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  1. A couple of child-support hypotheticals
  2. America's Credit Score
  3. Obama should pressure Israel to remove some West Bank Settlements
  4. Creator laments creation of die Antibabypille
  5. Should the SEC and CFTC merge?
  6. Why is support of Israel such a huge requirement for American politicians?
  7. Legality of requiring-denying licensing
  8. Will Obama choose unity over justice regarding Bush?
  9. We can win either Iraq or Afghanistan but not BOTH
  10. So what do we do about the job situation?
  11. Is Bush mental? (Ed Grimley sense)
  12. Can President Obama move the American capitol?
  13. Does it always make sense to rely on long-term incarceration as the means of justice?
  14. Maginot Line Build Across Belgian Border-Prevents French Defeat?
  15. Will Libertarianism ever be more than a fringe movement?
  16. Walkfit Infomercial Balance Test
  17. Well, it probably won't shut up creationists... [self-replicating RNA enzyme systems]
  18. How much input should the President-elect have on policy
  19. Hong Kong is NOT a libertarian success story
  20. Did FDR Prolong the Depression?
  21. The Constitution does not forbid religious symobls on government property
  22. Would promoting bringing back slavery be protected as free speech?
  23. The ADA and small businesses-what constitutes "undue hardship"?
  24. What do you do with a mentally deficient pedophile?
  25. It is impossible to be a Christian that accepts the theory of evolution
  26. Stealing is always at least one part good
  27. I've heard the view...
  28. Does Africa love the USA?
  29. Why isn't Hamas using IEDs?
  30. does "the west" give enough respect [to Buddha]
