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  1. Why would a true Democrat vote Republican? And the Fiery Primary Season of 2008.
  2. Multi-cultural couples in Thailand....
  3. Invocation/Lord's Prayer at public school graduation
  4. England wants their guns back.
  5. Will/should Iraq accept the proposed long-term security pact with the U.S.?
  6. Montana & South Dakota primaries: Any surprises?
  7. Will we ever have a Jewish president?
  8. Conversation with Mom
  9. What would you offer Hillary if you were Obama?
  10. Vanity Fair story on WJC
  11. Oil prices: what if it is caused by speculation?
  12. Whitey try to smear Michelle Obama?
  13. Obama v. McCain: Start your engines!
  14. AGW legislation plus Obama Spending = bankruptcy for 45M US Households
  15. Voter ID a fraud
  16. Who will/should Obama pick as running mate?
  17. Catholics - how is "flock" not insulting?
  18. Why the gender disparity in geekdom?
  19. Why don't you like Joe Lieberman?
  20. Sunnis eager to move from the battle of the RPG to the battle of the 'finger's...
  21. The Cult of the Presidency
  22. Why would Obama even contemplate an Obama-Hillary ticket? The notion is absurd.
  23. Global Warming - How much do plants matter?
  24. How (other than racism) can Hillary supporters justify voting for McCain?
  25. Is it moral to check others' enthusiasm?
  26. Fork Hillary - The Wooden Stake
  27. Who is undecided?
  28. Terrorist attack between now and November. Is McCain or Obama hurt (or helped) more?
  29. Obama and the A word.
  30. Is our releasing CO2 to Earth's (very) long-term benefit?
  31. Is there a name for this type of libertarian?
  32. Weekly Obama-McCain town hall debates?
  33. "I'll have to explain it to my children!" Acceptable Justification?
  34. Has religion been a net good or bad thing for humanity?
  35. Are gun deaths negligible in the U.S?
  36. What woman would you like to see nominated?
  37. Is CO (carbon Monoxide) The Answer?
  38. Copy and save for 3 years.... [predictions on an Obama presidency]
  39. Do you have the right to dodge the media?
  40. What would be outrageous enough to break the "full faith and credit" rule?
  41. Obama lays down the law with the DNC
  42. Why doesn't the U.S. Government seize the oil companies under eminent domain?
  43. Isn't it time to start calling BS at some of the Libertarian arguments?
  44. Make that $45 trillion to fight AGW.
  45. Bildebergs in Viriginia- any solid media coverage?
  46. Is Israeli saber rattling toward Iran serious or not?
  47. Mobile phone popcorn
  48. Economic/Cultural Hope? Debatable (Long)...
  49. Economic/Cultural Hope Part II (Also Long)
  50. Should Iraq vote on a continued US military presence in their country?
  51. Why did Obama win/Hillary lose the nomination?
  52. are the "Clinton-feminists" racist ?
  53. Is the difference in the Dem nomination process a good thing? Will it change?
  54. Why the white hot fury of Clinton supporters toward Obama after the loss?
  55. The era of cheap food & resources is coming to an end. Massive changes are ahead!
  56. I know gender is variable, but re the "Pregnant Man" isn't there a breaking point?
  57. "I hate war." But I love the military.
  58. Regime Change in Sudan
  59. How should/will Ireland vote on the new EU treaty?
  60. What's to be done with Zimbabwe?
  61. Is carrying an exposed gun to everyday shopping & social events OK manners wise?
  62. How can corruption be defeated without destroying family?
  63. Future of Colombia and the FARC
  64. Obama surging in polls; unveils economic plan
  65. Obama surging in polls; unveils economic plan
  66. Obama surging in polls; unveils economic plan
  67. A different Obama debate. Black or Biracial?
  68. New cars...dumb decision?
  69. Rep. Kucinich reads articles of impeachment. Is there any point?
  70. Will people shrunk by a shrink-ray be super strong?
  71. Smart move: Build Luxury cars in China?
  72. Is a telepathic group-mind desirable or undesirable?
  73. Infallible lie detector
  74. Improvements to the Democratic Primaries
  75. Could We Go back to the 1930's?
  76. Do we have any Dopers for McCain?
  77. What would McCain do if elected?
  78. Coolest Winter Since 2001+US oil reserves+Middle east Apocalypse=NO GAS IN 3 YEARS
  79. Obama's Health Care Plan
  80. Should Australia update its image?
  81. Primeminister Harper to Apologize to Canadian Natives regarding Canada's "Genocide"
  82. Buying a ticket for one movie, deliberately seeing another - how wrong?
  83. Is this article racist?
  84. Al Queda in Iraq...surprisingly sophisticated
  85. Universal health care and PI lawuits
  86. McCain seems like a bad nominee. Who should the Republicans have chose instead?
  87. Say technology stagnates- at what level?
  88. Obama supporters, answer his lack of experience
  89. *National Anesthetic Law?
