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  1. Will Texas turn blue?
  2. Why is Europe bothering with Mars?
  3. Is "Organized Crime" better then Disorganized crime?
  4. South Carolina to issue Christian license plates: "church and state" violation?
  5. The US Christian Military?
  6. Did Caesar deserve it?
  7. Why Do People Display the POW MIA Flag?
  8. McCain would be OK if not for Obama
  9. How do devout Christians justify military service?
  10. The Iraqi "Timetable" Debacle, or, WTF?
  11. Bob Barr drinking John McCain's milkshake?
  12. Paint a picture of McCain without the Bush brush
  13. Why did Bush choose Cheney as his VP?
  14. Moon Landings: why is there no dust in the lander pads?
  15. Genocide in the U.S. -- Now -- Why Not?
  16. Could a Crow Have Helped Me Find My Golf Ball?
  17. Flint expands the definition of indecent
  18. Utah going to a 4 day workweek.
  19. Is the Vietnam War technically classified as a military "defeat" by the US or not?
  20. The newest Jesse Jackson/Obama flap
  21. Louisiana passes law to castrate rapists
  22. Whose scorn is most harmful for a candidate?
  23. Obama/McCain & Corporate Tax Rates
  24. The Real Fate of Cryogenically Frozen Corpses.
  25. Death for any felony: Let's bring it back
  26. Would anyone like to defend the republican part?
  27. Canuck Dopers: Dr Morgentaler - Order of Canada - Yea or Nay?
  28. Presidents, candidates and humor
  29. Should fertile people be allowed to adopt children?
  30. How Do Big Game Hunters Justify Their 'Sport'?
  31. Real cause of crude price increase and a collapse coming?
  32. "Hi. My name is T. Boone Pickens. I am an oil man...."
  33. War with the US & Israel
  34. Iran's missiles: is Israel the real target?
  35. Do Math Wizars Peak early?
  36. When does Child support end?
  37. McCain advisor to Americans: stop whining just because you lost your house and shit
  38. Guns facilitate suicide. Do you care?
  39. Are stocks REALLY the best investment?
  40. Catholic Confession: Is Forgiveness Ever Denied?
  41. Is the US a terrorist state?
  42. Is Russia A Threat...What Is Our Diplomatic State With Them?
  43. Is it a sin to have your cat put to sleep?
  44. China is committing suicide..
  45. Mother draws swastika on daughter. Kids taken from her.
  46. Should Fannie and Freddie be bailed out?
  47. The Green Party has nominated a candidate.
  48. Will any new technology ever make driving cheap again?
  49. Obama moves to the center
  50. What will happen if Gas Prices keep rising (U.S.)?
  51. Did Bush lie to justify invading Iraq for bad reasons?
  52. Should we just be philosophical about capital punishment?
  53. Did Senator Charles E. Schumer really cause a run on the IndyMac Bancorp bank?
  54. Why do all major religions have Asian roots?
  55. Why are black political leaders not embracing Obama with open arms?
  56. Who the heck are the "post gays"?
  57. Is Al-Jazeera reputable?
  58. What if self-defence were not an affirmative defence?
  59. Catholic doctrine and the Consecrated Host: The Facts
  60. New Yorker cover too much? (Obama as a terrorist)
  61. D.C.'s proposed gun law is flatly inconsistent with the Heller decision
  62. Executive ban on offshore drilling lifted
  63. How will Obama's visit to Palestine play?
  64. Do mainstream economists in the US think a depression is looming?
  65. Obama and McCain spar for Hispanic support
  66. World Financial Policy
  67. Streetside Anti-Abortion posters - what are their goals?
  68. Are things worse now than in 1979-80?
  69. What is Spirit?
  70. Two Theological Questions
  71. Can anything be done to strengthen the U.S. dollar?
  72. How does the anti-war movement envision the state of Iraq post-withdrawal?
  73. How important is it to visit Iraq before coming up with a strategy to deal with it?
  74. At what point does a person not deserve any respect because of their POV?
  75. Gay marriage vs civil partnership - does the name really matter?
  76. The paradox of faith
  77. Bank employee outs tax cheats
  78. Are Republicans deliberately throwing the presidential election?
  79. Why is Obama "black"?
  80. Secret Red Cross report says administration officials could face war crimes charges
  81. "Barack...he's talking down to black people...telling niggers how to behave"
