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  1. Cain, Able, and Seth mates
  2. "GOD is NOT the Author of Confusion"?
  3. Calling someone 'chicken little' to dismiss their doom-related argument...
  4. Is this mortgage crisis a good thing?
  5. Frontline: "Bush's War"
  6. Injustice and Jason Yaeger
  7. New US constitutional convention: what would (or should) get changed?
  8. Environmental impact of extracting oil from Alberta's tar sands
  9. A new way to structure corporate settlements?
  10. Condi Rice for VP?
  11. Did D (B) Cooper make it?
  12. All classified information about the Falklands War released in 2082
  13. Have outspoken critics of the war emboldened the enemy and caused American deaths?
  14. Hillary is going to STEAL the democratic nomination, mark my words!!
  15. Hillary Clinton is Unqualified to be President
  16. Fed Court: Mumia must have new penalty hearing..
  17. Thoughts on Fitna?
  18. Handicapping the time left until a "deal" is reached among the Democratic Candidates.
  19. Should the common good come before self-interest?
  20. Why did George HW Bush pick Dan Quayle as his VP?
  21. Handicapping the Pennsylvania primary, 4/22/08
  22. How much in common do the US and the UK have?
  23. How's the Clinton / Trimble spat playing in the US?
  24. Wishful thinking and the Science of Religion
  25. Has the financial system been running on a Martingale strategy?
  26. Economists are generally conservative, aren't they?
  27. lekatt's recent hijacks (removed from original threads)
  28. Hillary gov of NY?
  29. Is time travel possible?
  30. Cheering of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Obvious Lie - No discussion of Obama
  31. Is letting the economy crash a good thing?
  32. Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer?
  33. Can a sitting U.S. vice president run against his/her sitting president?
  34. Soviet Union/Russia lying about population, and we go along.
  35. The tyranny of city ordinances
  36. Another historical "What If?" topic: Hubert Humphrey defeats Nixon in 1968.
  37. Kid Actors and WSTOFC?
  38. The Clinton/Obama FEHBP Proposal: Would it work?
  39. More Muslims than Catholics in the world
  40. Muqtada al-Sadr shows his strength, calls cease-fire -- what now?
  41. Siegelman out on bond, will testify before House Judiciary Commitee
  42. Booing the President
  43. Most Powerful Country timeline
  44. Has there been a democracy destroyed by handouts?
  45. "Rights" - What are they? Social construct, nonexistent, birthright... what?
  46. How do people become (and stay) so ignorant?
  47. Best political way to get rid of the penny
  48. Is Bush's Government More Corrupt Than Others?
  49. Improving Education
  50. Barack Obama is the Protagonist in this Election
  51. What exactly is the point of expanding NATO?
  52. Will Race Scuttle Obama?
  53. Survey: 59% of American physicians now support UHC
  54. Stonhenge STILL Has Secrets?
  55. *sigh* Obama is not a "racist" (and neither is Rev. Wright, really)
  56. Legality of E-Filing US Federal Tax Return?
  57. reengineering government
  58. Extreme Makeover - Hillary Style...
  59. "Regardless of what we do, the Shia are going to take control."
