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  1. Persuade me that the state should (or should not) be in the marriage business
  2. Global Climate Change: AGW disproven
  3. What if: Balanced Budget Amendment was ratified in 1995
  4. What if US Taxes Were More Progressive (More Brackets)?
  5. Alien/human gene splicing
  6. Rolling Stones article about what happened at AIG
  7. What level of oversight should be given to TARP recipent compensation?
  8. Is it time for polygamy to be legalized?
  9. CO2 emmissions: There's nothing to be done except trimming some of the earths populat
  10. Why is it "ok" for the US to print up all this money?
  11. Has there ever been a benevolent dictator/dictatorship?
  12. Obama, Iran, and Where We Go From Here (TM)
  13. Geithner's Toxic Asset Plan
  14. Race: What is it good for?
  15. Is marriage an antiquated institution that should be eliminated?
  16. Is Obama the Republicans' Bush? Deliberately?
  17. Did 9/11 cause our global financial crisis?
  18. Christians: what is the difference between Satan TEMPTING us and God TESTING us?
  19. Should financial innovation be stifled?
  20. Obama: "...by the end of my first term..."
  21. Will nationalized health care save the economy?
  22. How would major religions react to the aftermath of the film Armageddon? (spoilers)
  23. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009
  24. Obama's Deficits have Consequences
  25. Educating children about recreational drugs
  26. NT Question: Where did Paul get his info from?
  27. The GOP Plan
  28. Anybody up for a TWA 800 discussion?
  29. The Atlantic Article Says Financial Oligarchs Buggering America: Discuss
  30. House Bill H.R. 875 does it hurt backyard gardens?
  31. What should I teach my nephew about cops/authority in general?
  32. Death and reproduction
  33. U.S tax policy and the "marriage penalty"
  34. How much of a problem is overpopulation for the planet?
  35. What if World War One hadn't been futile?
  36. What if Philip of Macedon had not been assassinated?
  37. Why Do People With High IQs Live Longer?
  38. Before harsh governments became dominant, what were the signs?
  39. The G20 protesters are misguided.
  40. Who Killed Jesus?
  41. Where are Jennifer and Adrianna?
  42. Should cityfolk raise livestock?
  43. Obama Governing Too Much From the Center.
  44. GM head Wagoner quits at Obama's request. And?
  45. What *should* the definition of a "depression" be? How close are we to yours?
  46. Rise of the Khmer Rouge
  47. Is scarless healing already here?
  48. What is the CATO Institute all about (and their position on global warming)
  49. TARP Funds: Capital Equipment an Allowable Expenditure?
  50. Should The European Union get any bigger? How big should it be?
  51. Proposal: What should newspapers be?
  52. So why Palin?
  53. Conservatives and Liberals and are there two Americas?
  54. Who was the most liberal President?
  55. Examples of financially successful Liberal businessmen and entrepreneurs
  56. Is alcoholism a disease?
  57. Here's One For You [ramifications to allow the large manufacturing companies to fail]
  58. ¡Viva España! Spain looking to indict Bushies ¡Olé!
  59. Death penalty for child rape in Connecticut?
  60. I own an SUV. Am I evil?
  61. Quick question for Christians
  62. Why the hatred for the suburbs?
  63. Is Europe making economic war on the US? (Or merely acting in self-defense?)
  64. Iraq to begin execution of LGBT citizens "in batches of 20" later this week
  65. Brazilian Dopers: Rate "Lula"
  66. So, Murphy wins by 65 votes on Election Night.
  67. Why would someone worship Satan?
  68. Male vs. Female Sex Drives
  69. Supporters of capital punishment: are beheadings an acceptable method?
  70. Six Sigma: Good or Bad
  71. Bill Gates says "send our best teachers to our worst schools"- Does this make sense?
  72. I would prefer to live in a homogeneous neighbourhood, am I evil?
  73. DHMO - will Obama's EPA finally regulate it?
  74. Whoops! Ted Stevens "Not Guilty"
  75. No one who makes under $250,000/yr uses tobacco products
  76. other gods in Christianity?
  77. Convince me that anthropogenic golobal warming is a load of horsehooey.
  78. Happiness in Paradise Possible?
  79. Time to eliminate Senate filibusters?
  80. Children, Population Growth and Society
  81. G20 Protesters - They're Clueless, Right
  82. reverse Peter Principle?