  82. Betancourt rescuer used Red Cross symbol as disguise
  83. When is it time to flee one's home? (musings on WWII and now)
  84. Did Jesse Helms actually win in the end?
  85. Bradley Effect & Automated Polling
  86. Energy crisis: Has The "Invisble hand" failed Us?
  87. Al Gore-Renewable energy by 2018: What is he smoking?
  88. Tomato scare in the U.S.
  89. What are/were your perceptions of the Troubles in Northern Ireland?
  90. Does this count as Bill's public endorsement?
  91. Chavez Doesn't Like Obama Either???
  92. What does "Blessing" something actually do?
  93. What is Nancy Pelosi'a stated reason(s) for taking Impeachment off the table?
  94. Does Bush have any idea how unpopular he is?
  95. The Soul - A second level of conciousness
  96. Should the exclusionary rule be eviscerated?
  97. Physicists don't believe in global warming anymore?
  98. How will humanity react to a habitable world close by?
  99. Israel exchanges murderer for the bodies of two dead soldiers - why?
  100. Are the feminists right in their claim of very high rape percentage?
  101. So, Now that Maliki's Endorsed Obama's Iraq Timetable...
  102. Bush Memo Redefines Birth Control as Abortion - Is this important?
  103. Okay, so you just ventilated Mugabe. Now what?
  104. Christians who have committed hate crimes
  105. When is a dose not a dose?
  106. Does John Kanzius have a cancer cure?
  107. Why blame religion for Alan Turing's prosecution?
  108. Which was the greater achievement-Apollo 11 or Apollo 13?
  109. Do People Tend to Become More Conservative as They Grow Older?
  110. Should teens be allowed to parent?
  111. Ahmedinejad Like Kruschev?
  112. Was Pope John Paul I assassinated?
  113. Obama's Creepy 'Call to Service'
  114. What is the basic moral philosophy of modern man? How would it be categorized?
  115. Us vs Them WRT protesters: Consistency? What's consistency?
  116. "If I'm old enough to die for my country, I'm old enough to drink a beer."
