  233. Conversions to/from Christianity
  234. Why do the Democrats rely on seniority for Senate committee chairmanships?
  235. Has Zero Tolerance gone too far?
  236. White House seeks control of promotions for military lawyers
  237. "Pay It Forward" -- Nice Gesture or Stupid Stunt?
  238. Calling all Theists: The Argument Challenge
  239. Let's discuss the Fed's new mortgage rules
  240. is democracy a threat to the global enviroment - and are we doomed ?
  241. FCC votes 3-2 to relax cross-ownership rules -- but Congress may override
  242. Fidel Castro may retire
  243. Does Being Gay Shorten Your Life?
  244. 'Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer'
  245. Do jewelers think women are whores?
  246. Would it be constitutional for the feds to require you to get health insurance?
  247. The Lakota have declared independence from the U.S. [ed. title]
  248. On the predictive properties of the Iowa & NH primaries
  249. Is there any way the De Beers diamond cartel can be broken?
  250. Liars, lying, and lies in Great Debates