  31. It began in Africa.
  32. Closing Guantanamo Bay: Uh, How Is This Going To Transpire?
  33. Society is doomed - 14,528 texts in one month
  34. Rules of War, should there be any?
  35. Bush's "Good, Strong Record"
  36. Kid Shoots Parents over Halo 3--Judge Says Kid Didn't Know They'd Be Dead Forever
  37. Link between people's initials and how long they live. I'm not convinced.
  38. Did Olmert make Rice change UN vote?
  39. Is Hillary Clinton qualified to be Secretary of State?
  40. Roberts? You've Been Served
  41. Should Obama Reconsider Closing Gitmo?
  42. Question for Christians. What are the fundamentals of Christianity?
  43. Why did the USA/Israel insisted on the Hamas taking part in Palestine's elections?
  44. Has GWB's presidency affected your opinion of GHWB? Should it?
  45. Propaganda. Wherefore a dirty word?
  46. Obama's treasury nom delinquent in tax. Anyone care?
  47. The Green Car revolution is dying...and taking US car manufacturers with it
  48. Libertarian & Corporate hypocrisy
  49. Should you [give panhandlers money / call the cops on panhandlers]?
  50. Obama aide confirms he will end "Don't ask, don't tell" in military
  51. Culture and Identity - ethnic spice, white=bland
  52. Roman Polanski - Victim says charges should be dropped.
  53. Are Consumers Morally Obligated to Directly Support Manufacturers
  54. The "car train" revisited.
  55. Was justice fully served in the Abu Ghraib torture convictions?
  56. The Arguments for Atheism
  57. What is the libertarian plan for political success?
  58. Gaza Invasion: Why are Israeli casualties so light?
  59. We are a Hologram? Able to probe Planck world? Hocus-pocus or profound discovery?
  60. 9/11 wreckage
  61. Krugman's letter to Obama: What You Must Do
  62. A Criminal, Cloned.
  63. Is this really our "true [national] debt"?
  64. How To Explain GWB's 2004 Election?
  65. The FDA is Not an Example of Government Success.
  66. Please Debate The Merits Of This Article on Israel/Gaza
  67. Terrorism? [Gaza campaign is war against Amalek, says Chief Rabbi of Safed]
  68. WWII! What if Germany attacked Switzerland?
  69. Technology in schools: overrated?
  70. Superhighway/N. American Union
  71. Unilateral Gaza Ceasefire: Now what happens?
  72. Mexico The Narco-State
  73. Is the existence of a Creator just more sensical?
  74. Atheists, a question on the origin of the universe
  75. If a Hydrogen Bomb was dropped on New York City, how much damage would it cause?
  76. Re the lead up to the Iraq War do we need to re-assess our relationship with Israel?
  77. Politically Correct Cancer
  78. Non-Euclidean geometry and God.
  79. Can Barack Obama possibly meet these ridiculous high expectations?
  80. Strip Searched for Motrin (none found)
  81. Ok, if I shouldn't _shoot_ the intruder, then...?
  82. In which I eat some crow [regarding a prediction/bet that GWB would attack Iran]
  83. Alternate History: Non-Radioactive Nukes
  84. Ben Stein "It's okay for the government to print a lot of new money"
  85. Pelosi and Reid - should they be recalled?
  86. Witnessing: Obama's inauguration.
  87. When is economic protection a good thing?
  88. So what real difference did the US Revolution make?
  89. A proposal to address a racial injustice
  90. Compare pictures from Holocaust with Gaza-pictures in a mail ?
  91. Speculative History: Makeup of North America Sans US Revolution
  92. Did Jesus' death redeem the betrayal of Judas?
  93. When will Obama rescind Executive Order 13233?
  94. Why do/don't you/people believe in doomsaying?
  95. Religion demonstrably bad for America/society?
  96. Why don't Christians Skydive?
  97. What are the odds Congress will go after Bush officials for abuses of power?
  98. Has there ever been a society in which darker skin = higher status?
  99. Why don't Muslims Skydive?
  100. Why don't Pirates Skydive?
  101. Claire McCaskill calls the cowards of the Senate out
  102. What if Hitler enlisted Japan's help against the USSR?
  103. Life on Mars!
  104. Is there a fair way to prosecute terror suspects without compromising sources?
  105. Are the Republicans still on their long walk in the woods to re-define themselves?
  106. Alcatraz - Tourist Trap or next Guantanamo?
  107. Secret Presidential Pardons
  108. Future of Eastern DR Congo
  109. The One-State Solution
  110. President Obama is off to a good start
  111. Obama makes a potentially catastrophic misstep
  112. Why doesn't civil disobedience have a stronger appeal among Palestinians?
  113. What are the benchmarks for Black Americans to 'overcome'?
  114. Obama's Bill Lynn Problem
  115. Josef Mengele’s twin experiments in Brazil
  116. Let's start a new religion
  117. Governors did a bad job picking Senate replacements?
  118. Two Completly Unrelated Debates [furries/quotations]
  119. Paul Grignon's "Money as Debt"
  120. Is there any difference between Catholic vs. Public schools results?
  121. Resolved: Evolutionary Biology Needs to Drop the Word "Competition"
  122. Why do black pupils in the US underachieve academically when one factors out poverty?
  123. Will a mixed-race president change how we regard mixed-race relationships?
  124. A special place in the Universe: Cosmology.
  125. Devil's advocate: saving America from socialized medicine.
  126. Yo-Yo Ma: The Std Operating Procedure Sucks
  127. What is the rationale behind an "economic stimulus"?
  128. Who gets The Reconstruction Contracts in Gaza?
  129. Did the atomic bomb save lives in the Cold War?
  130. Camera Phone Predator Alert Act benefits Predators not Prey
  131. Rove subpeonaed by Conyers
  132. Should Election Day Be a National Holiday?
  133. Should new Portland mayor Sam Adams resign?
  134. How much blame do the citizens of Gaza deserve?
  135. DTV transition delayed until June 12
  136. Evolution of the Christian God?
  137. Is bipartisanship possible?
  138. BELIEVERS: why does God act so circuitously in freeing the Hebrews from Egypt?
  139. How bad is 2012 going to be?
  140. Is Obama wrong to pursue bipartisan support?
  141. American Football causes horrible damage to the brain--solution?
  142. "Liberal Arrogance"
  143. Canadian Constitutional Crisis Update: Looks Like It's Blown Over
  144. Orphans of the sky: Does Human nature prevent multi-generational interstellar travel?
  145. Cutting postal service by a day or two: So what?
  146. How environmentally friendly is Bush's new house?
  147. Growth cannot be the basis of the economy
  148. Okay, will the stimulus package pass? Will it do any good?
  149. Is there any scientific evidence that abiogenesis occurred on our planet?
  150. Public education in America
  151. Global Universal Healthcare Discussion.
  152. Pope Benedict XVI and Catholic Jewish relations
  153. "Lobbyists Won't Find A Job in My White House!"
