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  1. Religious Dopers what evidence* could make you question or reject your faith?
  2. Are our actions eternal?
  3. The world will end in 2012, yes indeedy
  4. What do you think of Obama's National Security Team
  5. "Beam Rider" weapon - attainable now?
  6. Canadian Dopers: Looks like another government is coming
  7. It's official - we're in a recession
  8. Canadian opposition seeks to topple Harper's 6-week-old government
  9. Our Ignorance is no Accident
  10. Should the Mets' stadium be renamed Taxpayer's Field?
  11. Woman suing radio station for date gone wrong
  12. Are Synthetic Fabrics "greener"?
  13. How near are we to solving the problem of recharging electric cars?
  14. The Big 3 automakers' plan
  15. Disproving Islam - challenge is set
  16. Ammunition Accountability Act
  17. In what way is math distinct from notation?
  18. Does Canada Really Need Economic Stimulus?
  19. Canadian Dopers: Is it unacceptable to have the BQ allied with the government?
  20. Ethical pedants, reality check please
  21. This test brought to you by....
  22. Bush Sr. pardoning himself??
  23. What's so bad about a "service economy"
  24. The UAW's Culpability in the Current Unpleasantness
  25. [REFEREED] How much worth is there in fighting global warming?
  26. Are US no-go areas worse than European no-go areas?
  27. The food bank problem: Your solutions
  28. Believers in faith healing: why doesn't God restore amputated limbs?
  29. I doubt the existence of ghosts/God/supernatural things will ever be factually proved
  30. Writing a new Bill of Rights--1st Amendment
  31. UK Army Sikh regiment: racist or not?
  32. Major Moral Dilemma: It Started with Viagra
  33. Would the METHANOL Economy worK?
  34. Ways to Curtail Gun Crime
  35. Is the NDP selling themselves short?
  36. Let's bail out the teachers
  37. How much of the Internet is to blame for the low approval for Bush?
  38. Parenting,Child Abuse and Welfare payments
  39. Obama should form a junta and storm the White House
  40. Could the Electoral College be abolished state by state?
  41. Eyewitnesses to Jesus' miracles
  42. Did we really go to the moon?
  43. Should we discard the political label "progressive"? I say no
  44. Why gay rights now?
  45. Its about time!
  46. Convince me not to convert to Islam.
  47. Educational Leadership
  48. So about time ... for real.
  49. Is Christianity just Judaism lite? (Or, how I lost my religion.)
  50. Is lighting your fart on fire cool?
  51. Kopbusters has it's first sting
  52. Michael Ignatieff - next Canadian PM?
  53. Would proof of Ghosts Challenge Religion?
  54. Would the Republican Party be able to survive without religion?
  55. Congress needs to get off their lazy asses and pass a Stimulus Bill
  56. Bryan Ekers Sociopolitical impact of Christianity on Pagan Europe
  57. Suppose drugs were legalized tomorrow--what happens to those involved in the trade?
  58. Stossel or Stein: Should we bail 'em out or find a floor?
  59. Bailout alternative?
  60. "Plain View" exception in the digital age
  61. Governor Blagojevich Arrested, What Now?
  62. Canadian Separatism
  63. Anti-Natalism and the case for human extinction
  64. Frank Schaeffer, Co-founder of the Religious Right Movement Tells His Story
  65. Why would B of A extend credit to a company right after they pulled it?
  66. Did the republicans fool [the Democrats on the financial bailout plan]?
  67. Why do we swear?
  68. Left Lane Slowpokes
  69. Canadian crisis?
  70. Monster turns on Dr. Frankenstein ["Joe the Plumber" and John McCain]
  71. Where will the water come from?
  72. Tobacco Subsidy and Textile Tarrifs
  73. Who Should Be Nominated to New York's Junior Senate Seat?
  74. Is America Cruel?
  75. "Is Gay the New Black?"
  76. Bush says Bible is not literally true
  77. Lets look to the future: What is the next great civil rights movment in America?
  78. How much is a trillion dollars?
  79. Actual results of Big Three bankruptcies?
  80. takecaredownthere.org
  81. Have you changed your mind about where the economy/actions on it?
  82. Who's going down with Blago?
  83. GM fails: Other car prices rise?
  84. Valkyrie Thread: How would history have changed if the July Plot had succeeded?
  85. Why would anyone oppose Nationwide Wi-Fi?
  86. "too big to fail" antithetical to capitalism?
