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  1. Why is unequal wealth distribution “unfair”?
  2. Global Warming statistical analysis
  3. Advice for the RNC
  4. Is Oklahoma the most racist state in USA?
  5. Does Obama spell the end of The Daily Show and Colbert Report?
  6. More election fallout: High-speed rail is coming to California
  7. Dragging the debate left; the fine art of political mass consciousness-altering
  8. Back to the economy: what can/should President Obama do?
  9. Most absurdly ridiculous bald-faced political lies?
  10. Obama's Financial Powerhouse Team: Will he run the country like Google?
  11. Voter turnout?
  12. Iraq more insistent on a withdrawal date
  13. A Perfect Monetary System - Is it possible?
  14. Summers or Geithner at the Treasury?
  15. Is Refusal to testify a Dead Giveaway of Guilt?
  16. What Happens if GM Goes Under?
  17. How is the Religious Right dealing with the election
  18. Why aren't homosexuals a "Suspect Class"? (legal definition)
  19. Are there any black Dopers who think Obama's not "black enough"?
  20. Why did Truman's stature as President improve?
  21. Who will replace Obama & Biden in the Senate?
  22. Historical game changers?
  23. The Church of LDS's Role in CA Prop 8: Endangering their tax-exempt status?
  24. Did Obama really say he'll "spread the wealth"?
  25. How hard should a constitution be to amend?
  26. The Fate of the Republican Party
  27. The Mormon church doesn't allow people to visit. This bothers me
  28. Is "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" a reasonable law or not?
  29. The 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate is Forked
  30. Nader outpolls Barr -- why?
  31. Obama's race is mostly irrelevant, which makes his race a BFD.
  32. Seriously...how close did we come to Financial Armageddon?
  33. Why not a "public works" bailout?
  34. What are Obama's biggest flaws?
  35. With hindsight, when did McCain actually lose all hope of winning?
  36. US military dominance
  37. Is human life really worthy of being considered 'sacred'?
  38. Open atheist for Senator
  39. Have we ever had a free market?
  40. Is there any real reason to believe Obama is actually for same sex marriage?
  41. Free Market Babies: A Simplistic Analysis
  42. Is Bush going to go out with a flurry of Presidential pardons like Clinton did?
  43. What should happen to this boy?
  44. Presidential Term: One Six Year Term Instead Of One (Or Two) Four Year Terms?
  45. Obama is already starting to keep his campaign promises...
  46. Questions (and some videos) regarding JFK's assasination.
  47. Moon Landing
  48. The secret spending of our $2,000,000,000,000.
  49. who else thinks 9/11 is Bill Clintons fault
  50. Changing your mind the night after sex = rape (Does this ever happen?)
  51. Multiple universes don't refute intelligent design
  52. LDS / CA Prop 8 / Tax exempt status
  53. Time is not a dimension. There is no time
  54. Why isn't a placenta human life?
  55. "We are all socialists now..."
  56. Newt Gingrich pushing hard to to be new RNC Chairman - Inspired choice or insane?
  57. Conventional political wisdom, post-election: What's changed?
  58. Peak Oil: How will our lifestyles change? Or is it Quackery.
  59. Boston Legal/ Abortion
  60. How Long Should A Soldier Be Held To His Signed Word?
  61. Why did the US free the slaves after the Civil War?
  62. Obama supporters: what's the first major mistake you expect him to make in office?
  63. Pleasant Grove City, UT v. Summum: public religious displays
  64. What made Friedman believe real-life markets are rational?
  65. Let's look at the Palin clothes issue a different way
  66. What, if anything, will the Senate Pubs filibuster in the next two years?
  67. I Can't Make Up My Mind (Government Bailouts)
  68. Moral Laws
  69. Olbermann says he doesn't vote.
  70. Obama Smoking in the White House
  71. You're Being Detained, Sir, For Babysitting Someone of a Different Race
  72. How much credit should go to Howard Dean for Dem victory?
  73. Americans and their guns.
  74. Abolish the Air Force?
  75. 1st Amendment question regarding gay marriage
  76. Is "sex Addiction" a real Disease?
  77. If Obama is assassinated, the right's use of "messiah" will be directly responsible
  78. Who if not Columbus?
  79. Does the common person have any business investing in the stock market?
  80. Should people who intentionally try to spread HIV be convicted of attempted murder?
  81. AT&T announces a tether option...
  82. Fate of Obama's Judicial Appointments...
  83. Do the Big 3 have too much auto production capacity?
  84. Bush without Cheney
  85. Homosexuality and religion (prop 8)
  86. Narrow elections and recounts: time for a new system?
  87. Treasury: Won't buy bad bank assets
  88. What will it take to get a viable third party into American politics?
  89. Is the Republican party farther to the right than the Democratic party is to the left
  90. The Baseline
  91. Is acknowledgement of a spirit reasonable?
  92. "Will the Republican Party Ever Change?"
