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  1. Is Garrett Lisi really onto something here? (E8 Theory Of Everything)
  2. Questions on Institutionalization
  3. Under Class, Lower Class, Working Class,Middle Class
  4. Why are all the Afghan refugees in Calais desperate to get to the UK?
  5. Intelligent Design is just the "God Of The Gaps" / "Argument from Ignorance" fallacy, right?
  6. Are There STILL People Who Deny Global Warming Is Happening?
  7. Who will we invade next?
  8. Huge corruption story about to come out
  9. How big of a threat are independent trade unions to authoritarian regimes
  10. A Second Execution Attempt?
  11. Should White House aides be required to sign nondisclosure agreements?
  12. Banning (Bad) Pleasures
  13. What odds did we beat by NOT having a nuclear war by now?
  14. Hypothetical Christian Question.
  15. What would happen if we brought all the troops home?
  16. What does the UK gain from the special relationship?
  17. O Brave New World! <or> Is this really a good idea?
  18. Is Secession Treason?
  19. Should these 5 "bikini baristas" be charged with prostitution?
  20. Questioning the sneezing guidelines
  21. A Hypothetical Abortion Proposal: Pro=Punishment
  22. Should Israelis and Palestinians merge into a single state called Isratine?
  23. Does This Scare You? [Life histories as they occur stored electronically forever. ed. title]
  24. Church and State in schools
  25. How can we eliminate eliminiationism?
  26. Mercenary takeover of lawless area....
  27. Kirk takes over for Kennedy
  28. Playing Darts with a Rembrandt - Should there be limits to what owners can do with their property?
  29. How would the military respond to a zombie attack
  30. Did Clinton's failure on healthcare cause the 1994 Republican landslide?
  31. Did China fake a space shuttle expedition?
  32. Question about feminism
  33. What is "identity" in regards to feminism?
  34. Are the Darwin Awards Offensive?
  35. Anarchy: What's the deal?
  36. Convince Me We Should Have Another 8 Years of Republican Dominance
  37. Why are the Democrats such pussies?
  38. Debts owed you are an asset? Really?
  39. What religion has the most appealing afterlife?
  40. conspiracies and pseudoscience hubbajub
  41. Are the Holocaust Revisionists right?
  42. Can the Republicans fall in love again?
  43. Tell me again why hemp is illegal?
  44. What religion has the least appealing afterlife?
  45. A question for Christian types
  46. Nate Silver is systematically building a case for declaring pollster Strategic Vision, LLC a fraud
  47. If you had the power to remake the Republican Party, what would you do?
  48. How Should We Combat Modern Racism?
  49. Is it time to admit the rules requiring banks to credit checks early has failed?
  50. The real roots of religions and philosophical belief systems
  51. Why did so many pre- WWII Europeans hate the Jews?
  52. Health Care And Pennies
  53. Is The "great Migration Reversing Itself?
  54. How DO You prosecute a 31 year Old case? (R. Polanski)
  55. Ethical and Legal Questions of the Case of the Savage Embryo
  56. "Those who refuse to support and defend a state have no claim to protection by that state." Discuss.