  83. 2009 State of the Republican Party
  84. Is the Bible pretty much fatally flawed?
  85. Had Hitler not killed himself would he have survived to stand trial?
  86. Cap Executive Pay
  87. Have we hit bottom yet?
  88. Russia's Depopulation Bomb.
  89. Iowa Supreme Court Strikes Down Same-Sex Marriage Ban
  90. Iowa court strikes down anti-gay marriage law. Are the tides turning?
  91. In the US, has a socially conservative view ever "won" in the long run?
  92. Check out this video about UK politics, is US politics similar?
  93. Do you only know that you exist?
  94. "Word" up, Christians
  95. What if China decides it wants American Land?
  96. Why aren't conservatives conservationists?
  97. I'm ready for class war. Bring on the socialism!
  98. Obama launches effort to reduce nuclear arms
  99. what would society be like if man was incapable of lying?
  100. Is Russia more powerful than the United States?
  101. What is the most useful language to learn besides English?
  102. If health insurance becomes manditory, how can they regulate it?
  103. Why is "Fratboy" such an insult?
  104. Will gun owners make the "Obama gun grab" a self-fulfilling prophecy
  105. Conceivable circumstances where U.S. military oath would sanction a coup?
  106. Is this racism? (Texas Relays)
  107. Food Safety Modernization Act: Safer food or conspiracy to kill small organic farms?
  108. Gun culture in US - Why?
  109. Vermont Legislature Overrides Gov's Veto On Same-Sex Marriage!
  110. Did the Chicken of Tomorrow Cause the Obesity of Today?
  111. "Obama Administration Defends Warrantless Wiretapping"
  112. Ticking-Financial-Nukes-OTC-Derivatives
  113. Wherefore Dubai?
  114. Bible question (NT): Why did Jesus make one of his protagonists a thief?
  115. What is the rationale for opposition to same-sex marriage?
  116. Somalian Pirates Seize US Crew -- Is It On?
  117. Why is polygamy bad?
  118. Free Speech & School Shootings.
  119. Do you believe Glenn Beck has any liability in the Poplawski murders?
  120. would carbon-neutral biofuel be better than electric cars?
