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  1. Iran threatens a "pre-emptive strike" against Israel
  2. Obama's Tax "Cut" for non tax payers
  3. Sarah Palin and Alaska Separatists.
  4. Is the US in for a spanking at the G20 Financial Summit in November?
  5. Obamamania – Does Obama knowingly hypnotize his followers?
  6. Will English as lingua franca suffer as a result of the financial crisis
  7. Where's the debate about what Biden said re Obama being tested?
  8. The holocaust is a hoax ....
  9. Has the banking crisis killed libertarianism?
  10. Can somebody explain this McCain ad?
  11. What happened to the electoral college blowouts?
  12. Animal-Human Embryo Hybrids
  13. Will Palin still trust God if they lose?
  14. Atheist Bus Campaign
  15. McCain Supporter Attacked?
  16. How much would it cost to implement Universal Healthcare in the U.S?
  17. What exactly does the fake Obama campaign donor names *mean*, really?
  18. US Lawyer dopers; US Supreme Court Justices
  19. The holocaust is a hoax .....
  20. hmm - maybe calling your opponents Anti-American isn't such a good strategy after all
  21. Should we abolish the vice-presidency?
  22. Are we seeing a break between Palin and McCain?
  23. Is present U.S. immigration pressure any different from earlier waves?
  24. Term Limits, a.k.a. Bloomberg's crossing of the NYC Rubicon (East River?)
  25. Potential US S.Ct. vacancies
  26. What poll should I consider accurate?
  27. At this point in the game, does campaigning still make a difference?
  28. What would make you take up arms?
  29. Does shock value do any good in promoting a cause?
  30. Journalism, Lies and Elections
  31. A close family member plans to engage in actual voter fraud...
  32. Am I wrong to view Guy Fawkes as a hero?
  33. Dang, I think I have to support offshore drilling in California
  34. Does the World "Deserve" a Recession?
  35. Why do we keep insisting that racists are a tiny, insiginificant minority?
  36. Who would be in Obama or McCain's cabinet?
  37. The Fairness Doctrine.
  38. Why don't we racialy segregate our prison system?
  39. Two Questions About Libertarianism
  40. National Driver's Licence
  41. Is it silly to attack Joe the Plumber for being named Sam?
  42. Why Won't Any Economist Defend McCain's Economic Policy in a N California debate?
  43. Another "Would you abolish the Electoral College" thread
  44. The Earth is going to be destroyed. Do we tell the public?
  45. On intellectual rigor
  46. What is libertarianism?
  47. The Mainstream Non-Biased Media
  48. Non-American Dopers, tell me about politics in your country
  49. Armed raid into Syria
  50. One week to go -- one last Obama v. McCain thread
  51. Was it a mistake for Obama to pull out of Georgia?
  52. Why is it unfair for the poor to be tax exempt?
  53. How big a role will fraud play in the election?
  54. Help me decide on Question 2 (Slots in MD)
  55. How important is divided government?
  56. So what's in it for Drudge?
  57. Predict your state! (Election results thread)
  58. How Would Christian Scientists fare Under Universal Healthcare?
  59. Ted Stevens found Guilty
  60. ATF Disrupts Obama Assassination plot.
  61. The Urban Archhipelago and the future of the two parties
  62. Palin is a collectivist socialist.
  63. Should we prevent children from killing themselves? [8 y.o. w/Uzi incident question]
  64. Obama interview on "redistributing wealth": will this play?
  65. European currency collapse, and the economy in general...
  66. Election polls if the media were totally objective and even-handed?
  67. Asteroid impact: You're going to die. What do you do to your loved ones?
  68. Media bias favors McCain, not Obama
  69. At what point do we start penalizing China?
  70. Gimme the moron's translation of this economics paper (voting)
  71. Is This REAL Science?
  72. "Joe the Plumber" Investigated
  73. Smedley Butler Day? Is this for real?
  74. Fairness. Home Ownership Income Tax Deductions
  75. Is this a logical and fair, if intentionally simplistic view of taxes?
  76. Western Europe and Socialism
  77. Will there be massive public celebrations worldwide if Obama wins?
  78. Nuclear Power
  79. Fact Checking on "the price of our freedoms"
  80. Fighting for our Freedom
  81. Scientific evidence of God's existence
  82. John McCain and Barack Obama NOT Qualified to Be President?
  83. Will There Be Riots In The Streets & On the Campuses
  84. Have tribal casinos helped tribe members overall?
  85. Why is the MSM and some in GOP gearing up for a Republican loss already?
  86. The losing candidate in the new administration
  87. Is the relative boringness of Democratic candidates the determinative factor?
  88. Abortion
  89. Why don't voting Machine count properly?
  90. Bin Laden Hypothetical
  91. Obama's infomercial
  92. Cameras and absentee ballots eliminate "secret" ballots
  93. Why no "bias" accusations when newspapers endorse a candidate?
  94. Resolved: European socialism would not have happened without fear of a Red Revolution
  95. A model of knowledge of the existance of god
  96. LA Times protecting Obama
  97. PALIN: The Reagan Effect?
  98. what do you think about this philosophical statement?
  99. On whom do Holocaust deniers blame the hoax?
  100. How many White Nationalists are there in America?
  101. EMDR Therapy - is this just scientology, or what?
  102. How would McCain, if elected, bring this country together?
  103. If Obama's tax plan is socialist, then why isn't McCains?
  104. Resolved: Obama is a capitalist
  105. Jesus loves bin Laden more than you love your children.
  106. Bucket Shops circa 1929
  107. Why no love for Singapore’s health care system?
  108. Which of McCain or Obama is better for Israel?
  109. What is the best way to dramatically lessen greenhouse gas emissions?
  110. Please explain to me the Freedom of Choice Act
  111. Is Joe Lieberman a Democrat?
  112. Stealing bread for the family
  113. At its root, is homophobia sexism?
  114. Is crime a necessity for society to grew and evolve for the better?
  115. Does Middle America distrust intellectuals and why?
  116. Obama may have already effectively won CO and NM. Chickens starting to hatch?
  117. Is anyone expressing excitement over having McCain as president?
  118. Illinois Dopers - Constitutional Convention?
  119. The case of Hamelin v. Piper
  120. Obama....is the well too poisoned for an October Surprise?
  121. Why would Ohio have more undecided voters than other states?
  122. "How McCain Won" - a hypothetical Newsweek article...
