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  1. Do major sports really need government handouts?
  2. Economic consequences of a new, cheap, safe, 'infinitely available', energy source
  3. Pre-Iraq Account of White House Meeting Disclosed.
  4. EVs: the likely field emerges.
  5. Voting for someone who doesn't vote
  6. Is it evil or clever for states to undermine their enemy's money?
  7. Would a Ross Perot-type third party be more or less likely now?
  8. How will the US debt be resolved?
  9. US CDC initiative to promote routine circumcision for all baby boys raises it's head
  10. Ok. I gotta know: the morality of disequal pay for equal work effort
  11. The Arctic Convoys- WW 2
  12. Why Doesn't the Fed Govt Negotiate Lower Drug Prices?
  13. How would NASA have handled two moons?
  14. endogeneity problem vs. mediating variable
  15. Of delusional believers and naive positivist scientism
  16. Why would/do legislators listen to lobbyists?
  17. When did the Gadsden Flag become a symbol of the hard Right / extremism?
  18. Can Atheists Be Parents?
  19. Of Woo and Scientism
  20. Am I hateful if I ask...[a bunch of questions from Glenn Beck?]
  21. Explain this Atheist logic to me.
  22. 2008 Democratic Convention in July: Does McCain still pick Palin?
  23. Do physicians have an unusually high sense of financial entitlement?
  24. So are this kid's parents going to kill her, or what?
  25. Joe Scarborough convinced single-payer healthcare is the best option
  26. And Then There Were None (WARNING: Spoilers)
  27. Who is really pleased with their current health insurance?
  28. How does Christian killing of witches stack up against Islamic honor killings?
  29. Does the first amendment really let corporations buy elections?
  30. What is cognitive dissonance? (neurologically)
  31. View Michael Moore's SiCKO and then rip-o
  32. Is this an elaborate whoosh? Is geometry a force?
  33. Ted Kennedy is dead
  34. Who would be the ideal person to succeed Ted Kennedy in the Senate?
  35. Torture Memo
  36. DUI manslaughter: does the passenger bear responsibility?
  37. Is it time to switch state industry regulations to federal?
  38. Does private health insurance really give you options?
  39. Schools should teach children Critical Thinking
  40. Competition in auto liability insurance vs. health insurance
  41. Are We the Same Person from Moment to Moment?
  42. A nuclear world war III in the early 1980s: Who would have won?
  43. Cash for Clunkers meant higher prices, no deals for the next two months
  44. What would politicians/media/people say about Rush Limbaugh if he died?
  45. Did Chappaquiddick actually make Ted Kennedy more influential?
  46. What's the best way to fill vacancies in the Senate, or any other elected post?
  47. Why don't people acknowledge that we're all in the same fish tank? [society is the fish tank]
  48. Does Abortion Contradict the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
  49. Challenge to Economic Conservatives
  50. Vegetarians Are Intolerant Jerks [Moved from BBQ Pit]
  51. In what ways are countries with UHC less free than the U.S.?
  52. The Outing of Oliver Sipple
  53. Does any other country need American military protection any more?
  54. Pro-Choicers: What makes a person?
  55. Would You Launch the Nukes
  56. What's the scriptural support for literalism?
  57. What AlGore giveth, Obama taketh away (bill gives Exec Br authority over private networks)
  58. What is the best measurement for which countries are better off than which others?
  59. Ted Kennedy's 1980 running mate?
  60. Obama "scares" former P&G VP Lou Pritchett in mass email -- What say you?
  61. Can a man who has done bad become good?
  62. Why are city politics so corrupt?
  63. Japan: DJP takes power. Will this result in real change?
  64. Try to predict the ripple effect of RFK as president in 1968
  65. Arctic Sea Hijacking
  66. Paul Wolfowitz argues against Obama Administration's foreign policy "realism" - with commentary
  67. Would a "gun republic" be possible? How would it work?
  68. If Britain had stayed out of WW1?
  69. 30 billion out of medicare ?
  70. "That's so gay"
  71. Would You Use This Power
  72. Modern US politics and mainstream religion.
  73. High school band forced to return shirts referencing evolution
  74. How should we take in opposing political opinions?
  75. Article 41.2.2 of Bunracht na hEireann
  76. Disparate Impact
  77. If Your Parent Had An Affair
  78. Is there any reason not to use the tax code to shape up Wall Street?
  79. Should infanticide be legalised?
  80. Another Federal election - Canada
  81. Paul Hogan says that "People, Not Places" are the key to Australian Tourism
  82. The New FCC "Diversity Czar" - An Enemy of Free Speech
  83. The mindset of Creationists?
  84. One-sided views of the I/P discussion, and why they hobble understanding as well as resolution.
  85. Canada grants Refugee Status to White South African: Racist?
  86. is materialism incompatible with "me"?
