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  1. The SDMB Privacy Amendment (US Constitution)
  2. "The Usual Suspects" of Great Debates
  3. House and Senate pass bailout bill
  4. Is Banking and Finance Real or Just a Game?
  5. Rolling Stone article about John McCain
  6. Let's get something straight: Oil drilling does NOTHING for "energy independence"
  7. What if you could have more than one vote per person?
  8. The Liberal Mass Media myth.
  9. The Pro-Life Slippery Slope
  10. Economic Impact of The Television Remote Control
  11. Is The American "Melting Pot" Unique?
  12. 9/11: An economic attack?
  13. 32 Ohio undecidedes hate "Maverick"
  14. Will the Credit Crunch be the excuse for a withdrawal from Iraq?
  15. The one excellent reason to choose a Democratic president
  16. October surprise 2008
  17. Arizona Prop 200: Payday loans
  18. Will Brokaw require Obama & McCain to answer the questions?
  19. OJ Simpson Convicted on Robbery, But Sentenced for Murder: Fair?
  20. Bubble-up economics
  21. A moderate Republican quits
  22. Youtube vid: Repubs. tried to fix Fanni/Freddie in 2004....
  23. National prayer day
  24. EU on the financial crisis
  25. Will economic recession halt the growth of Prosperity theology?
  26. When McCain/Obama loses, who/what will their supporters blame?
  27. Young Obama supporters = Hitler Youth
  28. Why Credit Crisis is Worldwide?
  29. If China's financial industry goes in the tank like ours...
  30. Sweaty, desperate and losing, McCain camp decides to go negative. Will it work?
  31. Obama grabs shovel, starts slinging mud
  32. When are Fallacies false?
  33. Indiana in McCain column in polls - why?
  34. Is Racism the ast Refuge of a Scoundrel?
  35. The 2nd Presidental Debate October 7, 2008
  36. Sarah Palin - safe with finger on the Nuclear Trigger?
  37. Iran forces US jet to land in Tehran; war imminent?
  38. Obama wins, economy tanks. Is it worth it? (hypothetical)
  39. Electric car problems
  40. California Propositions 2008
  41. Constitutional amendment - single subject clause
  42. One question I would like someone to ask during the debate
  43. Arizona propositions - Your opinion?
  44. If God answers medical prayers, then why do you need health insurance?
  45. Why so little infiormation about Sarah Palin's childhood and teen years?
  46. Police Error Leads to Arrest: Evidence Supressed? (Herring v. US)
  47. What's going well?
  48. So we know how to fix SOCIAL SECURITY and "it's easy?"
  49. McCain not as forked as the McCain Forked thread, but still forked
  50. Are Slots a Net Benefit to Communities?
  51. Is Biden responsible for the loose laws controlling Delaware credit card companies?
  52. How can Christian Righters be against gay marriage but not divorce?
  53. 20/20 hindsight: Pubs shoulda nominated Romney
  54. ACORN submits fraudulent voter registrations en masse
  55. McCain’s mortgage-buying proposal
  56. Realistic reaction if McCain wins EVERY state?
  57. Why Do Humans find Symmetry pleasing?
  58. "Atheism is a non-prophet organization"
  59. Make the case for your candidate without mentioning the other ticket
  60. Presidential Debate formats- your favorites and your own
  61. Illiois Sheriff Refuses To Evict People: New Era Of Squatter's Rights Coming?
  62. Corporal Punishment - Yay or nay?
  63. In search of the Goldilocks Bailout; Do we have to save all the banks?
  64. Senator Obama, have you ever been a member of ...
  65. What do you think of InTrade and other such "prediction markets" short/long term?
  66. What happend to one man one vote?
  67. Is America on the verge of race riots?
  68. Fibromyalgia- Traditional disease or something else?
  69. Has the nature-nurture issue been definitely settled in favor of nature?
  70. Bailout - how soon to tell if it is working?
  71. Have I missed McCain fear/terrorism ads, or is it being saved for the home stretch?
  72. Palin's political future
  73. Post-election, do y'all just love your Prez and get on with it or what?
  74. "Say it to my face." Obama baiting McCain?