  123. Are these hostile liberals?
  124. Hawaii verifies Obama's Birth Certificate
  125. Will Obama come out of the closet?
  126. Obama will give a bigger tax cut to most taxpayers than McCain
  127. Obama's Aunt an Illegal Immigrant
  128. What are McCain's chances
  129. What Did Richardson Say?
  130. What's Ann Coulter up to?
  131. Are McCain’s campaign/volunteer offices relatively empty?
  132. Should Studs Turkels vote count>
  133. Japan Questions 9/11 and the Global War on Terror
  134. McCain/Palin schwag: union bugs?
  135. Was Eliot Spitzer targeted by the Feds?
  136. Obama congratulates McCain on Cheney endorsement
  137. Holy Water
  138. Should male rape victims have to pay child support?
  139. Resolve this! [Organ harvesting condemned prisoners]
  140. Why are Conservatives so credulous?
  141. Will there be riots?
  142. Maxwell's Demon and cosmology
  143. Fox News, Empirically the place to go for fair and balanced election coverage
  144. Women, revealing clothes, rape
  145. Christianity vs Mormonism: How can they be reconciled?
  146. Predict time & day of McCain's concession speech
  147. Obama's Aunt Will Have to Stay in America
  148. Should an unwanting father pay child support?
  149. Billion dollar bail-out for end of year bonuses
  150. Will Choosing Palin Negatively Effect Future GOP Female Candidates?
  151. More cynical Democrats - What's the upshot of an Obama presidency?
  152. What will turnout be?
  153. Convince me conservative economics can never work
  154. Whither John Kerry?
  155. On human cloning
  156. Dirty Election Tricks from Democrats?
  157. How Do You Tell Kids Bible Stories?
  158. Obama and the Art of War? is he following Sun Tzu?
  159. So, how is the McCain 72-hour final effort going?
  160. The supply of the "best and the brightest" on Wall Street salaries.
  161. How does One Ignore a Federal Court Order?
  162. Election Day procedures - time to amend the Constitution?
  163. Marxism on the sdmb, How To Overthrow A Government
  164. Sarah Palin Pranked; Thinks She's Talking to the President of France
  165. What's with this disturbing trend (Obama assassination)
  166. What is and isn't biased media coverage of campaign?
  167. France set to cut off Internet access for file sharing
  168. Predict the wingnuttery to come
  169. myruralamerica.org
  170. When Did soldiering lose its Appeal?
  171. Could you be friends with a slave-owner?
  172. What's the future of American politics without the Soviet boogy man?
  173. Scenarios under which McCain may win
  174. Would McCain have won the election if he'd chosen Tom Ridge as Veep?
  175. Investigative Journalism
  176. Place your Electoral vote results bets here!
  177. Troopergate update: Board "clears" her
  178. The bright side of Hell: your candidate loses
  179. My Pre-Vote Statement
  180. It's Officially Election Day
  181. Were the Valkyrie conspirators "good guys"?
  182. How excited should we get about exit poll tomorrow?
  183. 2008 Presidential Election Results Thread. See it here as they come in.
  184. Stupid fear mongering ads...I thought we were grownups.
  185. Is there a problem with this method of electronic ballot?
  186. Okay Folks! Election Prediction Thread!
