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  1. What's your solution to a million unwanted pregnacies occurring as a result of protected sex?
  2. The homeless, the impoverished and the Military
  3. In the big scheme of things, will personal "green" lifestyle changes do much to stem global warming?
  4. Ranked voting - Making third party viable or letting people vote more then once?
  5. Can a state pass an act that recognizes the personhood of a fertilized ovum?
  6. Drinking and Driving: Is Enforcement Hypocritical?
  7. Did Michael Moore and Hugo Chavez drink a bottle of tequila together?
  8. 'Desperate' Phillies fan arrested for offering sex in exchange for World Series tix
  9. Could Saturn Be Saved?
  10. Opinions on Unificationism? (Sun Myung Moon)
  11. Suicide bombers: why do people tolerate it?
  12. Does someone's character make their convictions more plausible?
  13. Did Schwarzenegger compose a "Fuck You" acrostic in a veto letter?
  14. How dire is California's financial situation? We keep hearing warnings, but nothing is ever done
  15. Proposed Constitutional Amendments: Effecting Change and Tax as Stick
  16. New hate crimes bill passed: good or bad?
  17. Diplomat resigns over war in Afghanistan. Is the analysis in his resignation letter correct?
  18. Attitudes about Gardassil for men
  19. Is the Immaculate Conception of Mary or Jesus?
  20. Was there really such thing as Satanism/Diabolism/Black Mass, ever, before LaVey?
  21. DUI Laws--Unconstitutional?
  22. Fired Home Depot cashier - how do Right-leaning people feel?
  23. I Should Be Able To Do Whatever I Want With My Body (and its bone marrow)
  24. Consumers are responsible for consumerism
  25. Oathkeepers.org for US military/police/etc
  26. Two treats in one! (Obese people and health care/workman's comp)
  27. This is blackface? Are they serious? Or am I splitting hairs?
  28. Homosexuality: Is It a Sin
  29. Here are my problems with reincarnation
  30. Maine and gay marriage - who cares?
  31. Resolved: Hunting is immoral.
  32. How Much does the "Underclass" (USA) Reduce the GNP? [Edited title]
  33. Is American/Western culture "better" than other world cultures?
  34. Dinosaurs, and non-Christian religions.
  35. Banning a hijab in a public institution. This time in the US.
  36. Would Jesus be Christian?
  37. Tings Were Better In the Fifties, Vol. I: Teen Pregnancy (the SA debate series)
  38. I don't understand the parable of the Ten Minas.
  39. Show me the (my) money!!
  40. "The Golden State Isn't Worth It"
  41. Centralization vs. decentralization: Not a "liberal-conservative" issue
  42. Edmunds publishes Cash-for-Clunkers analysis
  43. Karzai Officially President! What Will Obama Do?
  44. Ayn Rand for Dummies
  45. Explain the ontological argument to me
  46. Copenhagen to set up transnational climate government
  47. Saudi court upholds child rapist crucifixion ruling
  48. Blended gold-fiat $ monetary system?
  49. 2009 Election Results
  50. Should Medicare be cancelled?
  51. What motivates people to vote other people's rights away
  52. Will the country unravel if Obama is assassinated?
  53. Hanna Reitsch was a Nazi test pilot, yet I admire her.
  54. Genome sequencing for everybody!
  55. Conservative activist plan to challenge MORE moderate Republicans in 2010. Why?
  56. What (exactly) is supposed to happen in 2012?
  57. It can't be! (chart I can't swallow)
  58. Father of 9/11 victim fights to have "Murdered by Muslim Terrorists" inscribed on son's memorial
  59. If the US disengages from involvement in middle east affairs what would happen?
  60. How can I tell if I am smart and/or educated?
  61. Suing a prosecutor that framed innocent men
  62. Do Palin's leaked speeches alter your opinion of her?
  63. What would happen if the gunpowder plot succeeded?
  64. Why did Jesus appear on the scene when he did?
  65. Will gay marriage ever be legalized in the United States?
  66. Which country suffers the most from US attentions?
  67. Do extreme or provocative stances in support of X cause really tend to hurt that cause?
  68. To those against UHC, what would you do in this hypothetical?
  69. Could Pickett's Charge have succeeded?
  70. "Our Kids!" (Ft. Hood Shootings - ed. title]
  71. Could a BNP style party gain a degree of support in the US?
  72. Technology Vs. Collective memory
  73. Let's talk about the Republic of China
  74. Second Amendment Heroes
  75. For believers with sacred texts: Anything you wish wasn't mentioned?
  76. Prohibition does not reduce supply. That is marketing bullshit.
  77. Heath care: explain 'the mandate' to me.
  78. Is Evolution universal?
  79. How long is the universe capable of supporting intelligent life
  80. Why do people attempt to discredit the discovery of the New World?
  81. Do counter-insurgencies ever work
  82. what does a sperm feel?