  154. Which party "protects" the country better?
  155. Insight into the world of John Thain and his $35,000 commode
  156. Albert Einstein believed in God
  157. Why wasn't Blago permitted to call the witnesses he named?
  158. Abraham Lincoln or Charles Darwin: who impacted the world more?
  159. Quality Assurance Question: Which is Better?
  160. Just how Protectionist is President Obama?
  161. The economic stimulus bill, if passed, will doom Dems/Obama politically - thoughts?
  162. Are military coup plotters in Latin America a thing of the past? (El Salvador option)
  163. How much of a role do/did we (U.S.) play in how bad other countries' economies are?
  164. A single event made most of the world's petrolium supply. What if it never happened?
  165. Ethicality and practicality of therapeutic placebos
  166. Octuplet Mom: How ethical are fertility treatments for someone with 6 kids?
  167. Is it troubling that Blagojevich was permanently banned from political office?
  168. The Ralph124c Economic Stimulus program-Would It work?
  169. How can we have faith?
  170. Are the Democrats going to get a super majority?
  171. How bad can a recession get nowadays?
  172. The Origin of Man (embracing Woman, of course) [Did Adam and Eve have navels?]
  173. NRA Members, Would You Want Ted Nugent as President?
  174. Libertarians: Is pushing religious error a victimless crime?
  175. Gun owners...how bad is it, how bad could it be?
  176. Odyssey finds a famous wreck, who does it belong to?
  177. Abolishing income tax--would this work?
  178. What could make a mother murder her child?
  179. Is currency devaluation inevitable in the US?
  180. Logical Agnosticism is just non-commital pedantry.
  181. What would our daily lives lack had the theory of evolution never been articulated?
  182. the morality of intelligence
  183. Does anyone want to defend this new Executive Order?
  184. Even if God exists, it is not important whether you believe in God or not
  185. Water, the key to Infrastructure
  186. Why is the fight against ignorance taking so long?
  187. racisms presence
  188. What Makes a Man Say It's the ____ or Me and Why Do Women Stay WIth Them?
  189. Are Conservatives less willing to rethink their ideas?
  190. What the GOP considers "wasteful." (Stimulus)
  191. Ehud Barak proposes tunnel linking WB and Gaza
  192. What should be done with unwanted frozen embryos?
  193. Conservatives, please: How has Keynesian economics been debunked?
  194. the Jon Stewart economic solution
  195. Charter schools
  196. Disappointed with Obama's nominations?
  197. you should be able to buy votes
  198. Obama admits he "screwed up" with his nominees.
  199. Castle theory of guns and protection
  200. No bailout exec can earn more than $500,000. Good idea?
  201. Time to Return to Aristocracy
  202. Why Does the West Bank Need to be Ethnically Cleansed?
  203. Gaza claims debunked?
  204. What do we do about the economic perception problem?
  205. How much will Obama energize... opposition voters?
  206. Post-Soviet rapid reaction force - neo-colonialism all over again?
  207. What would you tell Thain et al? (banking bailout)
  208. Obama and Faith-Based Initiatives
  209. Obama wants nukes-reduction deal with Russia
  210. Would a $15k tax break to buy a house really do anything?
  211. Free Speech vs Schools
  212. The trading impulse and the Money Power
  213. Hypothetical legal question about bestiality
  214. Ginsberg Has Pancreatic Cancer - Obama's First True Litmus Test?
  215. Is there a way to objectively prove the value of CEOs?
  216. The Al-Nashiri Case (Gitmo)
  217. Can Ken Starr Nullify 18K Gay Marriages?
  218. I want to be a conservative
  219. What is the best way to prevent home invasions?
  220. progressive tax, by eighths
  221. Gardasil side affects and future programs
  222. Torture, for fun and profit.
  223. UNRWA threatens to starve Gazans as an attempt to get Hamas to change.
  224. What place does Avigdor Lieberman have in Israel's future?
  225. How much did Obama break out of traditional voting blocs in the last election?
  226. State income tax for active duty military needs an overhaul.
  227. O.J. Simpson's sock
  228. A bunch of pre-abortion ultrasound bills in the wings - Any traction?
  229. stimulus versus waste
  230. Why aren't pro-lifers killing abortionists?
  231. About abortion and child support.
  232. Is the idea of God enough?
  233. Which of the world’s largest economies are handling the financial crisis the best?
  234. Does the deficit really matter if owed to ourselves?
  235. Ticketting someone for not locking their car doors
  236. What are "Saved Christians" saved from?
  237. Guns: What's the big deal?
  238. Lincoln's Need for Speed, or, Was Honest Abe a True Log Cabin Republican?
  239. Gaza poll - some hope?
  240. what is "stimulus"?
  241. The octuplet woman, crazy, selfish or normal?
  242. Did Bush ever try to include Democrats to the extent that Obama has?
  243. Eluana Englaro dies, 17 years in a coma
  244. Don't blame the players for steroid abuse in MLB
  245. What are the adverse effects of not having sex?
  246. Israel's election
  247. What (if anything) would you pay higher taxes for?
  248. Are all conspiracy theories debunkable?
  249. There's a dead Canary in a Florida McMansion
  250. Is it dishonest to ask for help in a debate?