  187. US Election 2008, does Obama represent the Nerds and the Republicans the bullies?
  188. Interesting theory: "heavy turnout favors McCain"
  189. CA/AZ/FL Gay Marriage Balloting Reaction Thread
  190. Should all Firearms be banned?
  191. 100th Anniversary of Roe v Wade
  192. What is the difference between a Strategy and a Tactic?
  193. David Byrne Can't Vote
  194. Official Voting Day Irregularities Thread
  195. What rights would you give up in exchange for lower taxes?
  196. Drudge: Exit polls show big Obama Win
  197. How does electronic voting handle write ins?
  198. Are Gov. Palin's glasses fake?
  199. U.S. Senate Elections Thread (and House too, if you want)
  200. You did it. Congratulations.
  201. Who can be the first to predict the 45th president of the United States?
  202. Prayer doesn't work: Election 2008
  203. Chance that Obama really is the liberal boogeyman that some paint him to be?
  204. If McCain Had Chosen Anyone Reasonable for VP, he'd be President McCain
  205. Let's get the 2012 POTUS campaign started!
  206. Is Fox's Hannity and Colmes REALLY 'Fair and Balanced'?
  207. Palin 2012: Why a bad thing?
  208. Most "homogeneous" country in the world?
  209. To my fellow liberals
  210. Gun hobbyists: How worried are you post election? (me, not much)
  211. Revoking same sex marriages in Cali: How will this be implemented?
  212. Is Satanism too bland?
  213. Scotus, Quo Vadis?
  214. The failed Obama administration
  215. Is another Cold War looming?
  216. What's David Plouffe going to do now?
  217. Obama's Cabinet (not the kind that's made of wood)
  218. What concrete steps should Obama take to win over conservatives
  219. Gay Strike
  220. Is Negative Campaigning Dead?
  221. Could Hilary have won?
  222. Polls and Polls of polls-- who got it right, who got it wrong?
  223. Fascinating Newsweek article (in which Palin goes rogue and Obama says the F-word)
  224. Now that Obama is POTUS aren't black claims of being oppressed kind of hollow?
  225. Republicans = defense, Democrats = economy; would you change sides?
  226. What's the definition of a mandate?
  227. Would a new moderate blended party be possible?
  228. What will the Bush Admin do in its time remaining?
  229. McCain's consession speech
  230. Is Obama more surprised than anyone he is President-elect?
  231. If Obama had two black parents
  232. Economic Meltdown/Correcting the Bush Legacy
  233. Condi Rice on Obama
  234. Is Section 7.5 Constitutional? (Re CA Prop. 8)
  235. Limits on Executive Pay.
  236. Kerry's loss in 2004: Best thing that happened to the Dems since...forever?
  237. Money worked: Election 2008
  238. Why is Obama not a European-American?
  239. How long's the honeymoon?
  240. Guns are not designed to kill people
  241. What Broke the Solid Democratic South?
  242. What major Western nation is next in line for a first minority prez/PM?
  243. Let's trot the word "gay" out again
  244. President Obama, meeting expectations, and reelection...
  245. What if Obama dies
  246. Should the Dems boot Lieberman?
  247. Am I turning into a fair taxer?
  248. Could the federal government ban state and local police forces?
  249. Do White House Staff Have to be Chosen from Those in Elected Office?
  250. Is a regional third party possible in the US?