  60. Is a puissant but limited God worth worshipping?
  61. What, tomorrow morning, is the possibility of another 9/11?
  62. Ticking Bomb Scenario
  63. Did Israel barter US secrets to the USSR?
  64. What is the possiblity of a school shooting this month?
  65. How is the Zimbabwe election going to shake out -- end for Mugabe?
  66. Why are the primaries scheduled the way they are?
  67. A question regarding molestation
  68. Effect of Cuban Reforms
  69. How damaging is it that Clinton was fired for lying during Watergate?
  70. Hillary/McCain supporters: What do you think of Obama's performance so far?
  71. UK Scientists: 'No Sun link' to climate change
  72. HRC as an independent
  73. Will Oprah need to pay more taxes under Obama?
  74. Click it or Ticket: Target young blacks and hispanics!
  75. Hamas would accept an Israel and a Palestinian state within 1967 borders
  76. Would we be a totally secular society without modern physics?
  77. UFOs - Alien Beings, Weather Balloons or Natural Phenomena?
  78. Need proof of Global Warming
  79. The SDMB mock election debate - #5 Military and Veterans Affairs; #7 Foreign Policy
  80. Yoo and Rights: 4th Amendment And War
  81. Double standards and Randi Rhodes.
  82. Hillary Clinton "Misspoke';Now 'Mishears"?
  83. Nuclear Threshold of a country.
  84. Religious types who absolve themselves of responsibility for their problems.
  85. Should Geriatric Felons Be Paroled?
  86. "I don't believe in God" versus "I beleive God doesn't exist"
  87. Is evolution enough to explain he diversity of life?
  88. Future of American Surgery is not America
  89. It's time for the Democrats to send a clear message to the Republicans!
  90. Pizza Hut driver suspended for carrying a gun
  91. "There is No Gas Shortage"
  92. ACLU Lawsuit Alleges Prison Mealtime Violates Muslim Inmates' Freedom of Religion
  93. A Response to Anti-ACLU Sentiment
  94. Religious Accomodation vs Discrimination
  95. What do righties have against the ACLU?
  96. 76 percent say U.S. ready for black president
  97. Is war with Iran imminent?
  98. New Zealand - China free trade deal
  99. Evil Spirits? they aint no joke
  100. China and the Olympics
  101. Trite SDMB arguments and John McCain.
  102. Arguments in favour of legalized handguns in Canada?
  103. Aliens...why do so many just assume?
  104. The extinction of air travel?
  105. Should people with "bad" genes be legally restricted from mating?
  106. Let's discuss Obama quitting.
  107. Dick Cheney to get SS protection
  108. Seat Belt Laws: Good or bad?
  109. America is unraveling #3, No common ground
  110. AGW informing policy
  111. "You can have your Tiger Woods. We've got Senator mcCain!"