  87. Voting with your Vagina
  88. Comparing polls about pols: Poles apart?
  89. More Supreme Court vacancies ahead?
  90. Expert for Texas Commission concludes no evidence of arson in executed inmate's case
  91. The human race nears extinction--is forcing a woman to give birth acceptable?
  92. So are there any pieces of evidence regarding a 9/11 conspiracy which cannot be explained?
  93. Brainwashing versus Education (Children)
  94. Just what is so scary or unconstitutional about the Obama Admin's "czars"?
  95. Why I would vote to bring back the Fairness Doctrine
  96. How far back should a candidate be held responsible for his statements?
  97. Has Obama committed any "Impeachable Offenses"?
  98. "No one should die because they can't afford health care"
  99. Who are the liberal Glenn Becks/Hannitys/Bachmanns/Steeles/etc.?
  100. Should we ask the commentators to supply birth certificates?
  101. Since 1970, has anyone in the USA really DIED because they couldn't afford health care?
  102. Should Murder Be Legalized?
  103. How long until healthy food becomes as widely accessible as fast-food?
  104. Will health care costs ever go down
  105. I'm hard pressed to consider 20-50 year old American women as having been culturally oppressed
  106. When has government intervention harmed a service or economic sector?
  107. Sex Offenders: Give Us Your Passwords
  108. How did the Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs come to take over the conservative movement?
  109. Real-life example: Firemen die in fire deliberately set: Murder?
  110. Would this simple solution work as a death penalty alternative?
  111. Is GDP a good measure of value in healthcare?
  112. In the face of extinction... an alternative
  113. What is the point of creating an artificial human?
  114. U.S. calls Honduran coup a coup, cuts aid, might not recognize November election results
  115. What if we required every health insurance policy to be bundled with life insurance?
  116. What is Obama's Healthcare Plan in layman's?
  117. Liberals, are you ready to abandon the public option?
  118. Will science and technology save us from the upcoming resource crunch
  119. Are people who haven't seen certain Major Films/TV shows "missing out"?
  120. The Dixie Chicks, revisited
  121. Swiss Style Health Care in the U.S.: A Compromise?
  122. Is rape the forcing of a soul tie between the rapist and victim?
  123. Why doesn't the "United States of America" encompass all of North and South America?
  124. Competition may not help that much in health care
  125. Colombia to have referendum on abolishing presidential term limits
  126. T/F: Misinformation, ignorance, and fallacy is the bread and butter of the Republican party
  127. Am I crazy for feeling there's suddenly a lot more TV infomercials than usual?
  128. "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones Resigns
  129. Is there a double standard in this Obama school address controversy?
  130. The ACLU's new cause: jail time for unapproved speech.
  131. Were we feminists wrong? Rape is down 85 % while porn use is up and up.....
  132. Would the US accept a smallish European country as the 51st State?
  133. Universal health care- what's the problem?
  134. Is it time to stop supporting Karzai?
  135. Why no psuedo-gnostic resurgence during the Reformation?
  136. What is it with the Japanese and young schoolgirls?
  137. What if WW2 had been about extermination?
  138. Brooks v. Lind: Is Obama's approval-ratings problem that he's too far left, or not left enough?
  139. Does the end justify the means? An old classic.
  140. Someone Explain 'Green Jobs', Please.
  141. Is it time to revive colonialism and The White Man's Burden?
  142. What's the cure for runaway executive compensation?
  143. How to make political decisions?
  144. Fines for no health insurance
  145. Would a public option force insurance out of business?
  146. Supreme court, the big story of the day
  147. High school football coach has players baptised
  148. Health-care reform money: where's it coming from and going to?
  149. We are not going to Mars
  150. Federal Pay Continues Rapid Ascent - Is this a problem?
  151. Defending a libertarian utopia against invasion
  152. What was really the deal with Bobby Fischer?
  153. The human population becomes unsustainable - is forcing a woman to have an abortion acceptable?
  154. Is There Really Such a Thing as 'Improper' English?
  155. The Death of Conservatism?
  156. So, what do people think about the health care address?
  157. Okay, does or does not the current health care bill cover illegal immigrants?
  158. Is it time for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to go?
  159. Censure for Rep. Joe Wilson?
  160. Gallup: Public opinion on health-care reform almost unchanged from beginning of August
  161. Another health care "Would this work in the US"?
  162. What is this free will I keep hearing about?
  163. "Illegal immigrants will not be covered by this bill." They should be.