  117. Old enough to have sex, not old enough to watch porn
  118. Young, gay and murdered in junior high--hate crime/sexual harassment issues
  119. Why was Communism so scary?
  120. Class warfare...has the battlefield shifted? When? Why?
  121. McCain, the Surge, the Awakening and CBS
  122. Are there many Major Historical Events that are not open to Revisionism?
  123. John Edwards' alleged lovechild: would you disqualify him as a VP choice due to this?
  124. Why do we try to stop people who are threatening suicide?
  125. Which hurts more, the credit crunch or commodity prices
  126. Presidents lying to lead us into War... it should be illegal
  127. My Idea for Drug Laws.
  128. Canadian ISPs conspiring to change free net access to cable like model. Truth or BS?
  129. Shared database between all local, state and federal branches a good idea?
  130. How ugly will Bush's last few months in office be?
  131. July 2010: How many US troops in Iraq?
  132. Obama's Berlin Speech and Humor
  133. County in MD bans fortune telling for profit
  134. Where can I get a Zimbabwean 100 billion dollar bill?
  135. Does McCain actually intend to serve a full term?
  136. When we fight ignorance, how confrontational do we need to be?
  137. Mathews: Republicans want a leader, Democrats want a meeting
  138. Proposal: US District
  139. High energy prices: coincidence?
  140. Does the US government owe it to the citizens to bring energy prices down?
  141. CSA vs farmers' market
  142. Obama's Western Wall prayer published by Israeli newspaper. Invasion of privacy?
  143. Ape Man or Man Ape? What Makes a Man?
  144. Greatest contribution to the spread of media??
  145. Who would take over Obama's Senate seat?
  146. Why shouldn't I become a Democrat? (Currently Green) (US politics)
  147. Ex-President Bush is arrested and charged with war crimes. How do you react?
  148. The Raven Paradox - Can anyone explain this in layman's terms?
  149. Cosmic Relief, about 'natural monogamy'
  150. So what's your opinion on the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs?
  151. Get bent, spacetime.
  152. Virginia Dopers, tell me about Tim Kaine (rumored Obama VP choice)
  153. How useful is the concept of "likely voter" right now?
  154. How does Gallup and other companies make money polling?
  155. Why aren't the Chinese inventing up a storm as they industrialize?
  156. Are Black Representatives Racist
  157. How rigorous is economics, as a discipline?
  158. Ludacris, rapper and avid supporter of Barack Obama
  159. Will marijuana be legalized?
  160. Bank borrowings from Federal Reserve -- headed off the charts?
  161. What's the flaw in this naive sociobiology supposition?
  162. Do the Manson Family women (Atkins, Van Houten, Krenwinkel) deserve release?
  163. Would This High Speed Train Work?
  164. Can pork be eliminated? (political)
  165. Should all states repeal the statute of limitations for forcible rape...
  166. McCain's negative strategy: Will it work?
  167. Asian men and Black women: Left behind in the interracial dating game (?)
  168. Sure, it's paternalistic, but is it wrong? (Fast food bans in low-income areas)
  169. The 'Car Train' - would it work?
  170. Bigfoot and Genetic Memories
  171. Social workers being prosecuted for a crime they could have prevented ?
  172. Would Bush pardon Osama?
  173. Would the war in Iraq be going better or worse if we only used WWII-era small-arms?
  174. Senator Obama, Quit Making This Hard For Me!
  175. Anthrax letters -- Are you kidding me?
  176. The particle accelerator in CERN - is this scary or what?
  177. Obama/McCain debates: just three.
  178. We need to stop taking the "War on Terror" seriously
  179. If Jesus came back today, which religion would he most identify with?
  180. The Rapture
  181. What should be the goal of imprisonment (for a crime)?
  182. Should McCain ignore Obama's efforts in "Red" states?
  183. Is it true that Obama "should" be way more ahead than he is now?
  184. What? No Spears/Hilton/Obama thread yet?
  185. How important will McCain's VP be?
  186. New (?) concept: Peak *Price* Oil
  187. Was Jesus really all peace and love?
  188. Have the anti-globalization nuts finally gone away?
  189. Tell me about the REAL ID Act and why certain states object
  190. Trickle-down - only works when the rich QUIT spending?
  191. CO2 in the atmospere?
  192. Bush ordered fake letter linking Iraq to 9/11- When is lying a crime?
  193. What if the Alcatraz Six's plan had worked?
  194. A national oil supplier...
  195. Does the show "COPS" demonize black men?
  196. How does McCain get donations from people who don't care about the election?
  197. How will offshore Oil Drilling pass, when Broadwater is catching so much heat?
  198. Creationism vs. Evolution: the only choices?
  199. For Those Who are Seriously Concerned About AGW [eating meat]
  200. (No Offense But) Why Do Pharmacists Need So Much Training?
  201. WHY Was the Rosetta stone made?
  202. 'Clinton wants her delegates heard'
  203. For Those Who Are Serious About AGW Part II [carbon tax]
  204. Was the impeachment of Clinton a bad political move?
  205. Hamdan - do we have the right to charge him with anything?
  206. Abiogenesis - Current hypotheses?
  207. Obama receives more contributions from Big Oil than McCain
  208. Why are you such sick perverts?
  209. Evolution: Current theory
  210. U.S. exporting record amounts of gasoline?!
  211. The God Card played by McCain?
  212. Free water on airlines?
  213. Is Russia determined to be an empire again?
  214. Well, looks like the Democrats want another "assault weapons" ban
  215. Is it Reasonable to Question the Honor of Someone Who Used to be a Hero?
  216. What is the most signicant political text ever written?
  217. Is NATO getting too big?
  218. Ape Equality: A Very Bad Idea
  219. Did the Democrats ever have a real chance to beat Eisenhower in '52 & '56?
  220. Norm Coleman's Elitist Platform?
  221. What if it was Obama? [Had Obama been caught in Edwards's situation?]
  222. The New Assault Weapons Ban
  223. COPS and racial diversity.
  224. Venerated eco-saint grows MJ & shrooms & might lose his farm under home seizure laws
  225. The Debates - Here they come!
  226. "I.O.U.S.A.": $53 trillion debt to destroy us all?
  227. Nixon's 1971 wage and price controls
  228. Ongoing attacks in Xinjiang, China
  229. Interpretive Dancing as a form of worship
  230. The rights of sucessionist movements
  231. Why do pirates, pirate?
  232. Anything we can learn from the French about nuclear power?
  233. Has an "unlawful combatant" any legal recourse to challenge that designation?
  234. What's the first thing you think of when seeing this New York magazine cover?
  235. Would Clinton be the nominee if Edwards' affair had come out earlier?
  236. Suppose Pope Pius Had made This Speech?
  237. Could the US Navy enter the Black Sea?
  238. A national-scale high speed rail? For whom?
  239. Chavez Wants to Rename Latin America?
  240. Would it be better if everyone did therapy?
  241. Funding 3rd level education
  242. Newsweek: "What Bush Got Right"
  243. Is China singlehandedly undoing the rest of the planet's CO2 control efforts?
  244. Is My wife Hispanic?
  245. The Second Amendment and State Action.
  246. Obama and Georgia
  247. Coworker lying on time sheet
  248. The Future of Religion
  249. one third of new home owners owe more then the house is worth?
  250. Dinziger Incident case thrown out.