  90. Obama winning women over
  91. UK Shadow Home Secretary forces By-Election on principle
  92. Bush -- Articles of Impeachment sent to committee
  93. Jeb Bush 2012
  94. SCOTUS rules that Gitmo detainees have Constututional rights
  95. Would gas be $4.50 now if we had not gone into Iraq?
  96. Raising Taxes For Fairness
  97. Smear Campaign Emails About Obama: Will They Work?
  98. BBC and secret documents - Morality?
  99. John McCain's confusion -- is he really mentally fit?
  100. Obama sets up office to counter rumors; will this work?
  101. Pew Research: Obama inspires the world
  102. Why are some congressman trying to kill THIS voucher program?
  103. Voting for electors?
  104. Susan Atkins may be Released
  105. How close will the election be?
  106. McCain's Health care plan
  107. Spittin' On A Cop? That's 35 Years
  108. Eric Smith Denied Parole Again. Thoughts and Reactions.
  109. What is "the button?"
  110. Are we entering an age of former presidents?
  111. War in Iran?
  112. Rejecting an argument as "denial"
  113. Does Free Will Necessitate a Divine Creator?
  114. Is biofuel from sugar better than from corn?
  115. Karl Rove says McCain electoral support is weakening
  116. A silver lining to an Obama presidency?
  117. Right to Bear Arms
  118. Effect of Midwest floods on this year's harvest?
  119. What is the political climate going to look like after this election?
  120. Nuclear terrorism in the offing? Or fear-based "terrorism"?
  121. Did Tiger pave the way for Obama?
  122. So, ARE The saudis Tapped Out? (Oil Production)?
  123. Should lawn care be banned?
  124. Will Gore endorsement make any difference?
  125. Russert's role in the lead up to the war
  126. Is McCain's campaign unraveling?
  127. Why morality can't be judged solely by consequences
  128. Why I am voting Republican
  129. Obama surges ahead in key swing states
  130. Gore's house versus GWB's house
  131. Should Florida be opened to offshore oil drilling?
  132. The death of homosexuality - Should unborn gay babies be protected?
  133. Taking a shot at briefly describing the ideals of Republicans and Democrats.
  134. Who will/should McCain pick as running mate?
  135. Paul, Pelosi, and Iran
  136. Why are there so many lawyers?
  137. AP reporting Obama opting out of public funding system.
  138. The McClatchy Report: What Is To Be Done?
  139. Does buying Renewable Energy Certificates help the environment?
  140. Blackwater demands U.S. court apply Shari'a law
  141. Marriage equality, hetero marriage annulments, and name changes
  142. Obama's decision to opt out of public financing
  143. Working Hard: a bad thing?
  144. So is the Public Financing of Presidential elections a good thing?
  145. The Oil Drilling Lie
  146. Downside of coal electric generation
  147. John McCain's fundraising sleeze and hypocrisy
  148. Does a *disease* have a right to exist?
  149. How many debates/townhalls should Obama agree to do?
  150. America's opting out of fusion (ITER). Where do the candidates stand?
  151. When will the next big names drop?
  152. How does Scientology still survive?
  153. Remove Nancy Pelosi
  154. Equality vs Freedom
  155. For those of you who think the Democrats are the only ones who are against guns...
  156. On October 1, Bush announces . . .
  157. Hooray for the Canadian SC. Now how about the US?
  158. Is Section 8 housing causing a crime wave in mid-sized cities?
  159. Oil companies returning to Iraq. or No war for oil ~ redux
  160. The two Obamas: Dr. Barack and Fast Eddie Obama
  161. Re: Oil supply shortages -- Are any gas stations running out of gas?
  162. The Global Theorem & The logic of unification
  163. The KK-thesis
  164. Would the East India Company still be around if the Indian Mutiny never happened?
  165. Obama on gas prices
  166. John McCain solves energy crisis
  167. Judge Kozinski and the Horrible, Terrible, No-good, Very Bad Computer Files
  168. French Prez Sarkozy calls on Israel to deport Jews from the WB
  169. Did Obama just sell his soul?
  170. Will increased transport prices lead to a revival of local manufacturing?
  171. Will taxing the rich cause them to work less?
  172. Thank you James Dobson
  173. In anticipation of Heller... [SCOTUS + 2d Amendment]
  174. There's no crying in the courtroom! He's crying, sir.