  93. Is World War II turning into a Fairy Tale?
  94. CA Proposition 8, Domestic Partnerships, and Safe Votes
  95. Biblical Prophecy, Financial Armageddon, and why Barack Obama is (not) The Antichrist
  96. How much are attitudes about Palin influenced by her accent?
  97. Future prospects for Republicans regaining Congress.
  98. Resolved: there is no principled reasons to punish hate crimes worse...
  99. Should the US govt buy up massive amounts of crude oil on the cheap?
  100. Why doesn't ET call us?
  101. How strong is Ted Steven's appeal for a new trial?
  102. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?
  103. Chinese economic crisis - What do you make of this.
  104. Chinese economic crisis - What do you make of this?
  105. The Phelps Specifically/Limits of Free Speech in General
  106. The Baltic Dry Index - A Valid Worry??
  107. Respond to this Anti-Obama Gun Freak
  108. When is a boycott justified?
  109. Blackwater should be shut down and prosecuted
  110. OPEC...why play games?
  111. Same-Sex Marriage and other Unions
  112. Obama puts McCain in his Cabinet: Brilliant or Foolish? [What if?]
  113. Potus
  114. Crack Cocaine vs Powder Cocaine distinction in our laws is a terrible policy
  115. Marshall Plan for Republicans
  116. Will we ever develop a video game as addictive as cocaine?
  117. Stupid premise, but interesting constitutional question
  118. Why is Israel so bothered by this region-of-origin labelling?
  119. How dangerous were the Apollo missions?
  120. Both Hillary and Richardson as Sec of St
  121. CA Supreme Court asks Brown for response to Prop 8 suits.
  122. Where do you see GM, Ford and Chrysler in 5 years?
  123. Gay
  124. The Bible Questions its Own Veracity
  125. Gay marriage: let's do this one more time (with Obama tangent)
  126. Why does income inequality matter?
  127. Obama to push the Saudi Peace initiative?
  128. Iraqi Cabinet approves 3-year security pact with U.S.
  129. Public works?
  130. Racism increased a lot after Obamas victory ?
  131. Rescuing the automakers: A good thing or a waste of money?
  132. When was the latest a viable political candidate has emerged for a party?
  133. Global warming "tipping point" - why I think we're inevitably gonna go over it...
  134. It's a good thing to be 'In Touch' with your President.
  135. Fooling the news media (maybe Palin knows where Africa is!)
  136. Should Obama end Cuban problems?
  137. Is the Constitution a 'living breathing' document?
  138. Is Murdoch right, is there a culture of "complacency and condescension" in newsrooms?
  139. Moderated Debates, Recruitment Thread
  140. Hypothetical: Legally, what would happen if Obama wasn't a native born citizen?
  141. Article on economic suggestions for Obama
  142. Recessions caused by "Paradox of Thrift"?
  143. SSM, Dual Income, Social Security and Taxes
  144. Is a turning point in the abortion debate possible, and are we there?
  145. Is Marriage a Right?
  146. "Partial-Birth Abortion": morally the same as any other abortion method
  147. What is holding back electronic books?
  148. Non-duality, yea or nay?
  149. Will violent gay secular fascists impose their will on Christian America?
  150. Texas Grand Jury indicts Cheney, Gonzalez
  151. Do you think the alternation of Conservative and Liberals in Power is beneficial?
  152. Is autofabrication on the verge of changing the world?
  153. Daschle is Health and Human Services Sec.
  154. Are triangles real or just abstractions?
  155. Why haven't we heard from Bin Laden?
  156. Malcolm X-Died a Christian?
  157. No criminal charges by new admin for Bush interrogators
  158. Government should recognize ONLY civil unions
  159. Resolved: The 'quarter-life crisis' will disappear in 10 years
  160. Obama's appointsments...oh yeah, big change
  161. Why are the democrats "weak willed" or "cowards" for not punishing Lieberman?
  162. Explain the Xian Trinity
  163. "The desire to procreate may be our very reason for being."