  121. Is there a moral justification for automobile radar detectors?
  122. Being searched going to jury duty..
  123. Why shouldn't "dietary supplements" have to support their claims, & will they ever?
  124. How does the state recognizing gay marriage infringe on religious freedom?
  125. Marriage: What about this resolution?
  126. Financial Responsibility and Reproduction
  127. When was the bleakest period of American history?
  128. Is it murder if your God tells you to kill?
  129. "If I only had a gun": 20/20 on ABC Fri
  130. What conversational topics are most impressive to Executives and Upper-Management?
  131. Would you have shot the gun confiscators when they came to your door?
  132. Is underage sexual activity ever NOT traumatic, or even enjoyable, for the kids?
  133. How much longer will we have newspapers?
  134. Who were the most incompetent generals of all time?
  135. "Obama Deception"--point-by-point debunking please
  136. Godwin's Exception: When is it okay to name-drop Hitler?
  137. The case for/against attacking pirate bases in Somalia
  138. The Sleeping Beauty paradox
  139. The Pirate's story.
  140. There is only one effective approach to piracy: kill the pirates
  141. Why didn't then-Pres. Carter do more to rescue the Iranian Embassy Hostages?
  142. Church-goers: is it appropriate for one man to pastor three congregations?
  143. Are humans still evolving? Should we subject ourselves to the laws of nature?
  144. What are the cheapest ways to die?
  145. If not Bush, then who?
  146. How can we say that TV ads are powerful but the moral content of shows is irrelevant?
  147. Newt Gingrich for POTUS in 2012
  148. Can Obama at least be honest?
  149. Why did Tony Blair go along with the invasion of Iraq?
  150. Why capture an american?
  151. Sikhs sue to join U.S. military without cutting hair
  152. Rep. Paul's Pirate Solution: Letters of Marque
  153. NYT Twists Itself Into Knots -- Or, How Do Liberals Deal With Messy Democracy?
  154. Why does China tolerate loudmouthed North Korean leadership?
  155. Talent and Respect
  156. First Step To Delegitimizing Any Opposition -- DHS Fabricates "Radical Right" Threat
  157. So, when will we write Science papers in Chinese?
  158. Afghan womens protests
  159. Vaccination and Autism. How wide spread is this belief?
  160. Alternatives of Liability Insurance?
  161. Death Penalty and the Eighth Amendment
  162. Could the Republicans' "Obama is a Socialist" Strategy Backfire?
  163. Why don't apologists--you know--apologize?
  164. Could Texas secede any time they want
  165. The Extreme Right Obama Hate is Flat Out Nuts
  166. Are we too overprotective of the younglings today or have things changed?
  167. High speed rail ... how well will it fly?//Obama unveils high-speed rail plan
  168. Why are some right wing leaders and spokespeople toying with the idea of civil war?
  169. Pirate Bay Found Guilty
  170. Pirates: Are "Q" Ships the Anwer?
  171. Israeli military is preparing itself to launch a massive aerial assault on Iran
  172. Folks betting on an assault weapons ban are buying up guns to re-sell for big profits
  173. Critique this alternative system: Involuntary political service
  174. Is the Peter Principle a real phenomenon
  175. What really caused the Global Recession?
  176. Poll about taking the lord's name in vain
  177. Media responsible for polarization and fear?
  178. Do transgender people have an ethical duty to reveal their history before having sex?
  179. Are there any good arguments for property qualifications for voting?
  180. How many animal lives is one human life worth?
  181. Girls mature faster? Two words: Bull. Shit.
  182. "Pre-autism"
  183. Metric time
  184. Single Chinese male/female ratios now @ 120/100. How will this effect their society?
  185. Alternative Proposal to High-Speed Rail
  186. Aurora spyplane: Does it exist? Did it ever?
  187. Contestant loses Miss USA for not being liberal enough.
  188. Why did Irish Independence fracture along sectarian lines?
  189. Killing the last two is worse than killing two.
  190. To torture or not to torture
  191. The glorification of ignorance
  192. Is Dick Cheney right?
  193. On Fixing the Medical Helicopter Industry
  194. Believers: Why doesn't God save martyrs from torture and death?
  195. Was Hamilton right about the Bill of Rights?
  196. Dawkins makes another innocent mistake: The Gospels
  197. California Dopers: After Arnold . . . Jerry Brown?!
  198. Did Obama just reverse himself on prosecution of ex-Administration officials?
  199. In Cali: Mug people all you want, just don't carry a gun.
  200. Yahweh, The Beginnings
  201. A former regulator and his take on the financial crisis
  202. Why is the Godwin's Law corollary considered valid in the first place?
  203. 9th Circuit Holds 2nd Amendment Incorporated...
  204. Could/Should Jay Bybee be disbarred?
  205. Does Earth's natural environment have value in and of itself?
  206. Where is the GOP going?
  207. How Did Janet Napolitano Get her Job?
  208. What's With All The Jew Hate?
  209. Is this argument against killing lesser beings valid?
  210. Virulance, equilibrium and extinction
  211. Are lawyers' Ethical Obligations the reason they are so hated?
  212. South African Elections
  213. Torture is Most Likely Very Effective
  214. Who are the liberal Republicans/conservative Democrats?
  215. Will Pakistan be the terrorists' gateway to nukes?
  216. Public Support for Obama: A Challenge to Critics (especially Shagnasty)
  217. Do liberal policies encourage the spread of social conservatism?
  218. Why This Anger?
  219. I'm a moron
  220. What if the US Had Purchased the Gadsden Purchase as Originally Envisioned?
  221. Did any good come of Lincoln's assassination?
  222. Illusions: free speech or free press?
  223. The tasing of the naked wizard
  224. Would Peru and Chile Actually Go To War?
  225. How worried should we be about Swine Flu?
  226. Traffic cameras too effective, the law never mattered.
  227. Rome stays Pagan in 300 AD
  228. How has Zionism become the new world "evil"?
  229. Low carbon fuels
  230. "Outside Space and Time"-where and when, again?
  231. Unions for White Collar Professionals
  232. Reptilian DNA
  233. So Bush lied to get into Iraq, ok but why?
  234. Does GM management (or the Feds) WANT a prolonged bankruptcy?
  235. Alternate History: Enrico Rey de España y Anglia,
  236. Why did Bush commute Henry Lee Lucas' sentence?
  237. When Private Beliefs Intrude on Work Life
  238. Sen. Arlen Specter (PA) to become a Democrat
  239. "Sunlight Before Signing"
  240. Libertarians Freak Out
  241. Comparative performance/effects of univeral health care in countries that have it?
  242. Liberal US dopers.
  243. Defend Picketing
  244. What exactly are holocaust-deniers trying to accomplish?
  245. Build a better PETA
  246. Is holocaust denial fundamentally different to other forms of government propaganda?
  247. Payday lenders leave Virginia
  248. Is Olympia Snowe Next?
  249. Why do we tax carbon emissions?
  250. Blasphemy in Ireland

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