  83. Without Christianity's influence, what would the western calander system look like today?
  84. Is there really such thing as "decadence"?
  85. Why I believe the Second Amendment protects a personal right to firearms (long)
  86. Why is the Confederacy not worthy of contempt?
  87. Do British vs American collective nouns affect Thought?
  88. Well, I got "locked" in "General Questions"'''
  89. Pro-UHC Dopers: Make Me Feel Better About My Family Getting Screwed
  90. I admit it: gay marriage is having an effect on my straight marriage
  91. DC Sniper to be executed tonight
  92. Sci-Fi: Probability of Guilt
  93. On Corporal Punishment versus Imprisonment, or maybe new ideas?
  94. Police want to search my home in murder investigation
  95. Carbs don't matter, it's only the calories
  96. Car Train/Platooning update
  97. President Barack Obama
  98. pro-Palestinian thread, part 2
  99. What psychological factors go into terrorism's impact
  100. Fake Marine in full uniform at his High School reunion is found out by classmate & arrested With pic
  101. How I explain my religious experiences (long Opening Post)
  102. Fort Hood Shooter Hasan: Coward? [edited title]
  103. Lou Dobbs for President
  104. Ambassador Eikenberry's position on more troops for Afghanistan
  105. 100 Chihuahuas in a room
  106. Ethical to adopt dog under false pretenses then give it away?
  107. What's the next country likely to abolish its military?
  108. Winning the war in Afghanistan. How?
  109. Is the Ft. Hood shooter a terrorist?
  110. There's Water on the moon!
  111. Live from New York, it's Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
  112. Does my dog love me?
  113. AGW Alarmists should not fly first class
  114. Paul Clarke: Gun Possessor
  115. Should we (US Military) stay in Afghanistan or GTFO?
  116. God did it
  117. It's 1925. Please give me a defense of segregation.
  118. Any conservatives want to defend Palin on these quotes?
  119. Who are the scariest prominent conservatives who are not household names?
  120. Do you think Christians look down on non-Christians?
  121. What are reasonable lifestyle adjustments re: global warming
  122. NIMBY in Phoenix: Church Forbidden to Feed the Homeless
  123. If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Is Acquitted Will He Be Released?
  124. Lou Dobbs screed on immigration reform
  125. Re this overturned court case - Why did the initial Judge rule the way he did? - Warning graphic
  126. Who was the first Pacific President?
  127. should schools stop teaching the 3 4 5 triangle?
  128. Is one teacher's verbatim use of test questions found on another teacher's website plagiarism?
  129. America, Africa, oil and corruption
  130. What's the Straight Dope on Radical Islam?
  131. Is there anything inconsistent with the idea of "creative evolution"
  132. What is gambling supposed it be?
  133. Jobs saved or created in congressional districts that don't exist.
  134. Gold Price Bubble
  135. Help me understand the dislike for the ACLU
  136. Was 9/11 an act of war?
  137. How does one respond to someone who just doesn't care?
  138. Is it appropriate for news organizations to "fact check" books?
  139. Literacy Tests In, Poll Taxes Out
  140. Seventh Circuit sez: Second Amendment individual rights get intermediate scrutiny!
  141. Carbon Tax v. Cap and Trade
  142. Origin of God and Boulder Question.
  143. Are we heading for an education bubble?
  144. Did Hitler succeed (re: jews in europe)?
  145. Do you own a gun?
  146. The future of physical media: DRM, the poor, and more...
  147. "Reconciling" Science and Relgion
  148. Breast Panels
  149. I want less information (about calories on fast food menus)
  150. CIA prison in Lithuania: were laws broken and who should be held responsible?
  151. Is there a constitutional right to divorce?
  152. The long term effects of recession & middle class squeeze
  153. What is the biggest exposed conspiracy?
  154. Is China practising a Mercantilistic Policy
  155. What if KSM's defense team subpoenas Bush?
  156. Ft. Hood shootings a "terrorist attack"?
  157. Okay to ask guest to leave their guns at home?
  158. Did Vietnam halt the spread of Communism?
  159. Will Mary Landrieu Sell Her Vote for $100M?
  160. Life, or Death for Monfort?
  161. The Rationale for Quitting Smoking
  162. What ethics apply to defending your interests (war, politics, self, family)
  163. Great historical blunders that were actually good decisions.
  164. President Chavez Praises Carlos "the Jackal"
  165. Tire Tread Design: Science or Hi-Tech Hokum?
  166. HS expels student for shotguns being in his truck *off* school property. Can they really do this?
  167. Bill Moyers / PBS / LBJ's Dilemma / Vietnam / Afghanistan
  168. Is the stimulus package working?
  169. Cigarette Tax Revenue
  170. "Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8." Is this over the line?