  164. Baptizing Jesus
  165. We can clone woolly mammoths. Should we?
  166. Healthcare Reform: Oh Yeah!
  167. Why the delay on Treasury Secretary?
  168. Questionable Minnesota Ballots: YOU Make the Call!
  169. Is the Moon terraformable?
  170. Penny Pritzker for Commerce?
  171. Okay to create a subhuman species ?
  172. "Intent of the voter" is a bad standard
  173. World leaders do not shake Bush's hand
  174. Were Christ's Two natures in Conflict?
  175. Do Republican voters feel richer with a Republican president?
  176. Questions for believers: Is God a person and does he communicate?
  177. President Chavez & Sunday's Election
  178. Stevens delivers final Senate Speech
  179. How did Christianity get hijacked by bozos?
  180. Durban II
  181. National Intelligence Council predicts end of U.S. dominance
  182. Conservative Jews and stereotypes.
  183. Can Obama Close Guantanamo Prison?
  184. Are we heading into a period of prolonged deflation?
  185. Is the UAW going to help the Big Three in their time of need?
  186. The Supreme Court could rule the election invalid
  187. 2008 GOP, most unpopular party
  188. The IDEA of the US - what does it represent to you?
  189. Obama gives hints about stimulus package to come.
  190. Handjobs and hypocrispy
  191. Does purchasing/pirating DRM-protected content validate DRM?
  192. Honoring Their Wishes v. Doing What YOU Think is Best.
  193. Is this rape?
  194. What can Obama do to purge Bush political appointees from civil-service jobs?
  195. Do you support open carry firearms laws?
  196. Cato Institute: "Blocking Obama’s Health Plan Is Key to the GOP’s Survival"
  197. Same Sex Marriage- State's Rights
  198. Political Consequences if Congress legalized marijuana?
  199. Obama decides Bush's tax cuts are not so bad after all
  200. Are ginger kids the new oppressed minority?
  201. lets say Obama enacts a law that truly redistributes the weath...
  202. Replace taxes with an annuity
  203. Why are the Russians being more militarily expansive? Who exactly do they fear?
  204. Immoveable V Unstoppable
  205. Reparations for Jim Crow
  206. Does Infinity Really Exist?
  207. Employee Free Choice Act
  208. Is Asperger syndrome real?
  209. Bush Makes an Exit
  210. Virgin Mary Apparitions
  211. US Congress should raise taxes sooner rather than later
  212. abortion rights, womens rights?
  213. What is the difference between a cynic, a pessimist, and a nihilist?
  214. Viewing my own death through a pet fish's death
  215. Pistol-packing soccer mom's loss of carry permit causes her vagina to close up
  216. What should be done with historically oppressed minority groups?
  217. "Too Big to Fail" Is Too Big. Period.
  218. Bush Pardon list
  219. How would American unions modernize for the 21st century?
  220. Hillary can't be Secretary of State?
  221. Bush is handing Obama an huge bushel of poo. What can conservatives blame Obama for?
  222. Cruel and Unusual? Judge enlists Barry Manilow for punishment
  223. How can Bob Rubin be made to suffer for banking crisis? (Long, no-doubt-ignorant rant
  224. Libs won't criticize Obama? See Tom Toles 11/26/08
  225. EMP attack = End of U.S.
  226. Bioethical Abolitionism: Putting an end to all suffering
  227. Heads up - mass terrorist attack in India - developing
  228. Obama supporters: What do you think of how Obama has repsonded to the economy?
  229. To profile or not to profile? A retailer's dilemma.
  230. How long will bin Laden remain at large?
  231. Hey terrorists, I'm not impressed
  232. Oldest living human.
  233. Can we talk about Clarence Thomas and the Obama citizenship thing (again)?
  234. "Wait, what?" Actual or potential Obama disillusionment
  235. Permanent internal checkpoints, every *@#! day.
  236. What's better: any easy life, or hard?
  237. Science of Morality, Anyone?
  238. Questions about the federal reserve
  239. Will all real creationists please stand up?
  240. An Uninformed solution for the American Economy
  241. So where IS it ok to carry a firearm?
  242. If India and Pakistan go at it
  243. What do conservatives have against labor unions?
  244. Is an armed society a polite society?
  245. The war on The War On the war on Christmas
  246. What would "realistic" space combat be like?
  247. A lack of belief is not equivalent to belief
  248. Convince me there's no pension tsunami about to happen
  249. Basis for movie/book convention about angels envying humans
  250. Religious Dopers – what evidence* could make you question or reject your faith?

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