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  1. "A guide for the Perplexed" Discussion Thread
  2. What is the most dangerous economic problem facing the US?
  3. What is racially hateful about "pressing oil" hair product? What's it used for?
  4. Did Obama formulate a life plan?
  5. Am I a Christian?
  6. Interesting Chuck Hagel interview (2/24)
  7. Obama girls and Affirmative Action
  8. What Is Ralph Nader Doing?
  9. Handicapping March 4th Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island.
  10. Are we doing business better nowadays?
  11. Mindset When Changing Religions
  12. Will Feng Sui Spur Fast food?
  13. An Islamic Reformation?
  14. Arctic Ice Returning?
  15. Solar Energy could...
  16. I'm Losing My Obama Religon
  17. How many immigrants can the U.S absorb every year?
  18. Ohio Democratic Debate 2008: Predictions and Commentary.
  19. Obama mansion/Rezko Again
  20. Kosovo, Kurdistan ... why support what?
  21. Who has a better chance to beat McCain ?
  22. Bernanke hints at more interest rate cuts: Is this wise?
  23. Is it ethical to give class credit for donating blood?
  24. On Identity Theft and Privacy and Transparency and Credit...
  25. 100 years in Iraq? Not with an all volunteer army.
  26. What effect will Alternative fuels have on Oil producing countries?
  27. No such thing as the greenhouse effect?
  28. Most Iraqis support attacking American troops
  29. How many good muslims do you know?
  30. Cubs owner wants to sell Wrigley Field name. Should he?
  31. Is "local and sustainable" agriculture sustainable?
  32. Are Clinton's troubles because of her Gender, the Media or "wicked witch of the west"
  33. Obama's Patriot Employer Act
  34. What if Prince Harry was captured by the Taliban?
  35. Parents - would you sacrifice SOMEONE ELSE'S life for your child?
  36. A question primarily for those against Affirmative Action
  37. Time travel to the past is not possible
  38. Vermont Eyes Lowering Drinking Age.
  39. Is the removal of Musharraf good for Pakistan and the rest of the world?
  40. Clinton's add with sleeping children
  41. Academic dopers - Are rules on "civility" in the classroom appropriate?
  42. 22nd Repealed; Has This Campaign Changed Your Mind About Bill?
  43. Don't Ask , Don't tell
  44. The Virgin Mary Toast and the Neanderthal Mask
  45. Does Bloomberg matter?
  46. USA in constant war to test out new weapons?
  47. Cairns-Smith and the crystalline origin of life
  48. Outside of Money..
  49. The Wikileaks.org case. Freedom of speech vs freedom to money laundering.
  50. President Chavez Closes Colombian Border
  51. slightly more realistic moral hypotheticals
  52. So what does Mend.. Medeb ... whatever ... foretell for Russia?
  53. What would an unloving, unjust, unfair God be like?
  54. Q for Joseph Stiglitz: What does the mortgage meltdown have to do with the Iraq War?
  55. Hillary Clinton on "The Daily Show", March 3rd
  56. How has Bush failed the US?
  57. How Much Stock Do you Put In HRCs First Lady Experience?
  58. What to do with the baby boomer SS bonus
  59. Free Will - Does it exist?
  60. We can't set a timetable for withdrawal because...
  61. US Senate issues apology to Native Americans for historic mistreatment
  62. If Clinton drags this out will it do irreparable harm to dem party for November?
  63. Will Repubicans ever be able to distance themselves from the nutcases in their party?
  64. Obama aide: But, sadly, we don't just have a democracy here either...'
  65. I Tell Ya, I Get No Respect, No Respect - Treatment of Queens and Presidents
  66. Obama VP
  67. Open thread: Road to the White House, the Issues
  68. Free Will Zombies Should Be Punished
  69. United Church of Christ in trouble over Obama speech.
  70. McCain goes for the lunatic fringe vote
  71. Architecs: Rate Frank lloyd Wright!
  72. 23rd psalm etc.