  87. A debate on ONE SPECIFIC aspect of the gun issue (I hope)
  88. Did Blago commit a federal crime?
  89. Sterilization and Sexism
  90. Question for fellow Catholics
  91. The Caucasian chalk circle - Non- Western perspective on the recent Caucasian War
  92. What will happen to the presidency under an Obama Administration?
  93. Is there a real possibility that the US could start slipping backward developmentally
  94. Should "rogue" states be allowed to serve on the UN Human Rights Commission?
  95. What should children be taught about Santa Claus?
  96. The great decade debate
  97. What would be better than religion?
  98. Why do people insist that the market will produce new jobs?
  99. How do you piss away 50 billion dollars?
  100. Iraq - a lesson from history
  101. Would contracts be simpler in Libertopia?
  102. good pay for unskilled labor, why the hate?
  103. Are neoliberals actually conservatives in disguise?
  104. Does Chicago's "Daley Machine" exist any more?
  105. I don't think that Caroline Kennedy is qualified for the NY Senate seat.
  106. Is Lying Endemic in American Culture?
  107. Sleaze or stoolie: Which is worse for Jesse Jackson Jr's future?
  108. Presidential Loophole
  109. Is there a historical precedent for the current digital filesharing situation?
  110. 0% Interest - What will the Fed do now?
  111. LA leaders urge Obama to end Cuba embargo
  112. A Company's first duty should be to the Staff & Community, not the Shareholders
  113. Am I a hypocrite for being anti-fur?
  114. Is the United States bankrupt?
  115. The efficacy of Counterfactuals in Historical discussion.
  116. Girls who break the taboo will be infertile.
  117. Chysler Shutting Down For 30 Days - Let The Brinkmanship Begin!
  118. Obama and Rick Warren. Does this bother you?
  119. Gay marriage is "redefining marriage"? I call BS.
  120. LaHood for Transportation. Signifieth?
  121. Was Bush Regime complicit in 9/11 attack?
  122. Cheney admits we would have invaded Iraq even w/o WMD evidence [per Chris Matthews]
  123. Does massive white collar crime deserve the Death Penalty?
  124. Obama wants to reconcile with the right.
  125. Penn Jillette: Religious folk SHOULD proseletyze?!?!
  126. What will Obama's actions be on trade?
  127. Obama considering openly gay man for Secretary of the Navy
  128. Could you torture someone?
  129. Will the people ever rise again?
  130. Do we overidentify race?
  131. Do GM and Chrysler have any hope of surviving?
  132. How much could the President get away with?
  133. The Straight Dope on the Mayan Calendar
  134. Why don't we just disband Congress now? (Auto bailout)
  135. Is it time to start an agressive, "atheist pride" movement?
  136. What is the number one reason why some people succeed in life?
  137. Some questions about the extent of Bernie Madoff's evil
  138. Wedding Planners vs. Norton (DC vote in Congress/same-sex marriage)
  139. Noone is born atheist
  140. Civil Rights Issues Should Not Be Put to a Popular Vote
  141. Oil prices crippeling to oil producer nations - how?
  142. News flash: Non Christians are OK with being wished 'Merry Christmas (really!)
  143. Military Spending for VERY questionable medical procedures
  144. It can be 4chan discussion tiem nao, pl0x? (a serious discussion of 4chan)
  145. Are Department Store Electric Scooters Monopolized by Non Handicapped Obese People?
  146. Multiple Central Banks
  147. Do libraries serve a purpose anymore?
  148. Cyber War
  149. Dogs feel envy? Grossly flawed study, or good science?
  150. Is Proposition 8 unconstitutional?
  151. "In these uncertain times" -- Has it ever been any different?