  175. Nino is writing for the majority in DC v. Heller
  176. Obama and Clinton keep "campaigning together." Does this mean...?
  177. Global Warming bullies: Does the Weather channel founder have a point?
  178. How to Deal With Divine Revelations?
  179. Deadlines for Society
  180. SCOTUS: Death penalty for child rape unconstitutional
  181. SCOTUS on 8th Amendment
  182. What "Arms" Would the Framers Believe we should Bear?
  183. Christians: is the opprobrium heaped on Judas fundamentally unfair?
  184. McCain - "The Lexington Project"
  185. What causes a "Breakthrough" Idea?
  186. Another Climate Change question: Temperatures at the tropics
  187. Should McCain drop out of the 2008 elections?
  188. Steven Pinker! Human Dignity! Leon Kass! Bioethics! Ice Cream!
  189. Is drink spiking a myth?
  190. Do human rights exist beyond the law?
  191. Is the AGW debate about Results or Science?
  192. Any chance Colin Powell will endorse Obama?
  193. ICAAN plans to let anyone register TLDs. Ie, instead of ".com", ".anything"
  194. Why do so many kids earn liberal arts degrees when they are not marketable?
  195. Gun-rights advocates, how do you feel about...
  196. Gordon Brown's first year
  197. Why does Africa suffer?
  198. Joseph McCarthy: Did he serve a positive purpose?
  199. Far fetched US election hypothetical.
  200. McCain tries to buddy up with Religious Right
  201. Should I be offended by Giles v Calif?
  202. Is America on the cusp of a Seventh Party System?
  203. Whence the scorn for "natural rights"?
  204. What is Obama gaining by not naming, or even hinting at a VP choice?
  205. Is there any such thing as being a "race traitor"?
  206. Do the political parties in your new democracy (present or historical) get along?
  207. What if you had omniscience for five minutes?
  208. D.C. gun ban overturned! Now I want to buy one!
  209. Does this definition of "well-regulated militia" wash?
  210. Is chaos good?
  211. Who's really in charge? Paranoid or possible?
  212. What happens to military analysts who screw up? Are they held to account by anyone?
  213. Obama's campaign attacks McCain's military service.
  214. Nelson Mandela is not longer considered a terrorist
  215. Arms, And The Regulation Thereof: Let's Come To A Consensus.
  216. What do you do with a President who doesn't owe anyone anything?
  217. Barack Obama - America's passionate patriot
  218. Does Obama write his own speeches?
  219. John McCain: Swift Boating looks good on Obama
  220. Obama promises to expand Bush's faith-based initiatives
  221. "I belive marriage is between a man and woman." = Homophobic Comment?
  222. Does Pizza Discrimination Exist? (No delivery to 'bad' neighborhoods)
  223. Is the media exacerbating America's economic woes?
  224. Men - Does it bother you that everybody assumes you're a child molester?
  225. To my fellow California voters: [gubernatorial race]
  226. How to torture like a Commie
  227. The Joe Horn "He Needed Killin'" Shooting Case: Your Opinions on His Acquittal
  228. The Future of Slavery
  229. The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
  230. Is peer review as great as it's cracked up to be?
  231. Are medical malpractice cases really driving out doctors?
  232. Was the hostage rescue engineered to benefit McCain?
  233. Judge rules FISA is "exclusive" means for wiretapping -- POTUS can't use CinC power
  234. Red & Blue geography, Why?
  235. Google Ordered to Turn Over Youtube Records
  236. A 1945-era military with atomic bombs vs. a 2008-era military without
  237. McCain in Mexico
  238. How, exactly, did Disney "Kill Copyright?"
  239. The Blurry Line Between "Domestic Servant" and "Slave"
  240. Are there really "Too many lawyers"?
  241. Could an "Astronaut Farmer" mission actually succeed?
  242. Federal Court of Canada: US AWOL soldiers may be refugees after all
  243. Religion or Ethnic background?
  244. Who is Obama kidding? My take on his FISA statement (telecom immunity).
  245. Obama is only the vessel. What are the higher implications for electing him.
  246. Principles vs reality
  247. Do you have an Ethical Obligation to Question the Law?
  248. Why the demonization of Obama?
  249. The Rationalization & The Exoneration of Jihad (Dr. Fadl & Al-Zawahiri)
  250. Could Lincoln be elected today?