  57. Should PORN be allowed at PUBLIC LIBRARIES??
  58. What's the cure for demagogues?
  59. Can something exist without purpose?
  60. Is it a good idea to have longer school days?
  61. Supergraphics and electronic billboards: Atrocity, menace, or outrage?
  62. A Letter from Robert Kennedy Jr.!
  63. Do we really need hate-crimes legislation?
  64. Marry a Conservative Catholic, Or You're Written Out of My Will!
  65. The Conspiracy to Destroy ACORN
  66. Iranian Nucear Enrichment Faciity
  67. What would have happened if the Federal government had stayed out of the financial crisis?
  68. The Specter of Socialismís Slow Collapse.
  69. What's wrong with indoctrinating our children?
  70. Live a great life or achieve great things?
  71. Is universal alphabet possible?
  72. Do teabaggers and town hellers not realize that the insurance industry already rations healthcare?
  73. What will happen to the market? A prediction thread.
  74. NBA uses scab referees: Should other unions protest?
  75. Despite the town halls, the people feel shut out of the health-care debate
  76. Does ACORN have a viable slander/libel suit here?
  77. My Theory On Violence II.
  78. Should Alan Grayson apologize for his "die quickly" remarks?
  79. 9/11/1857 Meadows Massacre by Mormons
  80. Atheism and the Concept of Time (?)
  81. How inclusive can the fashion/beauty industry become?
  82. Why does almost every U.S. state have a two-house legislature?
  83. Blackwater/Xe front "American Police Force" to run big jail (& be the police?) in small Montana town
  84. Why has this guy been sentenced to jail?
  85. It is hypocritical to be against hate crime laws and to be against terrorism
  86. Suicide by Living Will
  87. Punishment and Luck
  88. Reaction to Chicago's failed Olympics bid
  89. Would Hillary be doing a better job than Obama?
  90. Obama, "The Messiah", "the Great One", "The Perfect Leader", and so on
  91. Smile Train and Third World kids with cleft palates
  92. Is there a difference between racism & nativism? And which is more important in Obama-hate?
  93. Why does the U.S. need more than one federal law-enforcement agency?
  94. Does government hold the right to deny or disparage liberty?
  95. It's not mayhem, says judge, but should it even be a crime?
  96. giving away syringes?
  97. I know we're better than this...
  98. Our means of thought is destructive
  99. What if Napoleon had had a zombie army?
  100. Extremists Have Utterly Ruined the GOP: Time for a Multi-Party System
  101. I don't like this kind of thing! [Baby Snatch Victim Loses Kids to State Custody]
  102. Resolved: The American Pledge of Allegience is immoral
  103. OK to cheat in this circumstance?
  104. Japanese attack Russia in 1941,What if?
  105. Is the U.S. on the cusp of a Sixth, or Seventh, political party system?
  106. What to do about massive health insurance profits?
  107. If not us, who?
  108. Double standard regarding nukes?
  109. Are health and safety fears out of control...
  110. *sigh* No, Manuel Zelaya is not an "anti-American socialist"
  111. Should police officers pay for their own GUNS?
  112. Do we need the restrictions on suicide?
  113. Should countries be spending vast sums of money for sporting events?
  114. The Conservative Bible, or I'm Square Athwart Poe's Law Here
  115. Jewish Dopers: what are your opinions of the Ethiopian Jews?
  116. What if the Soviets had been allowed to occupy Afghanistan?
  117. Rep. Betty McCollum proposes ACORN Act
  118. What are the political predictions of bruce bueno de mesquita for international affairs
  119. "Strategic Hamlets" Didn't Work in Vietnam; Why Do It in Afghanistan?
  120. OPEC kisses the dollar goodbye.
  121. The Obama Administration Dismal Human Rights Policies
  122. That Atlantic Tsunami (caused by Canary Island Landslide):Should We Prevent It?
  123. Senator Kirk and the Constitutionality of Expedient Law Switching
  124. Anyone care to offer a defense of this? (Franken amendment)
  125. Would it be possible to breed (not gene-engineer) a dog with near-human-level intelligence?
  126. Who's the Most Corrupt Member of Congress?
  127. Creating 'human level' intelligence in animals (Uplift)
  128. Should health care workers be required to get H1N1 shots?
  129. Why Doesn't Congress Declare War?
  130. When (if ever) was McCain a "maverick"?
  131. Bilingual packaging and native scripts
  132. Will the use of "drones" work in Afghanistan?
  133. The government says we're doomed financially!
  134. Wall Street reforms
  135. Is this racist? (Australian variety show skit)
  136. obama wins nobel peace prize....what is the sound of a right-wing head exploding?
  137. Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
  138. GQ and GD - The US gives up the Pacific after Pearl Harbor
  139. If not Obama, who should have won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?
  140. Limbaugh's Bid to Buy the St. Louis Rams
  141. God as a Spirit - a question for theists
  142. What exactly is a life of purpose and meaning
  143. Both Death Penalty and Abortion or Neither
  144. Hacking Reality
  145. Was Freud Correct About Fetishes?
  146. Should this man be charged with a crime?
  147. Should Employers Be Legally Obliged To Advertise Positions They've Already Filled?
  148. This author wants to award the nobel peace prize to nuclear weapons
  149. Killer as "product of society" - how can this possibly make sense?
  150. Can beliefs be chosen?
  151. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent victims of a rush to judgment