  152. Who are the worst Americans?
  153. Science explores conservatism and faith
  154. Obama and 'Cracking Down on Excessive Energy Speculation'
  155. Could you press The Button?
  156. Marriage, gays, and the state
  157. Yglesias and Third Way: a blog controversy
  158. Dave Pelzer (Author of A Child Called It) -- Fraud?
  159. Why does Blago's impeachment have to take so long?
  160. Isn't it time for atheists to stop telling the Galileo myth?
  161. Great Moments in Bank Regulation: We need more of it
  162. The Evidence Against Religions
  163. Would immortality be a blessing or a curse?
  164. Should libraries offer movies, music CDs and video games?
  165. Obama releases internal review of Blago contacts.
  166. My atheism is not a choice, therefore I can neither be blamed for it nor take credit
  167. Canadian Human Rights Commission OKs slurs to gays, lesbians, Jews, Hindus, etc.
  168. Ooops! Can a Presidential Pardon Be Rescinded?
  169. How much censorship do you believe in?
  170. What's the Straight Dope on "The God Who Wasn't There"?
  171. Why do babies need a mother and a father?
  172. Would you report a loved one to the police?
  173. Is equating pets with kids offensive?
  174. What is happening to the pound sterling?
  175. Is church worth going to just to socialize?
  176. Morality in Gone Baby Gone (open spoilers for the movie)
  177. World of Goo has a 90% piracy rate, was no DRM the right choice?
  178. Religions that preach hate are evil
  179. Should Obama keep or dismantle the Department of Homeland Security?
  180. Educate me on Karelia vs. Palestine
  181. When, if ever, do environmental factors overwhelm personal responsibility?
  182. "governments should not spend money on things businesses are already doing"
  183. How would the US be different today if Lincoln was never assassinated?
  184. Is xmas morally bad for us?
  185. Why did it take Jesus 3 days to rise from the dead?
  186. Is there such thing as a "White American Overclass"?
  187. I'm a Christian evolutionist, and I say that evolution is consistent with the Bible
  188. Is Kwanzaa "over"?
  189. Why Should I Support Israel?
  190. Billed for Rescue
  191. Fixing a failed African state
  192. Virginity Pledges. Well so much for that idea!
  193. How Many Arab Governments SECRETLY Wish for the End of Hamas?
  194. U.S. Army report: Bad economy & civil unrest may require military action
  195. Did FDR Will and Allow Pearl Harbor? Srdja Trifkovic's Take on the Conspiracy Theory
  196. What is a US Representative doing running a blockade anyway? (Gaza)
  197. Software piracy defenders: what about violating open-source licenses?
  198. How to Talk To Atheists
  199. Which bit of you is you?
  200. What if Japan hadn't attacked Pearl Harbor?
  201. 10 million preventable child deaths per year?
  202. Attitude towards computer games
  203. Morality of gambling
  204. Should there be a CDC for Computer Malware?
  205. Theists: Why do you believe in your religion?
  206. Could Obama be a (gasp) supply sider?
  207. Corporate Deathwatch
  208. Would it be immoral to resurrect a Neanderthal from recovered DNA?
  209. A different approach to the big three's troubles
  210. Do Objectivists do better at life?
  211. Our responsibility to the suffering.
  212. Driver's Ed should be harder, and require refresher courses
  213. Mind Uploading and the Self
  214. Jewishness
  215. Farewell to All That: An Oral History of the Bush White House
  216. Who was the Most Important Person in History?
  217. Has the Scientology hate gone too far?
  218. Does the U.S.A. have a "Head of State"?
  219. American civilians are legitimate targets in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  220. Is Bill O'reilly an alcoholic?
  221. With Richardson out, who's up for Commerce?
  222. So if a man choses the wrong religion, wouldn't that be God's fault.
  223. What single change would best improve government?
  224. Courts unwinding Chris Hansen style net sex sting convictions without actual victims
  225. Could this Restaurant Get Into (Legal) Trouble?
  226. Dances with Wolves
  227. Agriculture and civilization
  228. Has the world really become chaotic as some believe?
  229. iran and carter
  230. Are people on this board too smart for their own darn good?
  231. Will we ever again have a President that understands the rudiments of economics?
  232. Clueless questions about economics and the financial crisis
  233. Roland Burris Denied Obama's US Senate Seat - Now What?
  234. What do people think of Obama's picks for intel chiefs?
  235. Are the Polar bears actually diminishing?
  236. Pat Buchanan
  237. Time Travel: Possible or Impossible?
  238. Polar Ice and Iceland
  239. Would an early 18/19th century America would have collasped if not for the Blacks..
  240. Did Obama implicitly accept Islamophobia during the campaign?
  241. Shot while cuffed and prone - justification?
  242. Lets fix bureaucratic inefficiency with a new bureaucrat
  243. Pushing through a stimulus package
  244. Non-Father must continue child support
  245. What would a world with mandatory DNA testing of all children be like?
  246. Obama's Trillion-$ Public Works: Graft city?
  247. Catch .22LR, or "No Guns For You!"
  248. How likely is too likely?
  249. "It's all pointless" vs "So what? Have fun!"
  250. A couple of child-support hypotheticals

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