  112. Who is your ideal hypothetical candidate?
  113. Petraeus-Crocker hearings: Tell 'em, Senator Feingold!
  114. Door to Door Soliciting: Should it be made illegal?
  115. Public School in Minnesota teaching religion
  116. Resolved: Should we bring back Banishment?
  117. Campaign as microcosm for Presidency
  118. Is the Corwin Amendment still on the table?
  119. Re GWB's legacy - Is he one of the worst POTUS' ever will historians redeem him?
  120. If The USA Had Quit Vietnam in 1968?
  121. I have decided to become an atheist (hypothetical)
  122. Global Warming = Record snow?
  123. What if China had not discontinued Zheng He's explorations?
  124. Nothing is.............
  125. What if the U.S. had allowed Vietnam its national referendum in 1956?
  126. Obama was the 41st most liberal senator in 2007
  127. Explain Wonkette to me
  128. Is It Likely That a Cancer Cure Will Be a "Magic Bullet"?
  129. If polygamy had not been prohibited, all Mormons would be like the FLDS sect?
  130. Let us pay for those government programs we choose to support. Why not?
  131. Good vs. Evil: Are They Really Balanced?
  132. What is the ultimate goal of the police, FBI, Interpol etc?
  133. What's causing the food crisis?
  134. Explain Tibet to me
  135. Does God make sense?
  136. So much for the idea that only Muslims threaten violence over images they don't like
  137. Could Buchanan have done anything to avert the Civil War?
  138. In Vitro Meat and Vegetarians
  139. What Were the Warring Globes at Nuremberg?
  140. What is Religion?
  141. The Divine Watchmaker Theory
  142. Life = Mutation = Intelligence = Morality (well... in time)
  143. Bad reasons to vote for Obama or Hillary in the primaries?
  144. Latest Obama Scandal: Can he Survive This?
  145. Gender and bathrooms
  146. What are the Democratic Superdelegates Obligated to do?
  147. Could IKEA Be Sued?
  148. Is the universe chaotic or perfectly ordered?
  149. Was there ever a real "self esteem" crisis for young minorities and women?
  150. Office gossip emails still safe in Australia
  151. Principals Meeting on Torture: Can We Impeach Now?
  152. Should Congress approve a free-trade deal with Colombia?
  153. Life Begins at Conception - Arguments against?
  154. The Voice of God endorses Obama!
  155. DoJ using "Deferred Prosecution Agreements" rather than indicting corporate offenders
  156. Where is Mexico headed?
  157. What if the South had been allowed to secede?
  158. What if the US suddenly picked butter over guns?
  159. What country has the least amount of racism?
  160. A Demographic Theory of War
  161. Popular presidents judged harshly
  162. Obama says he would, as POTUS, have his AG look into prosecuting Bush Admin crimes
  163. Shin bet to (Ex) pres. Jimmy Carter "Drop Dead!"
  164. Would HRC Prefer McCain win in the Fall?
  165. Ticket/fine revenue - solution for abuse.
  166. Is a NWA, Delta merger a wise move at this time?
  167. Which country has the least amount of racism?
  168. The Cold War really is over! (Commies take over Nepal, nobody cares)
  169. European Demographic Timebomb?
  170. PA Democratic debate tonight
  171. When did the Clintons jump the shark (on the SDMB)?
  172. Free Enterprise: Will It Exist?
  173. Fact Check PA Debate: Do lower capital gains taxes raise revenues?
  174. New Gun Law Sparks Controversy in Florida
  175. Pro-choice "art" from Yale student...
  176. Can the proximate cause of our pending recession be found in Bush's finacial policies
  177. Top hedge fund manager made $3.7B last year. Does this give anyone pause?
  178. Ultra-High Speed Highways?
  179. Where should the aid money go?
  180. Is the death penalty for child rape unconstitutional?
  181. Analyst Discovers Hot New Stock: What to Do?
  182. Former U.S. Comptroller: We're a financial Rome about to collapse...
  183. If you were G.W. Bush, would you issue a blanket pardon of yourself...
  184. Why don't FLDS men just wait until the girls are 18?
  185. NPR talks about Ocean Acidity
  186. Rep. Barney Frank introduces federal marijuana-decrim bill
  187. Let's Surge Some More - Michael Yon
  188. What is a feminist?
  189. A Third Choice in the Democratic Convention?
  190. "Yet More Scientific Evidence that Disproves AGW!"
  191. Climate Change and Individual action.
  192. Update on those British sailors the Iranians grabbed : Iranians were in the right
  193. I think the Texas CPS system is being needlessly cruel & draconian in the FLDS case
  194. Logic is NOT persuasive
  195. Barack Obama a Holocaust denier?
  196. Is Iran Offering Us a Way Out?
  197. What lessons do we need to take from other countries in nationalizing US health care?
  198. How long will the farce about falling Iraqi violence continue?
  199. Surrogates, Supporters, and Swiftboaters: Judging a Campaign's Connection to Attacks
  200. British police respond then listen to woman being raped for 12 hours before acting?
  201. Proof It's Price Gouging @ Pump...
  202. Who was Hitler before Hitler/
  203. Making Voting In The USA Mandatory To Get A Driver's License
  204. US Army using Six Flags attraction to entice children
  205. Would Oil Companys' Elimination of Retail Operations Improve their Public Image
  206. Ed Rendell complimentary to Farrakhan at Forum. Damage to Hillary?
  207. 2000 election: SCOTUS decision on Bush v Gore
  208. How does that 'Mormon' cult get away with it?
  209. Hillary said we'd use nuclear arms against Iran in some circumstances...
  210. A Time Travel Conundrum (Shades of Newcomb)
  211. Republicans and Tax Cuts: When is enough, enough?
  212. If W strikes a non-treaty "agreement" with Iraq, is it binding on the next admin?
  213. Would you let a Jew in your house? [Auschwitz hypothetical]
  214. Doubts from an Obama supporter
  215. ABC favors HRC; the others Obama?
  216. Pennsylvania Primary - Let's get this party started!
  217. PA Primary results thread
  218. Legal and ethical implications of the hoax call that set off the polygamy raid
  219. The Democratic nomination process: good or bad difference?
  220. "Why can't Obama close the deal"
  221. So you're God, what kind of universe do *you* create?
  222. Next up: Indiana and North Carolina
  223. Mecca Time to Replace GMT????
  224. In preparation for the next "Willie Horton" ad
  225. Hillary and Bill Clinton as part of an Obama administration?
  226. Reaction to "outed" gay professional athlete
  227. "The only thing that explains all these phenomena is..."
  228. Why Obama lost in PA: gender bias
  229. Hillary voters: will you choose Obama or McCain
  230. Idea for a Centrist Party
  231. Petraeus to head CentCom
  232. Obama voters: will you choose Hillary or McCain
  233. When/why did Hillary "lose the love"?
  234. It's because she's not white.
  235. Ethical to speculate with rice futures?
  236. Ethical to buy rice?
  237. Fostering Developing Nations: Can this be done Ethically?
  238. Heaven now, or Heaven later(Christians Only)
  239. Grain price rise and biofuel
  240. Wherefore this ridiculous idea that Hillary "lost"?
  241. The childishness of the negative proof
  242. NSFW - What Does It Mean to You? [ ed. title chg per OP request ]
  243. Give up Obama! It's your only chance!!
  244. What has the new Pope done to screen out gay Catholic Priests & Seminarians?
  245. Florida "I Believe" license plate proposed
  246. The brain IS the personality
  247. How much control should the Administration have over the bureaucracy?
  248. If it was Gore as the tiebreaker, would you?
  249. Disrepecting corpses - It needs to stop
  250. How to make a creationist become evolutionist