  171. Has the term "misogynistic" lost all of its meaning?
  172. This is it. Allan Watts
  173. Did Obama actually accomplish anything in the recent Asia trip?
  174. How have America's allies reacted to the New York terrorist trials?
  175. Is there any other way to get to Heaven?
  176. Should male/male sexual battery be treated the same as male/female?
  177. The "Pit Bull" Myth
  178. On Mandatory School Busing here in Boston:
  179. Gun Control: Why it's Important:
  180. Ray Kurzweil's 'Law of Accelerating Returns'
  181. Atomic Bombings of Japan
  182. universal healthcare will bankrupt this country, I call BS.
  183. Speaking as one liberal to another, I urge you to vote against health care reform.
  184. AGW Revealed as a Hoax?
  185. Is Global Warming science?
  186. the 'Ten Conservative Principles': worth debating?
  187. Sarah Palin on This hour has 22 minutes
  188. Why Don't Fundies Like John MacArthur?
  189. Why Won't The USA Join The Landmine Ban?
  190. Could Clinton Avoided Impeachment By Being Honest?
  191. Polanski released on $4.5 million bail
  192. Gods sabbath day SAVED!
  193. "Climate change is accelerating beyond expectations"; while Americans' belief in AGW declines
  194. Obama wants expanded computer search rules
  195. Nixon Could Have Avoided Inevitable Impeachment ...
  196. Ultra-far Right: wankers or serious?
  197. What motivates political anti-intellectualism, what counteracts it
  198. The team-building paradox
  199. Does Universal Thrift Cause Recessions?
  200. Judge sanctions bank on foreclosure proceeding, cancels mortgage.
  201. Is Rom Houben really conscious? (23 years conscious in "coma")
  202. Could Acorn Be Prosecuted Under the RICO Act?
  203. The Future Of Shopping?
  204. Why not use embedded computer chips to lower corruption and crime?
  205. How does a President ever get bills passed in Congress?
  206. America's School System has Brought Back De-facto Segregation
  207. Can anyone game out how health care gets 60 votes?
  208. Alternatives to miracles performed by Jesus
  209. Switzerland bans minarets
  210. Beavers are perfectly harmless creatures.
  211. Is it wrong to pray for your football team to win?
  212. Is every Chicago police officer corrupt?
  213. Dead spelunker to be left in cave
  214. Honduras elects a new president. What now?
  215. What DOES happen with the pollution?
  216. Obama to announce Afghanistan policy in speech Tuesday 12/01/09
  217. Why don't people consider the Catholic Church a hate group?
  218. The looming crisis in human genetics
  219. Huckabee Pardoned Suspected Seattle Shooter.
  220. Right-Wing Blogosphere Schism (Little Green Footballs "Parts Ways" With Right)
  221. Are the boomers going to keep the stock market low?
  222. Why Are Fundamentalists Opposed To Psychology?
  223. "The Great Global Warming Swindle" on Sundance Channel
  224. The Commerce Clause Wars--continued from GQ
  225. Huckabee's defense?
  226. Northrop-Grumman may drop tanker bid
  227. Every Immigrant Suddenly Vanishes from the USA...
  228. Comcast acquiring NBC Universal from GE
  229. What's all this talk about "Global Warming?"
  230. E-mail: "Libs like yourself are the lowest life on the planet!" Criminal act?
  231. Please explain Climategate.
  232. 25th anniversary of Bhopal incident
  233. Are Obama's Financial Policies Prolonging This Recession?
  234. Origin of everything?
  235. Cap And Trade Bill - Effect on Global Temperature
  236. Whodunnit, a murder mystery (who killed EV1?)
  237. Global Warming data: Hack or Leak?
  238. Will DNA evidence be worth anything in the near future/soon?
  239. Absurd parallel? Living a lie in homosexuality vs urge to cheat one's spouse
  240. Evolution: why are there still monkeys, apes, chimps, etc.?
  241. How do Protestant literalists reconcile divorce?
  242. Telling children Santa exists...right or wrong?
  243. Why is an estate tax constitutional?
  244. EPA Poised to Declare CO2 a Public Danger
  245. Can North Korea enter the 21st century successfully
  246. Carbon emissions and Global Warming
  247. Do Upper-Class Kids Get a Pass From the Cops?
  248. How did the concept of the wimpy progressive/liberal start
  249. How will healthcare change over the next few years?
  250. Do you have a superiority complex?