  75. Religion, technology, and the future
  76. US Supreme Court: should a 5-4 decision be a precedent?
  77. Are some right-wing supporters losing touch with reality?
  78. Have any noted "free market, deregulation" advocates changed their tune?
  79. "He's not one of us" - McCain/Palin are playing the race card
  80. Republican state win predictions
  81. Should companies be held accountable for dealing with oppressive regimes?
  82. Pro abortionists: Multiple abortions ok?
  83. Suspend stock market trading indefinitely?
  84. After the election will Republicans be moving to Alaska
  85. Is 51% really enough anymore?
  86. Sarah Palin: Dominionist or No
  87. Obama Donor Scandal!
  88. Connecticut Supreme Court Grants Same-Sex Marriage
  89. What is the evidence that McCain and Palin are racists?
  90. Republicans for Obama: Can Obama win them/McCain lose them?
  91. Pay equity for women
  92. Things Bush Has Not Screwed Up
  93. Cook County (Chicago) Sheriff refuses to evict people from foreclosed homes.
  94. McCain targets Bill Daley, loses Republican endorsement and support
  95. Kondratieff vindicated? ((Stock Market crash)
  96. McCain seems to be choosing the "nuclear option"...
  97. is McCain really missing the boat ?
  98. Panel Finds Palin Abused Power (Troopergate)
  99. Where would we be if GWB got his wish and Social Security was privatized?
  100. So how bad do you think the economy is going to get?
  101. The Legacy of Barry Goldwater
  102. GM may merge with Chrysler. Where does that leave Ford?
  103. Republicans losing thier minds as a nigger gets closer to being POTUS
  104. Would this simple idea help prevent future abuses by CEO-types?
  105. Bar Stool Economics
  106. Should we switch to a single global currency?
  107. Why do people want abortion decided at the state level?
  108. What will/can a President Obama and Congress do about the economy?
  109. What is McCain's message on Obama?
  110. Alternate History: Obama vs Powell 08
  111. In the second debate why was McCain wandering?
  112. The GOP is falling apart.
  113. Why couldnt a muslim become President?
  114. Resolved: Most Employment-Discrimination Claims Are, Almost Inherently, Bogus
  115. Whatever happened to those Congressional investigations on oil price gouging?
  116. Why is McCain running such a bad campaign?
  117. Could Cheney be right?
  118. What happens if other countries cut off our credit?
  119. Let's talk about time.
  120. British Prime Minister going blind - Does it really matter?
  121. Battle of Stalingrad far more important than D-Day in defeating Germans?
  122. Republican Party heading into the wilderness to re-focus- What needs to happen?
  123. What elected official most turned out to be a "Trojan Horse"?
  124. Why are the Republicans favored on defense?
  125. McCain defends Obama Against Slur
  126. Could a "campaign reboot" win McCain back the independents?
  127. Why do gas prices fluctuate, but not Wii Prices?
  128. Obama speaks for the middle class -- but who speaks for the lower?
  129. Does today's huge stock market jump help McCain?
  130. WOULD dropping A-bombs on Germany have stopped the Nazis?
  131. How would Obama, if elected President, tear this country apart?
  132. Critique the Rolling Stone article damning John McCain
  133. Bad economy: a good time or bad time to return to graduate school?
  134. Suppose McCain dies before the election...
  135. US Bank Nationalization
  136. Why such a shortage of Obama campaign materials?
  137. Let's define fiscal conservatism
  138. Would you stop the Black Death?
  139. McCain loses. Who's next?
  140. McCain: The Last Ten Days- Are they bluffing or planning?
  141. Which candidate will cure you of outrage fatigue and why?
  142. Are things really tighter for the average person due to the economy?
  143. Will the next president serve more than one term?
  144. McCain hires Saddam Hussein's corrupt lobbyist as his transition chief.
  145. Likely voter screens ... again.
  146. Canadian Election Results
  147. Another unpleasant Obama association
  148. The only poll that counts ...
  149. If the US government model is so great why haven't more democracies adopted it?
  150. It's the official last Presidential Debate thread!
  151. I smell the smelly smell of desperation: Obama not a citizen.
  152. Will we see a return to sensibility re: airline security?
  153. Very seriously: why would anyone vote for McCain?
  154. Hey, we bagged another #2!
  155. What to do with stupid people?
  156. Mechanism of a McCain/Palin Victory?
  157. 10/15 debate night...