  73. So, what will President Bush do once he's out of office?
  74. If Democrats selected delegates like the Republicans
  75. Is Perception Everything In Electioneering?
  76. What does Howard Dean do?
  77. What tactics will Democrats use against McCain?
  78. Leave the fork in her: Clinton's still done
  79. Clinton/Obama Ticket
  80. McCain's melanoma returns (unattributed rumor) [ed. title]
  81. How much physical credence should we give to solutions that "the math allows"
  82. So, Global Warming is out, and Ice Age is back in....
  83. Obama and Change
  84. Hypothetical: John McCain has to bow out
  85. Political questions.
  86. Is The Post WWII World Order FINISHED?
  87. State caucuses just aren't fair
  88. For Obama Supporters: Should Florida...
  89. Attacking Hillary Clinton's Strengths
  90. The Question of Empathy
  91. The Republican nomination: laying markers for next time around?
  92. The Florida and Michigan delegates
  93. Suns Rises In West; Bricker Supports Kennedy Legislation on Security
  94. Hillary Clinton and her campaign are nothing but smoke & mirrors
  95. How will the additional Democratic primary expenditure affect the November election?
  96. Proposed response to mortgage crisis
  97. Iran's role in Iraq's and the Gulf States' future
  98. What's the proper way to wage a modern war?
  99. What is the "best experience" one can have to be the U.S. President?
  100. Doesn't the 2nd Amendment technically forbid ANY federal gun laws?
  101. Evil Twins? The Clinton/Obama Campaigns
  102. Who's the Dems compromise candidate
  103. Democratic primary tactics from here.
  104. Of the three Presidential Candidates the World would like Obama the most.
  105. oil prices and the mismaged economy
  106. WH: Congress has no say in long-term Iraq security agreement -- 2002 AUMF covers it
  107. Is Billy Graham a heretic?
  108. What Signals The Bottom of the Real Estate Market?
  109. iPhone vs Android
  110. Do Textualists Oppose the Incorpoartion of the 2nd Amendment
  111. What is a fair way to evaluate a legislator?
  112. The asterixed HOF baseball
  113. Is it okay for women to wear slacks religious-wise?
  114. PGA tour golfer kills red shouldered hawk
  115. Political Unification in C/S America?
  116. Why doesn't the U.S. just give up on Middle East peace?
  117. Has Condoleeza Rice actually accomplished anything since becoming Sec. of State?
  118. Will the evr-rising price of oil (and consequently everything else) bring about anoth
  119. Why does Clinton suggest Obama take a VP slot?
  120. Animal Minds: Animal testing, emotion and why we do it.
  121. Concerning Lazarus
  122. Neal Adams - growing planets
  123. Iraq now costs $12 billion a month
  124. Split the CIA
  125. Did Obama misjudge Michigan ?
  126. Who will be the first Madame President?
  127. Is it a good thing for the WH and Congress to be controlled by different parties?
  128. NY Gov Spitzer Admits Involvement in Prostitution Ring
  129. God as Parent.
  130. Are people to willing to pull life support, revisited.
  131. What Would Happen (Politically) If Spitzer Doesn't Resign?
  132. John McCain and John Hagee strange bedfellows?
  133. Bush Admin fomented the Gaza Strip civil war?!
  134. As the Border Crisis Calms Down.....
  135. UK Oath of Allegiance
  136. Would a Mail in do-over in MI and FL be better than Caucuses? What about mail fraud?
  137. Napleon: Skilled Strategist, or just lucky?
  138. The atheist double-standard
  139. Lesser of two evils: jail or psych-ward?
  140. How long could an atheist society last?
  141. Rethinking my position re: guns
  142. HBO's Joe Louis: America's Hero, Betrayed (?)
  143. Should Clinton Reject and Denounce Geraldine Ferraro?
  144. Has there ever been a female president elected in the world
  145. Pro-lifers - Is this person a father?
  146. China vs. Cuba--Who's the human rights violator?
  147. Do you think we could be headed for a depression?
  148. Into the Great Wide Open: the Dem Race after Mississippi
  149. Should the FBI be going after high end prostitution?
  150. What would have happened if John Edwards stayed in?
  151. Why not an online do-over for Mich., Fla. Dems?
  152. Another Tipping Debate
  153. S Corp? C Corp? Or LLC? Make your case.
  154. Governor David Paterson (NY)
  155. Questions for Catholics - Heroism Virtue in Kidnapping/Brain-washing a Jewish child.
  156. Why did John the Baptist eat locusts? They're not kosher!
  157. Unequal Law Enforcement: A Problem?
  158. The End of the United States?
  159. Obama's earmark for UCH: did he declare his interest?
  160. No Daughter of Eve.
  161. Pros/Cons of having separate brances of the Military
  162. Most popular US president overseas
  163. The proximity of Heaven and Hell.
  164. Vile, Filthy RACIST Remarks-by Obama's PASTOR?
  165. Tibet: Are the chinese Overreacting?
  166. How Prevalent is the Rev. Wright's stance amongst African Americans?
  167. Brian Williams is a Conservative???
  168. I have absolute proof of God! No, really!
  169. Soul vs. Innermost Self
  170. Whose words/actions should the candidates answer for?
  171. Another economic domino falls - Bear Stearns
  172. AARP elects the next president?
  173. UK's Royal College of Psychiatrists claims abortion could lead to mental illness
  174. Subprime vs. S&Ls... Comparison?
  175. why did China occupy Tibet?