  164. Soaking the rich. What's the problem?
  165. The sanction for disrupting a Presidential address should be immediate removal from the chambers
  166. 9:26am nyt
  167. ACORN workers caught on tape apparently advising on child prostitution
  168. Republican worker arrested for molesting children.
  169. Rational healthcare debate - politics free zone
  170. Justify illegal immigration to me
  171. Should teachers be paid according to how their students test?
  172. If a public option fails, how can we fix the insurance industry?
  173. Taking bets: Whose 9/11 tribute tonight will be the most pathetic?
  174. Public option Obama style
  175. Understanding Tu Quoque
  176. Legality of Drugs and Guns: Commensurable?
  177. Would it be a good idea to build a massive border fence?
  178. Charlie Sheen: Hero, Villian or Martyr?
  179. Scientology infomercial
  180. Understanding Money Saved
  181. Hundreds of thousands protesting bigt government in DC and nationwide
  182. Get Ready to Pay More for Your Tires
  183. Which nations act as models for American conservative ideals?
  184. Can Creationists say that different plants are related?
  185. Definitions please! Intelligence; free will; consciousness.
  186. Suprise energy transfer from Sun- Global Warming implications?
  187. Health Care: Where does the Money Go?
  188. The minimal universe
  189. Discourse for the purpose of persuasion
  190. The Way to Stop Whaling is Changing Japanese Minds
  191. What specific laws were broken in the ACORN 'prostitution' flap?
  192. Corporation personhood: what if we got rid of it?
  193. Should DC get a voice in Congress?
  194. Why is Demonic Posession So Rare?
  195. The Dieppe Raid - What the Hell Were They Thinking?
  196. What effect will robotics have on medicine
  197. U.S.-Iran talks begin October 1
  198. Drilling for oil (vs/and) the environment
  199. President Obama extends Cuban embargo
  200. Fed. Judge rejects SEC ,Bank of America deal
  201. Why do people decline to discuss hypotheticals?
  202. Does anyone really think the Canadian health system is "beyond repair"?
  203. Is using a Real Doll (for sex) misogynist?
  204. Why have doctors been given a pass in the healthcare debate?
  205. "Respect for Marriage Act" would repeal DOMA
  206. Conservative French President Sarkozy swinging to the left?!
  207. Does anybody ever change their worldview at a very late age?
  208. What's so horrible about sex?
  209. Maureen Dowd and "You Lie, Boy"
  210. Baucus Health Care Bill - No Bipartisanship
  211. General Joe Johnston, CSA
  212. Why the Hell are we still in Afghanistan?
  213. Law & Ethics: Adult-Minor Sex
  214. Required Reading
  215. Pedophiliacs: Should we feel sympathy for them?
  216. Obama Cancels Missile Shield: Putin to Reciprocate?
  217. If ACORN is so evil, why did it take 38 years to notice?
  218. Why do right-wingers keep talking about the "Cloward-Piven Strategy"?
  219. How much respect should any President/politician get?
  220. True Christianity Is Never Practiced
  221. Free Market...No... Wait a minute...
  222. Trend: Men happier, women not so much. Reckon why?
  223. Would it make sense for municipalities to ban the sale of tobacco?
  224. Are some crimes (or sins) unredeemable?
  225. Theists, agnostics, beleivers: Have you attempted to read a book by Richard Dawkins?
  226. Why the need for the 20th amendment?
  227. Would Ringo's Background-Paranoia Be Justified?
  228. Gold Standard, yea or nea?
  229. Should incompetent aircraft mechanics face criminal charges of negligence?
  230. What's the solution to the hysterical right's shadow government?
  231. Why not government work projects for the unemployed?
  232. Net Neutrality wins; who loses?
  233. How would you create a society that imbues people with a sense of innate worth [ed title]
  234. Do you personally know someone who's been to a Tea Party or yelled at a town hall?
  235. Why not government work projects for prisioners?
  236. If we recognized China's right to absorb Afghanistan, would they?
  237. Could the gallipoli Operation Have Worked?
  238. "Jimmy Carter really didn't like to listen, he liked the appearance of listening" - Fair or unfair?
  239. I was naive about Fox News
  240. Is a health care system where some die due to lack of care "Darwinism"?
  241. Shades of: "What do you mean by is?"
  242. Redskins Win!
  243. Obama viewed as the Antichrist
  244. Where is the evidence that Bush "lied"?
  245. Does God exist? Grab your popcorn.
  246. Census Bureau report: Average Americans better off under Clinton, worse off under W
  247. Of Nike Sneakers and Healthcare reform
  248. Youth Rights - Suffrage
  249. 3rd parties in the US become viable. How does this effect the two main parties?
  250. Is Garrett Lisi really onto something here? (E8 Theory Of Everything)

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