  152. Shifting away from the dollar...why should I care?
  153. Why were humans quiet for so long?
  154. What if Canada had always been part of the U.S.?
  155. Is Sexual Assault Being Redefined ?
  156. Pagans (or other Magick-practioners): How's it WORK?
  157. Should US Supreme Court justices have lifetime tenure?
  158. cashless society
  159. So why did we give up on Democracy...
  160. Once everyone is smarter/more educated...
  161. Universal Basic Income: An argument for wealth redistribution
  162. Massive land shift. Accept, or "restore"?
  163. Are Republicans shooting themselves in the foot on health care?
  164. What if the RAF didn't join the Battle of Britain?
  165. How do people get so fat?
  166. Ready for more bonus fury?
  167. Fighting Creationism from Theism.
  168. Resolved: After You're Dead, You Have No Right To Your Body
  169. How to raise religiously skeptical, yet sensitive children
  170. Can we accurately predict the future, and what are the effects of this
  171. How would you prosecute the wars differently?
  172. What Is This Website Exactly
  173. Would You Support A One World Government
  174. Another Obama Giveaway
  175. Target Kevin Jennings
  176. If all rooftops were used, how much solar power could be generated?
  177. Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License in Louisiana
  178. Does "Birth Rape" exist?
  179. Why can't South America have a common currency?
  180. Laws: Too Long, Too Convoluted, Too Much hassle to be Read
  181. What One Government Model could work?
  182. What should I do when I see a drunk driver???
  183. Do uncircumcised men have better orgasms?
  184. "I Own Me" - Libertarian Rap
  185. Is this bestiality, and if so should it be illegal?
  186. The Lieutenant Governor position.....
  187. What would be the medium-term effects of long-term cheap oil?
  188. Was Afghanistan Better Off as a Monarchy?
  189. Is the "pursue your dreams" thing a little overblown?
  190. Which state (or alliance of states) would stand the best chance as a free and sovereign state?
  191. The single age with the greatest number of sex offenders is 14
  192. Apolitical people: How do you explain to the Politicised that you don't care?
  193. Obama's New Marijuana Policy
  194. Who still supports extraordinary rendition?
  195. The Problems With Liberalism
  196. Resolved: no action has any moral value outside of a specific context
  197. Should we revamp the degree system in the U.S.?
  198. Obama vs. Fox
  199. Achievement-wise, how does Obama compare with earlier Presidents
  200. Who are we, what are we and why are we?
  201. Poll: 57% of Americans now support public-option health care
  202. A response to Richard Dawkins' argument against the existence of God.
  203. Catholic fishing for Anglican defectors?
  204. I don't need the State's permission to defend myself (Gun Control)
  205. Should abhorrent political parties be given the oxygen of publicity?
  206. Explain Jim DeMint's reaction to the Honduran Constitutional Crisis
  207. Should police be able to pull you over on an anonymous tip?
  208. No Such Thing as Voter Fraud?
  209. Do we as a society have a paternalistic attitude towards rape?
  210. Can a free market work if everyone's an idiot?
  211. Using subsidies to encourage hiring, will this work
  212. Are restrictions on pet adoptions a net benefit for animals?
  213. Resolved: The American people should significantly decrease the number of people attending colleges.
  214. Afghanistan to have runoff election
  215. Would a president that did nothing have been better than George W Bush?
  216. Jundallah (Sunni/Balochi insurgency) claims responsibility for Iran suicide-bombing
  217. Are there cavemen in heaven?
  218. Exclusionary Rule Question/Debate
  219. Sex Offenders Living in Society
  220. Causing Deaths in the Commission of a Crime
  221. Why Don't More People Warn Me That I'm Going To Hell?
  222. How to retire as a buddhist
  223. Over a Million Jobs for Low skilled workers overnight!
  224. Post-Modernism
  225. Anyone watch the BNP on Question Time?
  226. Were The Slaves "Lucky"?
  227. God Spoke to Me: Why is this Good?
  228. Atheists/agnostics and believers - what would make you change your mind?
  229. Religion and Occam's Razor...
  230. Make Science a Religion
  231. Pain and suffering follow a bell curve distribution relative to cognitive abilities
  232. Are journalists more liberal because they're also more informed?
  233. The Nature of Time and Particles
  234. Execution by drowning?
  235. Possible 3rd Party Forming on the Right?
  236. I am starting to think L. Ron Hubbard wasn't conning people.
  237. Justice, Human Nature, Morality and Variations of the Golden Rule.
  238. Two MDs discuss and compare Canadian healthcare system to US
  239. Why should priests be afforded greater privilege than lawyers?
  240. The abortion debate: are the antis really making headway?
  241. Do my informal research for me re: Liberalism, Post-modernism, Conservatism, and which likes which
  242. A Million Poor Young Black Men in Jail
  243. Is the idea of national sovereignty philosophically sound?
  244. Should we care if safety equipment causes most airline crashes?
  245. Will football change in the next fifty years? Should it change? And How?
  246. Should insider trading be legal?
  247. Is Health Care a right, and why?
  248. How would a benevolent, all powerful deity evolve a race of happy, peaceful humans
  249. My heart is broken... (about Obama)
  250. Bill Gates & Obama favor teacher pay based on student performance - How in the world can this work?