  176. Transgendered (FtM) students at women's colleges
  177. Cell Phones, cancer, and health
  178. Global Cooling ... has it begun?
  179. Why Don't Christians Think Bush and Cheney Are The Devil
  180. Fork Hillary 3: The Final Forking
  181. Amateur Debunker, Or Killjoy?
  182. Obama March 18th, 2008 Speech
  183. Anonymous versus Scientology
  184. tent cities in Cal. on BBC
  185. McCain in Jordan: The Straight Talk Express Takes A Wrong Turn
  186. Do Most non-Americans Know How Despised Bush is in the U.S.?
  187. "Why Work When Unemployment Pays Me?"
  188. Would it be better for USA, Dems if McCain wins?
  189. Did John McCain make a blunder about Al Qaeda in Iran?
  190. no Peanut Butter for lunch in school
  191. Pre-agricultural sexual roles were equal?!
  192. Why are the Chinese Government such Dicks?
  193. Five Years of Iraq: Where Do We Stand, How Do We Leave?
  194. Is Black Patriotism different than White Patriotism?
  195. Believer vs. Atheist
  196. Mandated referrals for abortions.
  197. Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness (and dreams)
  198. What would Iraq look like if the Chinese had occupied instead of US?
  199. Israel can't sit on the U.N. Security Council?
  200. Let's redraw the world
  201. Osama Bin Laden Threatens EU
  202. Bribing the Enemy
  203. Reading Bush's Mind
  204. WHY report this? (CNN, Clinton, Monica, and when)
  205. HRC member of a secretive RW Christian cult "The Family"?
  206. What Have Our Army Learning From Iraq? (Tactics -- Not Policy)
  207. Linda Buck and Scientific Ethics
  208. Registering with the "wrong" party to influence a primary
  209. Racism isn't a substantial, it doesn't exist
  210. The case for Israel
  211. Obama's Passport File Breached. Big Deal?
  212. Hillary's experience? Evidence from her papers.
  213. Bill Richardson Endorses Barack Obama - Start of the Shift???
  214. Is Dean Radin a Respected Parapsychologist?
  215. Passport Breaches...what's up?
  216. Wouldn't it be better to have all the primaries in May, June & July?
  217. Should Obama give his superdelegates to Gore for the good of the Dem party?
  218. What are your thoughts on the new X-Prize?
  219. Have We Entered The Low point of This Recession?
  220. Roberts and Alito v. Scalia and Thomas.
  221. Is McCain getting a free pass?
  222. Picture of God, or a picture of a strawman?
  223. Innocent people harmed in the foreclosure thing?
  224. Why was our intelligence wrong about Iraqi WMDs?
  225. Should universities offer a major in a specific sport?
  226. Global warming has stopped?
  227. Live and let live in ignorance?
  228. Happy easter
  229. Should the US have massively increased it's spy organization
  230. How would you structure a stimulus package?
  231. Is fear of hell a legitimate reason to believe in God?
  232. US death toll in Iraq reaches 4,000
  233. Hillary and Sniper Fire in Bosnia: What's the Defense?
  234. Flight crew with guns; still a good idea?
  235. Does it even make SENSE that Iran is behind the Green Zone shelling?
  236. Blumenthal pleads guilty to DUI. Why?
  237. Will mutual distrust of Hispanics repair race relations in America?
  238. What should Olympic broadcasters say about China?
  239. Patriot Act "Secret Search" Used in Domestic Drug Case
  240. Green McMansions - good or bad?
  241. Your dinner with Obama--what would you ask him?
  242. Has the Bush Admin. in any way violated international law?
  243. Lawyers: Are reporters legally obligated to keep confidential sources confidential?
  244. High Speed Rail from New York to San Francisco
  245. Thanks a lot, Republican party.....
  246. Alternative Power, but with existing tech
  247. The Wire's War on the Drug War
  248. Homeschooling in California
  249. How would people from the past likely react...
  250. Superdelagate primary? Any chance of this happening?