  158. Amazing Statistics On Voter Registration: Now, Will They All Actually Vote?
  159. Canadians: Liberal Party Leadership
  160. Pailin worse than Quayle?
  161. People shouting "Kill Obama!" at McCain/Palin rallies: where's the Secret Service?
  162. What to do with losers?
  163. Independents and Conservatives: Obama rated most liberal Senator...Do you care?
  164. I can't balance the US budget in four years! Help!
  165. Think you're not a racist? (or other -ist) Check this out.
  166. McCain does want to overturn Roe V Wade
  167. Guantanamo Bay and Children Captives.
  168. If the Confederacy Had Taken Back Chattanooga in 1863 (a McCain/Obama free thread)
  169. Is George Soros making Billions Out of this Stock market Crash?
  170. FBI Infiltrating the Mob: How does It Work?
  171. John McCain wants to spread the wealth around
  172. Why were Bush Sr. and Jr. such different presidents?
  173. Joe the Plumber
  174. The LW deserves to win the "Culture War" all the way, once and for all
  175. Dawkins on Martin Luther King, Jr.
  176. Four debates and nobody talked about immigration?!
  177. Does speaking strongly against bigotry make one a bigot as well?
  178. "Socialist" Country Comparisons
  179. Why no scare of becoming fascist?
  180. Is it possible that John McCain wants Obama to win?
  181. What keeps OPEC from creating an oil shortage?
  182. Oil <$80/BBL: SO;the big run-Up WAS speculation?
  183. Obama leading in North Dakota - Is this possible?
  184. Wow! This is disturbing - Howard Stern Obama Clip
  185. Interesting WSJ article on why national voter polls have such varying results
  186. Meet Ayers. [Fixed spelling.)
  187. Which is more important: protecting the innocent or punishing the guilty?
  188. Should Employers allow political exchanges in the workplace?
  189. Chicago Tribune endorses Obama (first time they ever endorsed a democrat)
  190. Conservatives...what will/should the Republicans do?
  191. Frequency of Palin coverage v. Biden coverage
  192. US Representative calls for journalistic investigation of Congress
  193. how likely is a democratic filibuster-proof majority in the senate?
  194. McCain says any suppoter of Roe v Wade is unqualified?
  195. Which branch of the US govt is most influential domestically
  196. Which incumbent Do You Most Want to See Go Down in Flames?
  197. Why middle class support for Republicans?
  198. Abortion clinic protestors: terrorists?
  199. YPM makes ACORN look like a bunch of pikers
  200. Undecided Voters:
  201. Do you believe in redemption?
  202. Pro-lifers, why are you voting for McCain?
  203. What areas of my life are off-limits to an employer?
  204. Voter Machine Fraud Starting Already
  205. Is this the nastiest, meanest Presidential campaign of modern times?
  206. Florida Amendment 2: Gay Marriage.
  207. Snowmobiles banned in Yellowstone National Park!
  208. Colin Powell endorses Obama
  209. The line between promoting issues and promoting candidates
  210. Joe the Plumber and privacy
  211. Mother 3: When is Piracy Justified?
  212. A Juror's Resposibility
  213. McCain says Obama's cash will lead to scandal
  214. If Osama bin Laden was found tomorrow...
  215. Can we trust Democrats not to be dangerously naive about radical Islam?
  216. Resolved: Republicans Commit Voter Fraud
  217. Assisted Suicide - For or against.
  218. Boston Question: mayor james curley: How Corrupt was He?
  219. More Proof That Global Warming Is Toast
  220. Is It Time for Bankers to Apologize?
  221. What is the standard atheist response to this "proof" of God's existence?
  222. If the Election were held tomorrow, and McCain won
  223. Politics & Religion (A philosophical challenge, not about US politics)
  224. What do newspaper endorsements signify?
  225. Canada looks to Europe in anticipation of Obama protectionism
  226. What do you make of this Obama request for investigation?
  227. What would happen if massive amounts of gold became available?
  228. Obama temporarily leaving the campaign trail
  229. Presidential Nominee Medical Files
  230. This Presidential campaign is so unfocused it is truly weird.
  231. More good cites for U.S. vote fraud by the GOP?
  232. Illuminatiprimus—What's with that weird link in your signature?
  233. Resolved: American Coins are Pig-Ugly
  234. Specific Obama Criticisms (Socialism) -- Counterpoints?
  235. Are "swaps" a good or bad thing?
  236. Police drag protesters from blocking Palin motorcade
  237. Oddly, I trust FiveThirtyEight more after hearing this. Do you?
  238. Third Party Candidates
  239. Lets Talk About ACORN
  240. Where is the conservative outrage on McCain/Palin's geographic warfare?
  241. Can OPEC cut production without cutting their own throats?
  242. Is it OK to cheat on your expense account (and I mean big time). Her initials are SP.
  243. Let's hear no more about the liberal media
  244. Can the Republican Party find its way again?
  245. Vote Trading Idea - Would this work?
  246. Osama and the election campaign
  247. Is private sector more efficient than government?
  248. The Comprehensive Argument Against Barack Obama
  249. Local versus Federal Voter Regulations/Management
  250. Get-out-the-vote and voter suppression are not equally legitimate political tactics